Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Little of This and That

A couple of weeks ago I waited impatiently for DH to get home. When he finally arrived—later than usual, darn it—I told him, “I did it! All my shouting at the TV paid off.”

“You don’t believe that,” Mr. Logical retorted.

Well, of course not! But the commercial that used “shrunk” instead of “shrank” is now grammatically correct. One for grammarians everywhere! And, yes, I listened/watched it several times to make sure I wasn’t imagining the change.

BTW, if you’re in the area, I’ll be signing at Barnes and Noble, 6111 Sunrise Blvd., Citrus Heights, CA 95610 on February 6 from 11:00 AM to 4:00PM. Celebrating Valentine’s Day with me are sister Sacramento Valley Rose (SVR) chapter members Allison Brennan, Donna del Oro and Brenda Novak. SVR is blessed to have such great support from our local book stores. This is my third signing at this particular B&N.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, I’m collecting recipes all year for decadent desserts and/or special dinners. If you have any you’d like to share, email them to me at on or before the 7th of every month. Your recipe and name will appear in the Sirens of Sensual Romance newsletter. To sign up for the newsletter, go to: To visit the Sirens website, go to:

Valentine’s Day is always a special day in our household. I proposed to my POSSLQ (Person of Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters) on Valentine’s Day, 2002. Well, I sorta proposed, lamenting the fact that it wasn’t Leap Year so I could wear my fanciest red undies, sit on his lap and pop the question. He looked at me for a long time and I thought he’d just give me his usual smile and some lame excuse—like we’ve lived together 29 years, what’s marriage going to change?—but then he said, “You really want to?” and I said, cautiously, “Yes.” And we did it on May 1, 2002. And nobody shouted “May Day” or bailed out!

Hope your Valentine’s Day is extra special this year and every year.

Dee Brice

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