Friday, March 7, 2008

Spring time

Friday, March 7th and my turn to blog about ... spring time. On southern Vancouver Island we are enjoying lovely spring weather and flowers galore. The first of the flowering trees lining Victoria's streets are in bloom. Early rhododendrons are masses of pink blooms, hundreds of daffodils are blooming in our garden and soon the birds will be nesting. This is the time to put fingers to keyboard or pen to paper and start a new book. Sigh. I've just finished wrapping up the edits for my romantic suspense, Too Young To Die and need a break. Below is the cover. No release date as yet. But my time travel, Ring Around The Moon will be released on April 8 so I've dropped the cover in as well. That's FIVE BOOKS with Cerridwen Press. Not in the best selling league yet but it's early days.
Actually I have tentatively started a new book about three sisters, not young, middle aged, who for various reasons have decided to try living together in the old family home. Something will happen to shake them up. I hope there may be a market for stories about older women who are not perfect but interesting and worth knowing.

Sorry about the short blog. I've had a busy few days and almost forgot it's Friday and my day to blog. I promise to do better next time. I may write about SEX and the ideal duration for intercourse. Seriously.

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Sandra Cox said...

I like your wip idea, Anita. Good luck with this. And congrats on 5 books:)