Thursday, August 14, 2008

Summer Guy Fests '08

I'm writing from the road - literally, but not while driving - on the way down from Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Here's a tip: If you're a single girl looking for a guy, and you like guys who road bike, mountain bike, camp, hike, fish, and do off-roading, head to Northern Michigan. There are A Lot of guys up there *doing things* and very few women to keep them company. Granted, there are not very many amenities, but the views might make up for that.

Married and committed girls, of course you can go too - for the views.

Another guy fest location I recently found myself in: the midnight premiere showing of Dark Knight. My guess is that all the midnight premieres of similar movies would have the same crowd-mostly all guys ages 21-50. (Yeah, I know there are younger ones there, but we aren't doing that here, lol).

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