Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I have a cover for Stone of Cruento

I was really worried if they
would be able to come up with a
cover since a centaur vampiress
having a menage with an ogre, a
vampire, and a centaur was kind
of difficult to imagine. But they
did it! I am so jazzed!!!
Stone of Cruento is available at
Cerridwen Press
( on May 1

Monday, April 28, 2008

Making Friends in Cyberspace

We live in such an electrnic age that we can do almost everything in our lifes-shop for clothes, food, books, make phone calls around the world, send messages without going to the post office and conduct and entire business without every leaving our homes. Or our computers! Think about it. At your computer you are connected to hundreds of people you never see who over time become closer than most people you know.

Wjhen my first book was published and I began my life according to Yahoo, I realized that out there on the loops I was meeting poeple from all over the world. Talking to them. Exhanging everything from ideas to recipes. The first time a reader in Hong Kong won an ebook from me in a contest, I thought, Wow! Hong Kong! I have editors in Australia, England, and the United States, and readers from, at last county, thirty three different countries.

And as I've lived in the Yahoo world, I've made friends who I've grown closer to with each year. We share out hopes, our dreams, or disappointments and our successes. We discuss our personal lives, jokes about the crises we all face, and in general become one extended family. All without seeing each other.

Two weeks ago I went to the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in Pittsburgh and finally had the opportunity to meet many of them. What a wonderful, wonderful bunch of people. And we knew each other as if we'd been together for ages. My roommate was great-thank you Cindy Spencer Pape for being the terrific person you are-and all the rest of you-Anny (and the house hunk), Carol, Michele, Chrtistine, Claire, Lacey, Keanar, Kelly-I know I missed someone but please forgive me and chalk it up to my aging brain. All of you are wonderful and being with you was such a joy.

Now when I read my emails and the messages on the loops, I can put a face to the name. I hope you all come back next year when it's in Orlando, and those whomdidn;t get there this year, put it on your calendars. It's a wonderfl way to blend the syber-and real worlds together, and bask in the warmth iof friendshiops that have grown over time.

You rock, ladies.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bare Love Book One: His Bare Obsession

I thought that I would start at the beginning and give you all a recap of the Bare Love books. The very first book in the series tells the story of Moira and Gil and introduces most of the rest of the characters. I love this series and am often asked when the next one will be out. Soon! I promise.
So here is a look at the book that started it all!

His Bare Obsession
Lacey Thorn

It was just another day in the small town of Legacy for sexy gym owner Moira Madigan and her best friend Cass until they investigated a noise and stumbled upon the body of the latest victim of the killer who was preying on the women in their town. Now being stalked by this madman Moira is put under the protective custody of Detective Gil Daniels. He’s tall, dark, handsome and just about the sexiest thing she’s ever seen. Good news is he’s crazy about her too. Bad news is so is the killer and he’ll use anyone to get to her. Can she trust the Detective to keep her body safe or only to bring her the ultimate pleasure a woman can have? Sex with Gil Daniels is better than anything she’s ever dreamed of and she just might be falling in love. Now she just has to survive meeting his family and avoid the obsession of a killer and she just might find that happily ever after.

And an excerpt to either reawaken your interest or wet it! Enjoy!



Gil reached out to tuck a strand of hair behind Moira’s ear. She gasped at the flames that coursed through her at his touch. Gil zoned in on her softly parted lips. Before either of them realized what was happening Gil’s lips were hovering over Moira’s. He seemed to catch himself before he followed through on his instinctive need to kiss her. But Moira wasn’t to be denied. She leaned the rest of the way in and pressed her lips boldly to his. The flames engulfed her entire body. She felt his tongue on her lips and his hands curving over her hips to pull her close. She opened wide to his tongue play and tasted chocolate. She could feel every delicious hard inch of his body against her.
Gil backed Moira up until she was caught between him and the wall. He leaned into her until he could feel her full breasts pressed into his chest. Lord she had the most exquisite body that he had ever seen or felt. He was as hard as stone…At Moira’s moan Gil began to rock against her while he deepened his kiss. She felt like heaven. He had to get inside her before he exploded.
Moira moaned as Gil lifted her and pressed himself boldly between her thighs. She felt the moisture in her panties as he began to rock against her… She didn’t know if he would fit but she wanted him enough to try. She brought her legs up and wrapped them around his waist to hold him exactly where she wanted him. He leaned in closer, pinning her more firmly against the wall. He squeezed her ass and then began slowly moving his hands up under her shirt until they were at her breasts. He boldly cupped her full breasts in his palms and brushed his thumbs across the hard pebbles of her nipples. Moira moaned again as Gil’s lips left hers for the new territory of her throat. With one quick tug he had her shirt opened fully to his sultry gaze. She heard his groan as he pushed her breasts up over the cups of her bra.
He put his hands behind her back to force her to arc her breasts up toward his waiting lips. She had beautiful breasts with hard pink nipples that were begging him. Gil bent forward and sucked her nipple hard into his mouth. He heard Moira’s gasp of shock and pleasure and reached his hand back around to pluck at her other nipple. He couldn’t suck her nipple deep enough into his mouth. He had to get her on her back on the bed behind him. He had to be inside her soon or it would be too late.
Just then there was a knock at the door and he heard Ben ask if he was ready to go meet Jack downstairs.
Gil had to clear his throat twice before he could reply. “I’ll meet you down there in just a few minutes.” He felt Moira pulling away from him, but he was so close that it was doing her no good.
He glanced at her and saw the confusion and vulnerability in her eyes. “I’m sorry, Moira. I didn’t mean this to happen.”
Moira was embarrassed by her wanton behavior. If the other detective had not interrupted she would have let him take her right there against the wall, not a very dignified way to lose one’s virginity. She unclasped her legs from around his waist and moved her hands to readjust her clothing. Before she could Gil was there again. She felt his lips kiss both of her nipples before he put her back in her bra cups. He pulled her shirt back together and tied it deftly. With a deep breath he stepped back from her but kept his hands firmly on her waist.
“I’m sorry if I went too far. I can’t deny though that I want you very badly. I think that you want me to.”
Moira just gazed up at him with her wide green eyes. “I…I’m not sure what I want.”
“Yes you are, and if I didn’t have to head downstairs I would prove that to you. Soon, Moira, we will finish this.” With those words, Gil swooped in and gave her a hard kiss of possession before turning to leave the room. Once in the hall outside of the apartment Gil shook his head to bring his thoughts into focus. What the hell was he thinking? He was here to protect her. He prayed that he would remember that the next time he had that incredible body against his.

