Tuesday, January 5, 2010

new beginnings for us all

There's something exciting about a new year. I'm always filled with optimism, perhaps unrealistic but I enjoy the feeling. I'm glad to see a new year come, although I adore Xmas. Can't wait to get the decorations out and then can't wait to get them put away. I don't know what you can call that kind of attitude...I hope not fickle!!!

One of my cards this year included a fantastic verse. The source is our old favorite Mr. Anonymous so I can freely quote it. "Don't let the best you have ever done be the standard for the rest of your life." Simply love that thought. Haven't you known someone who had a certain measure of success and then kinda laid back? That direction brings on its own stalemate. Sad.......

Nina Pierce has done a great new trailer for me for my third Mage book, Jennivere's Journey. The tinyurl is http://tinyurl.com/yktlelg. Do go view it, it only takes a minute or two. I'm enclosing a brief excerpt from near the beginning of the book. Jenny and Zach have a lot of differences to overcome.

"When one of the maids came to tell her Dr. Rendell was calling, she hesitated a long moment. And then marched like a soldier going into battle to the parlor where he stood, obviously too polite to sit until she entered. She waved him to a chair and sat by a table which could hold the teapot and small cakes she’d ordered. He smiled as if in acknowledgement of the distance between them and pulled his chair closer to hers.
“Just to make it easier for you to serve me, Lady Jennivere. I wouldn’t want to discommode you in the slightest.”
The dratted man was making fun of her!
“Don’t worry, Dr. Rendell. I’m quite capable of crossing a room with a cup of tea in my hand. I very seldom spill it on the person I’m serving.”
“Only when it’s hot, perhaps?”
She gave him what she hoped was a withering glance.
“I reread part of your book on myths of the countryside. Tell me, did you conduct actual interviews, or did your research come mainly from other books?”
She sat back and watched his lips straighten as he recognized this for the insult it was.
“I interviewed many people, as you might know from my acknowledgements. I’ve studied myths and legends for many years and I believe I cited the main articles influential to my thinking. Perhaps you were so captured by my prose you missed the page of dedications.”
She knew she was flushing. Actually she had missed it but she’d never admit it to him. She’d been too anxious to try to understand the author.
She smiled sweetly and motioned the tea tray be set in front of her.
“Oh, your arguments seemed so superficial to me. I wish I could find time to take you visiting with me when I go about the countryside you mention. Some of my patients would strongly disagree with you and many are more educated than you’d think.”
She placed the cakes on the side of the table nearest to him. The dratted man could pick out his own sweet. As she handed him his tea, his large hand reached out gracefully and their fingers brushed together.
Jennivere jumped as if she’d been bitten. Her tea cup rattled in its saucer and she looked up at him in astonishment. She heard him draw in his breath as he took the cup, set it on the table and leaned over to move one finger slowly across her lips.
“We’ve got to do something about this, Jennivere. In the meantime, may I go with you on your next call?”
“I didn’t give you permission to call me by my name,” she muttered. She knew even as she spoke it was a useless reproach. He’d been Zachary in her mind from the moment he said his name. And she’d never ask him what he meant by “this”. She was very much afraid she knew.
“You’ve been Jennivere to me from the moment I recognized you,” he said softly. “I can’t backtrack now.”
Jenny felt as if she’d picked up a hot coal instead of an innocent teacup. She felt warm all over in a most vexing manner. She actually wished for a fan, which was utterly ridiculous. The windows were open and a slight breeze stirred through the room. No matter, she felt on fire. Dear nymphs of the lake but she hoped she didn’t look as hot as she felt. She knew a red face didn’t become her fair hair and skin.
She gulped in a breath of air and he smiled at her. Knowingly. She firmed her spine and answered in as cool a voice as she could muster.
“Yes, of course. I’m sure you could learn a lot from being along with me. Although maybe not. Your prejudices might be quite effective blinders.”
She uttered these words sweetly and smiled. Zachary looked startled and then appreciative.
“It will be my pleasure to learn anything at all you care to teach me, Jennivere. Anything at all.”


Nina Pierce said...

That's a wonderful excerpt Jean. I had a lot of fun making the trailer. I'm so glad you like it. And here's hoping "Jennivere's Journey" goes out and finds a ton of new readers!

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks, Nina. You do a great job. Jen