Thursday, March 13, 2008

Why is blogging so $%^&*( Hard???

Blogging to me is a trial. A tribulation. Hard work. A Punishment.

Now that is really strange, cause I can write over one hundred sixty thousand words about worlds, heroines, heroes, villains, and monsters. I can write about sex. I can write about torment, joy, mourning, and birth. I can write about universes, space ships, sword fights, and brawls. I can write just about anything far out imaginary and beyond belief.

But writing a blog about ordinary things is next to impossible for me. I get to the blog screen and I am brain dead. If I were writing a novel it would be called writer's block.

But if you are interested in my worlds of wonder and imagination, then I will give you an excerpt of my novel Prophecy of Vithan which is available at

Morgan lowered her eyes to the phaser for only a second. She looked at Len, somber. She locked eyes with him. Her hands quietly in her lap. If Len shot, at this range, she'd be dead. If he moved his eyes away from hers, distracted for even a micro-second, she could knock the phaser off target. She might be wounded, but not dead. The crawler had made its way twenty feet toward the surface. She'd survive the fall. Her breathing receptacle needed filling. She wasn't breathing raggedly, yet. It would be close. The alternative would be to attack Len. She didn't want to attack him. It would be dangerous, exhausting and, well truth be told, she liked his kisses.
"So, is it?" Len asked again.
"What's funny," Morgan answered, not wavering from looking into Len's eyes, "Is Vespasian telling the Prots such a story. If I thought I could do it, I would kill Vespasian in a heartbeat. I had no reason to kill the King or the Queen. Why would I kill Khai? I killed two men and fought you to keep him alive. Does it make sense I would now try to kill him? I want Vespasian dead, more than you can imagine. However, he's too strong. His mental powers are too strong for me. I can't even keep him from touching me."
"You told the King you would rather see Khai dead than under the Regent's care."
"If I thought Khai would be under Vespasian's care and I could not stop it, yes, I would kill Khai to save him from destruction. But the kill would be fast and surgical. I wouldn't bother with killing Khai's friends, his bodyguards and Billy, my friend." Morgan inhaled raggedly. Her voice cracked slightly as she spoke. "Len, if you think I killed those people, shoot me. I'm tired of trying to fight this battle any more." Morgan lowered her head. Her disheveled black hair fell forward covering her eyes. Her shoulders shook with a sob.
"Morgan, I…" Len said softly. He let his hand holding the phaser drop slightly. He leaned toward her.
Morgan snatched the phaser from Len's hand. She swung and backhanded the Protector across the face. She swiveled inside the seat belt. Raising her leg, she planted her boot in the middle of Len's stomach. She pointed the phaser, still set to kill, at Len. "So, it is true, you killed -"
"I killed nobody, tonight. I don't like having a phaser pointed at me." Morgan pressed the phaser switch, turning off the gun. She opened the crawler window and tossed the phaser out. She kept Len at bay with her boot. "Vespasian killed the King and the Queen, and wounded himself. He's the one who killed Billy and the kids. I'd lay you odds on it. If you searched the area, you'd find molecular proof. He's too careful to leave any actual DNA around."
Len pushed against Morgan's boot.
Morgan pushed back, slamming him against the crawler door. "You have a choice. You can promise you will not fight with me and drive this thing to the surface, so we can find Khai. Or, we can fight and one of us will fall out of this thing. I notice your seat belt is not fastened. Even if you do push me out, I'll survive the fall. Will you? Humans seem very fragile. You've been unconscious twice this evening. Want to go for three?"

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Anita Birt said...

Great excerpt. I can't imagine keeping my eyes locked on someone else's fearing that if I twitched or he did I could be dead. Very scary stuff. A real page turner.