Friday, January 1, 2010


Why not? Well, why set myself up for failure? Also, I don't 'celebrate' New Year. I'm not being a Scrooge -- but it's just a number, isn't it? An arbitrary change, no more than the change of day or month. So, no 'resolutions'.

Personal family crises (which I won't go into) have put a massive block on my creativity. So writing is not going to be a priority for a while. Add to that I am STILL waiting for the print version of Nettleflower to become available in bookshops in UK. I know I'm not alone in this frustration. Let's say I've learned a lesson about publishers.

To continue the downer -- I'd like to discuss the 'happy-ever-after' syndrome. I don't mind the 'happy-for-now' alternative, but HEA is just so unrealistic. I like to write and read about people I can identify with, people who have real hopes and aspirations, and HEA just isn't realistic, except in fairy-stories. Let's face it -- everyone gets older. Wrinkles appear. Sex-drive diminishes. However passionate the pairing, there's going to come a time when there's nothing going on, if you get my drift. That's reality, my friends.

When I read HEA, I often want to hurl the book across the room. Are these supposed to be real people? Who bleed, sweat, have moody days, get PMS, get sick, fall out of love?

Give me Real People. Please.

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