Friday, July 17, 2009

FOOD OF LOVE--what's yours?

Dear all, Today I want to ask you what is your food of love?
We've all heard of the chocolate sauce and whipped cream. The strawberries and champange. But what else works for you?
For me, a really good wine--red or white--or even a good rose--works. But to make the day complete, I like a bit of sustenance with my wine. Especially since romance uses up some of those calories! And you need to replenish your energies, yes?
I'm going to suggest a few good additions, like a nice Spanish manchego with whole wheat crackers, grapes and sliced cucumbers (chilled). OR how about a French baguette, sliced, lightly brushed with a good olive oil and a clove (or what the heck, two cloves of garlic), toasted and served with a room temperature brie, a few slices of smoked salmon and a dash of capers.
Then there are the luscious possibilities that a good pinot noir opens up with huge garlic-stuffed olives and a small platter of sliced tomatoes with sliced mozzarella and fresh leaves (from your garden?) of basil, drizzled with olive oil, virgin, please.
Tell us what you love to serve your lover!


Shayla Kersten said...

Hiya, Cerise!

My favorite food is sushi! Love it! Can't get enough of it--mainly because it's so expensive! LOL

Marianne Stephens said...

Chocolate is still my favorite. Then there's raspberries in champagne! Yummy!

Anita Birt said...

You are a woman after my heart. I do enjoy wine. I have a glass of chilled white wine before dinner and a second with dinner. Sometimes I'll have red if I open a bottle of Australian shiraz for some reason.

I like your French baguette, with olive oil and garlic. Yummy. I like food! I'm lucky that my weight rarely changes. I stay fairly slim. I'm not a big eater.

My lover, sadly, is no longer with me. We had a long, happy marriage. What more can one ask?

jean hart stewart said...

White wine for me...with anything!

Afton Locke said...

Now I'm hungry! My suggestion is steamed crabs with Old Bay seasoning, a Maryland specialty. The spices are hot and getting messy can be fun.

Fran Lee Romance said...

Food of love? Something that will knock the cute, hot guy out until I can load him into my trunk to transport him home. Never get old, sweetie! You have to catch them at my age, and just run too damn fast. :p

Delicious Romance From Cerise DeLand said...

WOW. I was born in Baltimore and your idea,AFton, of steamed crabs just made me damn hungry. Nothing like spreading out some newspaper and having cold beer to drink and then lick off your partner's fingers all that wonderful OLD BAY!
Ah, and wine, white, red, matters not.
Today, I'm serving gazpacho with a valpolicella.