Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The historical romance novel

One for Sorrow. Two for Joy.

That's the working title of my historical romance. I have misgivings about the saleability of this book. It takes place in 1820, the regency period, but it's not your typical regency. There are no rakes, mysterious lords, women seeking husbands or not, no parties and balls at Almacks in my story.

The basic theme is - the stranger at the gate. It's an old theme. Think of the pretty school teacher who arrives in a mid-western town and shakes up the place. Or the cowboy who rides in and challenges the powerful interests who run the town.

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"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Sought by the Scottish authorities for allegedly stealing sheep, Ailsa MacDonald's single step leads her on a perilous journey with her father. Burned out of their highland home during the Clearances they flee over the border to England. But Scots are not overly fond of the English so
Ailsa and her father slowly make their way south to Celtic Wales. Her father's dream of taking ship from Newport or Bristol to a new life in Canada is shattered when he falls ill near the Welsh town of Usk.

I love my heroine. Ailsa is nineteen. The highland home she shared with her parents was torched when the wealthy lairds decided to clear the crofting families off the land. They brought in shepherds and herds of sheep to graze. More money in sheep than rents paid by the farmers.

My story begins when Ailsa and her father reach Wales. Ailsa is the stranger whose arrival at the back door of the Rhadyr family mansion changes their lives forever. One for Sorrow. Two for Joy is a story of courage, resourcefulness in the face of danger and eventually leads to a deeply satisfying love.

I will post the first chapter on my next Goddess blog if you are interested. My next blog is July 30 but I will be out of town. I can post it the week before if that is okay by Queen Goddess!

MAGPIES. (a centuries old rhyme) 1 for sorrow. 2 for joy. 3 for a girl. 4 for a boy. 5 for silver. 6 for gold. 7 is a secret never to be told.

Anita Birt


jean hart stewart said...

Souonds great and with a rhyme I've never heard. I'l love to read an excerpt.

julia barrett said...

Yeah,I'd love to read the first chapter!

anita birt said...

Thanks, Jean and Judy. Two of you asked for the first chapter - there may be more asking - I'll post it on my next turn on the Goddess blog

Amber Skyze said...

Your story sounds very interesting. I'd love to read the first chapter, so YES, please post it! :)

Anny Cook said...

What an intriguing story idea.

Marianne Stephens said...

Post that chapter! Do you continue the rhyme theme through the book?