Friday, August 15, 2008

Urban Deer

Let me see, my blog title is Urban Deer, so why have I uploaded the cover for my historical romance, A Very Difficult Man? An excellent question for which I do not have an answer. My story is set in the English countryside, 1855. Many estates kept a herd of deer for food. Venison from a young animal is very delicious.

I walked into our kitchen yesterday morning and a doe was ambling through our garden. I grabbed my new digital camera and before I got it working she ambled back the way she came. Right in Victoria we have deer roaming our neighbourhood. There is a huge meadow down behind Government House and the deer have taken up residence there. I haven't a clue how they got there but the herd is thriving. Our son spotted two young bucks on our street a few days ago and I spotted four, two buck and two does, on Rockland Avenue about a month ago. Cars tear up and down Rockland although the speed limit is 30kms. One of these days there will be horrible messy crash. We live right in the city. Victoria is a small city with a small downtown. Within blocks of the harbour and the city core, you are in residential areas. Very pretty. I shall post a picture but not to-day.

Having given you the latest news from the urban landscape, I am going to start some serious PR for my book. It will be in print in October/November, just in time for Christmas purchases. This is my first print book and I am thrilled to bits. I want to launch it with a bang. I discussed it with husband, son and daughter-in-law and they think I should have a cocktail party so I can "smooze" with guests. More about that when I know my book is available. I have to see which Victoria book stores will carry it. We have two great independent books stores here. Munro's and Bolen Books.

I have had some great entries for The Portrait of a Lady in a Blue Dress contest. One week to go so if you wish to enter, check my blog, to see her picture. I was so entranced by her portrait I started to write a historical romance with her as my heroine. A writer's mind never rests. Thanks for dropping by.


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