Sunday, March 30, 2008

Stone of Cruento

Stone of Cruento is my latest book. I don't have a cover yet. I don't have a release date yet.

However, you have an excerpt. It is unedited.

Stone of Cruento coming soon to Cerridwen Press

Claren sighed as she shifted from wolf to human. She had been able to catch some small animals as a wolf but she was not adept at hunting. Perhaps if she hunted with Daniel sometime she would learn the how-to of it. For now, it was a miserable success. She hated chewing through the fur and the skin to get to the blood that the vampire in her craved. She wanted to be back on Earth in a club where sophisticated girls offered their throats and bored men desired to be bitten by her. All she saw as she pounced on a skittering animal was scenes from animated movies of singing deer and prancing rabbits.
She had roamed quite a way from where Vion and Theesal were encamped. She was still craving blood so it was not safe to go back until she was sated. She found a spring of blood water flowing between some boulders and stopped to drink. She was tired of Cruento. She wanted to be back on Earth pre-vampire where all she had to worry about was what stylish suit to wear to work and how to avoid her boss’s groping hands.
Kneeling down Claren scooped some of the blood water to her mouth. She could see her reflection in the water. Taking another scoop, her reflection changed from her face to that of a tall thin man with an angular face and antennae coming out of his head.
“We think you should come with us,” the man said.
Claren looked around. She didn’t see anyone else.
“I’m just leaving. I stopped for a drink,” Claren said as she stood. She could shift into wolf form or mist if necessary. She took a step away from the man.
“No,” a second man appeared at the other side of her. “We think you should come with us.”
Claren focused on misting. Nothing happened. She tried to shift into wolf form. Nothing happened.
A third man shimmered out of the first man, like a Twilight Zone episode. “We have stopped you from doing anything that will keep you from coming with us. We think you should come with us.”
The third man touched Claren on the shoulder.
An electric sensation shot through her. Claren swayed, her vision getting blurry. She blinked trying to keep awake. Her eyes closed. She could feel herself falling. In the background she heard three voices speaking at the same time.
“This one is strong with power. She would have escaped if we had not blocked her powers. She will make a good queen.”

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