Saturday, January 9, 2010

Giving Up Control

CONTROL. It's just a 7-letter word but when it's taken away from us, it makes us feel like the Earth has flipped off its axis. I just got a punch from corporate hell that I didn't even see coming. I hate feeling so helpless. I hate having to act like a trained monkey so I can get a paycheck and pay my bills. That's the lure of writing. Working at home. Being my own boss. Being in control of my life.

The heroine in my recent release, Candelabra, has some control issues of her own. For one night, she lets a sexy Scottish man control her body, mind, and emotions. It turns out to be the most thrilling journey of her life.
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Tandy travels to Scotland’s Loch Enya castle to attend a BDSM convention she hopes will overcome her control-freak tendencies. When Bryne pulls her into his room of fire, she fears she’s stepped into the lair of a crazy man. But as he mesmerizes her and sears her with his hot passions, she consents to a BDSM session of hot wax play that turns out to be the most intense journey of her life. Entrusting her body and mind to him might heal her, but the elemental fire fairy has an agenda of his own that threatens to consume them both in flames.
Afton Locke
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