Imprint: Ellora’s Cave
His Bare Obsession by Lacey Thorn
Release date: 2/21/07
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Rating: S
ISBN: 9781419909252
Price: $5.95

Discover the little town of Legacy and the Daniels family that calls it home in the book that started it all.

Lacey Thorn
Your world...unlaced.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

5 days until Stone of Cruento comes to Cerridwen Press

Here is another excerpt from Stone of Cruento available at Cerridwen Press on May 1, 2008.
The excerpt is rated PG-13.

The room was cleaned, the bed made with fresh linen and Claren was dressed. She waited in the main dining room with three vampires. Claren could smell the death on each of them. She wanted to go home and shower. She knew she had the smell of death on her. Jack’s death. Once she’d planned to marry him. Then while at the cemetery to visit her recently murdered parents her life changed forever.
She was attacked. Essentially killed when a monster of some kind ripped her throat out. When she recovered from having her throat ripped out, Claren discovered she was a vampire. Not in the real sense. She could still attend church. She attended night services. Not because she couldn’t stand the light but because daylight was uncomfortable giving her the equivalent of a nasty sunburn. However, after her first kill, Claren felt uncomfortable attending church with so many heartbeats around her. Heartbeats that pumped blood that called to her.
She contacted the human resources department at her corporate job and resigned. She also contacted Jack and told him that she was unable to continue seeing him. She didn’t give any reason. He assumed it was because she was fragile after her parent’s murder. It was because she didn’t want to kill him.
Like I did tonight. Claren shuddered. She watched as the bartender spoke quietly to each of the three vampires. Next would be her turn. She swallowed hard as he came up to her.
“You know the drill?”
Claren shook her head.
“King Geoffrey owns the club and several like it. We supply the venue for you to hunt safely. If you turn your mark that person is your responsibility. If you kill your mark…”
“Jack wasn’t a mark. He-he was a friend.”
The bartender shrugged. “Whatever. If you kill your mark we clean up the mess. We make it look like a death due to an accident. We show you the accident so you can approve it. You know, if your mark doesn’t swim then a shark attack would not be feasible. Because we take care of the mess you owe King Geoffrey a favor. Those three,” the bartender jerked his head at the vampires. “Will be doing night work. Since your mark was in a high profile position in government the king may want you to do several things. Right now, he needs some people taken out of the picture.”
“You want me to kill?” Claren asked, horrified.
“If you hadn’t already done it once, here in the club, you wouldn’t be obligated to the king, now would you?”
Claren sighed. She had to pay for her weakness. She vowed it would never happen again.
She nodded to the bartender to continue.
“Since you are able to withstand the sunlight, your assignment will take place this morning,” The bartender handed her a slip of paper. “Here is the address and the time you are to meet with your mark. Collateral damage is acceptable however you must kill the mark. If you fail, well, other vampires have failed and were ashed. I don’t know what the king would do to you.”
“Why do you associate with vampires?” Claren asked lightly.
“Why do you live as a vampire? It would be simple enough to end your life.”
“You’re right. My question was rude,” She looked at the slip of paper. It was a restaurant in her neighborhood. She looked up at the bartender.
“Normally I don’t give explanations to the suckers. But the king told me that if you had a question to tell you what you wanted to know. King Geoffrey knows you keep your neighborhood free of crime and of suckers, except for you, of course. There is a human criminal who is killing off vampires.”
“A vampire hunter? What is unusual about that?”
The bartender shook his head. “No, a normal vampire hunter the suckers could handle themselves. This is a man who is starting a gang—low end crime but moving into drugs, prostitution, extortion and the protection racket. He is killing male vampires and enslaving female suckers. He uses some kind of drug to control them. Then he keeps them practically starved. He gives them just enough blood to keep them from ashing. He is moving into your neighborhood. He plans to have lunch at that restaurant. Actually, he plans to set up his headquarters in that restaurant and take over your neighborhood. He seems to think your neighborhood is a nice safe neighborhood and that makes it easy prey.”
“Why can’t you just do something about it?”
The bartender hesitated, considering how much to tell her.
“They have a vampire with them. Like nothing you’ve seen. Some creature that feeds on human and vampire alike. The suckers can only go out at night when it is alive. Evidently the thing sleeps in the wine cellar. It wakes when humans try to kill it and devours them. Humans aren’t fast enough or strong enough. You are.”
Claren crumpled the slip of paper in her hand. “Thanks for the information. Collateral damage is acceptable you said?” The bartender nodded. “How did you get this information?”

