Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Quarterly Review

So the end of the first quarter approaches and it’s time to take a look at my New Year’s To-Do List (I don’t do resolutions!) and see how much progress I’ve made…

8 Things to do in ‘08
This year I will…
___ make at least one brand new friend
___ reconnect with at least one old friend I’ve lost touch with
___ visit at least one place I’ve never seen before
___ try at least one totally new food

___ listen to at least one new kind of music
___ attempt at least one physical activity I’ve never tried
___ find at least one new way to volunteer
_X_ write at least one story that is totally out of my comfort zone

Ouch! Only accomplished one! Not good. Though hopefully the story is. I decided it was time to try writing a ménage, and I did. Had loads of fun with my Male elf/female elf/male demon story, tentatively titled, “Three for All,” or maybe “Missing Pieces.” Still waiting to hear back from my editor on it. So since that appears to be my only progress, want a taste? Here goes:

Excerpt: (A little steamy!)
Eislinn squirmed. Nothing like having two ex-boyfriends in one room. Especially when they were the two she’d never really gotten over. It was bad enough that both of them were in Philadelphia at the same time. Ever since Callum had shown up here a year ago, she’d wondered if he’d been following her. She could have lived a few more centuries without them getting together and ganging up on her. Unless—she felt her pussy clench. No, she was pretty sure that neither of them would ever go for it. They were both centuries-old alpha males. Neither would be willing to share her—would they? If only for this one night?

“Oh the lovely Eislinn and I are old friends, elf.” Lothan had an eye for races, and he’d pegged Callum immediately as one of the Fae, just like Eislinn. “Old enough that I’m tempted to tie her up and paddle her backside for putting herself in danger tonight.”

His heated gaze was making Eislinn sweat. Her nipples hardened under her hoodie and her jeans were getting soaked. It had been almost five years since she and Lothan had been together, and she hadn’t had a really good spanking since. Still, she held her ground.
“Sure you are, big guy. Promises, promises.”

“I’ll help,” Callum offered. His grass-green eyes were shot through with golden sparks—a sure sign that he was aroused to either anger or passion. “I’ve been trying to get her to stop taking stupid risks for two hundred years. And just think how pretty she’ll look with that little ass all red from both of our hands.”

Eislinn’s breath stopped in her throat. Had Callum just suggested…?

He had.

Well, keep your fingers crossed…and time to get my butt in gear on the other seven!


ddurance said...

I love menage! Eislinn sounds like a very lucky elf indeed. I'm so glad you shared this and I wish you the best with it because I for one would like to hear the rest.

Judith Rochelle said...

You know me...if it's menage it's for me. Great job, Miss cindy. I'll be first in line to download it. This one sounds like an other sure hit for you.