Friday, March 28, 2008

Weather gods awake!

I decided to write about weather mostly because it's pouring rain in Victoria and snowing in Vancouver! On March 28th! Weather gods what are you playing it? This is spring time and we want it back the way it used to be. Remember? Oh dear, have you forgotten the rules? Or have you slipped into senility and left the world to its own devices.

Come on weather gods. Wake up! We want sunshine and roses and birds nesting and lambs bleating and all that good stuff that makes us happy. It's cold right across Canada and we don't deserve this. We are a pleasant peaceful nation ask anyone. Oh, you don't know where Canada is? Find a map! Look us up. Come visit.

Sorry this such a short blog - well I'm not really sorry, I'm rather tired being brilliant. I've been writing all day and it's almost time to get dinner ready and sip a glass of white wine with my husband.

To keep you all up to speed, my time travel, Ring Around The Moon will be released on April 8 by Cerridwen Press. Here's the cover.
For an excerpt drop by my web site,

The weather isn't affecting those two is it?


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