Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another month has slipped away...

And another new release has come and gone...

I recall how utterly excited I was to see my very first book on the publisher's web sales pages...and my second...but by the time the third was out, the excitement had turned to bone chilling fear.

What if my readers didn't like it? What if the reviewers hated it? Writing and getting published is not just about seeing your book published...it's all about what people think of your work once it's out. There will those who utterly adore your book...and others who absolutely detest it. *sigh*

Well, I have given up on the fear of what people will think of my books, because, like my dear pals have said, "you can't please all of the people all of the time". One reviewer will rave about a book...the next will give it a "so-so" rating and say it has no plot. One reader will e-mail me and tell me she loved the book, and another will go over to the sales page and tell the world the book was a dud. It's all a matter of taste, and what a reader enjoys.

I love all types of books. I have thousands of books, and I can enjoy any genre out there. If I read a book that isn't my usual cup of tea, I shrug and set it aside. Not every book will satisfy every reader.

I do book reviews on my Examiner.com column from time to time. If I really enjoy a book, I tell folks what I loved most about that book. But when I find one I just cannot enjoy I simply choose not to do a review. Another reviewer might love that book...might rave about how great it is. Another reader might adore the book. My opinion is just that...an opinion.

I have been asked by agents and publishers to review books from time to time, and I have had authors write to me asking for reviews. I will review the ones that catch my imagination and the ones that leave me feeling like I had a very good experience when the book is finished...but if it isn't my cuppa, I simply don't do the requested review. Most authors and agents and publishers understand that silence means "sorry, it doesn't cut the mustard for me".

Which brings me to the subject that I will be doing daily columns again on Examiner.com. If you would like to schedule an author interview, or ask for a book review, please e-mail me. I am scheduling interviews and reviews for the next several months now.


Fran Lee


Amber Skyze said...

It's true, we can't please everyone all the time! But hey, I love your books. ;)

jean hart stewart said...

I'm catching up on the blog. You do gret interviews, Fran, and anyone should be honored to be on it. Jean