Saturday, July 4, 2009

Guarded Beginnings

First of all, to all of those from the US. Happy Fourth of July!

I'd planned something a little different for today, but the last few days have been hectic and I haven't had the time to pull it together. Luckily, I'm not left flailing for something to write about because I do have a release this month, on the 17th. So this is a bit of promo for my new upcoming book.

Guarded Beginnings

Denise Arensal is stuck on an isolated planet, trying to protect a man and his flighty sister. When help arrives, at first she’s thrilled, but then she sees the two men from her dreams. Memories of another time tell her she can’t trust them. Her fears can’t hold back her desire, she wants those two men.

Davik and Camin know she’s wary of them. They seduce and tempt her into giving them what they want—her love and trust. They entice her closer with teasing kisses and carnal games, determined to show her she belongs with them.

Denise needs to know if Davik and Camin are offering her more than just hot sex and a warm bed, but time isn’t on her side. Mercenaries have coming hunting the man the three lovers are protecting and they’ll have to work together to survive.


The entrance door to the bar swung open admitting a sharp gust of warm air, a whirl of needle like leaves and Jasi. Her friend looked shocked. Her eyes were wide and she kept glancing over her shoulder. Denise frowned as the door remained open after the black haired green-eyed woman had stepped through the opening.

A tall, broad-shouldered man stepped into the opening. Her eyes widened as they landed on his face. Short wavy blond hair just brushed the collar of his shirt. That haircut highlighted his pointed ears. She knew the sharp hard lines of his face even though she’d never met him. Almost every night, she dreamed of him and another man.

His blue eyes narrowed as they focused on her. The angular planes of his face became more pronounced as his jaw clenched. He took a slow step forward.

Denise took a deep breath, shaking her head. She couldn’t believe that he was here. She’d known they’d probably been created, but hadn’t expected to see even one of them. Or wanted to see them. Most of her dreams involving them weren’t happy.

The man stumbled forward a bit and then stepped forward and to the side as another man entered the bar. The overhead light glittered off the red-blond hair of the man striding toward her. The harsh light made the long hair seem even redder. If anything, he was larger than the blond man trailing behind him, his muscles more defined. The tight black shirt he wore made that more than obvious.

Eyes a strange color somewhere between brown and gold watched her as if he thought she might run. If her feet didn’t suddenly feel bolted to the floor she might have. Her eyes marked his high cheekbones and the slight shadow of beard on his cheeks. She stared at his lips. She’d never seen a man with lips that full.

A’Camion and Davorik—that had been the names of the men in her dreams. It couldn’t be the names of the men in front of her. Her dreams had mostly revolved around a primitive world. For a long time, she’d thought they were just that—dreams. Only in the last year had she dreamed of A’Camion, the blond and Davorik, the redhead in the prison with her. Well, a different version of her, softer, a victim. It had taken a little time, but she’d realized that those dreams were far from creations of her imagination. They were scenes from the life of the woman from whose DNA she’d been created.

Her gaze flicked past him to the four men who’d come into the bar after him. Nervousness settled low in her stomach. She didn’t want to have anything to do with them, but Jasi wouldn’t have brought them here unless they’d been sent as reinforcements.

Jasi stepped forward and forced a smile. Her shoulder length hair swung gently as she glanced toward the men. “These are the men the tribunal sent to help us. Did you know Nials contacted them again?”

“No, but it wouldn’t surprise me. He’s not exactly thrilled with having us guard him.” Denise shrugged.

Right now, she could care less about Nials obnoxious behavior. She could barely focus on anything other than the two men who now stood shoulder to shoulder in front of her. Emotions rushed through her, an illogical mass of feelings that she couldn’t control or sort through. Attraction pulsed, immediate and undeniable. Just as strong, anger rose and flared.


Amber Skyze said...

Hot, hot, hot! Can't wait for this Rebecca!

Rebecca Airies said...

Thanks, Amber! I'm really looking forward to it too!

jean hart stewart said...

Enticing excerpt....Looks very good. Jean

Anny Cook said...

Oh, this sounds good! Very good.