Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Reviews and a Spolight, Yippee.

This has been a great week for me in terms of recognition. Since in many ways I'm still a five-year-old at heart, I soak this up like a sponge, and am always tickled pink by accolades and good reviews.

First: I am the spotlighted author at Night Owl Romance this week. They've also posted reviews of two of my summer releases, Heart of the Bear and All the Way Back.
All the Way Back got 4 Hearts and the reviewer said, "The characters were extremely believable and the storyline, although serious in some parts, was quite enjoyable to read. I am quite a fan of Ms. Spencer Pape’s work. I would definitely recommend this story to others!"
(Read the complete review here.)
Heart of the Bear received 5 Hearts and a Reviewer Top Pick. She said, "Ms. Spencer Pape has penned a marvelously entertaining story that I know her readers will enjoy. The storyline was very creative and quite unique. I loved the Native American referencing she sprinkled throughout the story. I was pulled into the storyline from the first sentence and the author held my attention to the very end. I also enjoyed how some of the characters were psychically inclined and Ms. Spencer Pape wove their abilities fascinatingly well throughout the plot. I assure you that as my heart skipped a beat during a few of the dramatically intense scenes, so will yours. This is a must read for any reader." (Read the rest by clicking here.)
Finally, another review site Alternative-Read.com, reviewed my March Ellora's Cave release, Teach Me. Wow, that came out of nowhere. Here's what they had to say, "The fullness in addressing the insecurities of both parties, while delving into the paranormal realm, HOT sex games and the fact that when the chips are down love is UP made for an interesting, fun read." (You can read the rest here.)
Thanks to all of you who've taken the time and trouble to review and reccomend my books. Your efforts are truly appreciated.

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