Monday, July 13, 2009

I cannot believe it's the 13th!

Nearly forgot once again, but this time I had an excuse - the Swine Flu or Influenza A - this is my first day out of bed after two days of hoping for death and one day of realizing I would live.
Soooo....what do I have to say? I don't know, maybe appreciate what you got? Seems kind of trite. I do appreciate what I have and so do most of the people I know. Life is very short and bittersweet precisely because we know it's short. Would I live forever? Nah...but if I could eat all the chocolate I wanted and still have a supermodel body, enjoy lots and lots of amazing sex, be super healthy and flit from one adventure to another while raising great kids and being flush with cash...oh, and staying around 30 years of age - I might consider living a little longer than the normal human lifespan. And if the fates could throw in a dynamite singing voice - that would be icing on the cake!
That is why I like books. Reading and writing them. Our characters can be anything we want them to be. A man trapped in a mirror can be 500 years old, a thousand years old - no big stretch. We can be vampires, shifters, were wolves, fairies, elves. No dream is too big or too unrealistic. We can disappear into J.R.R. Tolkein's world of the rings and be utterly enthralled. Or we can spend days with George R.R. Martin or Tad Williams or C.S. Lewis.
I learned when I was just a kid that the skull is merely an artificial barrier separating our outer self from our inner self. Anywhere we can go out there, we can go in here. Chances are that the universe stretches unto infinity, well, so do our imaginations. There is no limit to where our thoughts can take us.
So, since I can't do much today but hang out, I think a little Lord of the Rings is called for so I can coo over Legolas, drool over Aragorn, and shiver at the magic of Gandalf.


Fran Lee Romance said...

Hi, alter ego. Hope you get feeling much better very soon! Great blog, love. I love reading and escaping into another world.

Amber Skyze said...

I love to watch Lord of the Rings on a cold winter day. Not that I'm looking for winter, cause this is the first stretch of sunshine we've had all summer. I intend to enjoy it! :) Hope you feel better soon, honey! And yes, reading is an awesome escape, as is writing.

Anita Birt said...

I am so glad you have recovered from that nasty 'flu. It is taking it's toll here in Canada, mostly youngish people - that's not me!

I liked your blog a lot. My turn on the 15th. It's important to live life to its fullest - easy to say when you feel good but not so easy when you are down with the bloody. 'flu.

jean hart stewart said...

Get better quickly, and enjoy Aragorn...Jean

Marianne Stephens said...

Feel better and let your mind wander to great and wonderful things. There's gotta be a world where chocolate is a basic food, you can eat whatever and still stay gorgeous and age is just a number.