Be sure and stop by Cerridwen Press on May 1, 2008 and get your copy of Stone of Cruento by Charlene Leatherman.

Friday, April 25, 2008


"Invite a toad to lunch." That's the heading onthe newsletter from Canadian Wildlife Federation and I decided to strike a blow on behalf on the much maligned little creatures. Why should frogs get all the attention? For instance, there's the fairytale about the princess who was playing with her gold ball and it fell down the well. A frog found it and made a bargain with the princess.

"I will return your ball if you promise to take me to your bed and kiss me." Yuck. Kiss a frog. But she did and he turned into a handsome prince who had been bewitched. Try that one on a modern princess and she'd spit in his eye. Frogs can be treacherous - but toads, never.

What about, "A frog he goes a wooing ho, High ho says ..." Another frog hogging the spotlight.

So here's what the CWF says about toads. "Despite their squat, warty appearance there is something appealing about these little creatures. Maybe it's the fact that they eat more unattractive visitors, such as cuw9rms and earwigs, in great numbers. So welcome them into your garden." (copyright Canadian Wildlife Federation)

I'd welcome a covey of toads in our garden but they require a handy little pond and we don't have one. Toads are in short supply on Vancouver Island. Don't know why. Our neighbours have a pond. Hmm. If I could buy some toads they could paddle in the neighbours' pond and come under the fence to eat cutworms and earwigs in our garden. I wish.

If you are longing to know more about toads you can go to the What's New section at

Aren't you glad I blogged about toads on the goddess blog? Let the little warty darlings bask in their moment of fame. Come by my web site, and find out about me and my books. I write romance and I don't have a toad in any of them. Sigh.


Thursday, April 24, 2008


April 24
Adventure defines Adventure in this way:

What Is Adventure/Suspense Fiction? Lusty spies; deadly plagues; courtroom intrigue; fanatical terrorists; murderous psychopaths; state-of-the-art
weaponry; destructive acts of nature; political conspiracies; evil Nazis; Russian crime kingpins, and international drug cartels are but a few examples of the elements that can be found in this genre. Oftentimes lumped under the catch-all label of thrillers, It is hard to precisely define adventure/suspense as authors often combine situations from other genres such as mystery, horror, science-fiction, and even romance. Although an eclectic mix, all adventure/suspense novels have a few basic commonalties.
The characters (and the reader) can always expect the worst - the main characters can,and usually do, have everything thrown at them. Action, action and more action are hallmarks of a good adventure/suspense book.
The entire read is a roller coaster ride of chills and excitement with the last stop (and page) not always ending in
happiness. And finally, there must be a villain, for without a foe…without an adversary, there can be no adventure…no suspense.

Know how I define it? Danger Zone Authors! Be sure to come for the Launch on May 11. You will meet authors who write the kind of books is talking about.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

finally home!

First of all, thank you to Charlene for holding the fort while many of us were off playing--oops, I mean working--at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh was a surprizingly attractive city--except for inside our hotel, which was under construction. I had a wonderful time, mostly meeting other authors, so many of whom I have known on-line, including several of my fellow goddesses. I came home with a big stack of books, some free and some purchased, and tons of other goodies and giveaways. I met the staff of both of my publishers and all were delightful. A couple of other publishers tried to recruit me. I even had my very first fan stop me in the elevator and ask for an autograph! What a huge thrill that was!

So now it's back to work. Stories to write, stories to edit, and submissions to prepare. Tonight I have a live chat at Coffee Time Romance to wrap up the fun and games. And just for fun, here's a picture of me from the Faery Ball, in my full dragon-lady regalia!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Danger Zone Authors

Danger Zone Authors launches on May 11.
I will be the first blogger on Sunday and will blog each Sunday after that.
The Site is a site dedicated to action and adventure writers. Some write romance as I do, some write mystery, science fiction, thrillers, horror. There is something for everyone. The Danger Zone Authors will be a different kind of site. There is no other place on the Internet that speaks to action and adveture.
Come by, read a blog while you are jogging on your treadmill. Buy a book to read while your take some me time. I can guarantee the books will get your heart racing.
Here are the authors you can expect to find there in alphabetical order.
Danger Zone Authors
Denise Agnew
Cyndi Friberg
Lise Fuller
TL Gray
N.D. Hansen Hill
Marianne LaCroix
Charlene Leatherman
Shelley Munro

Saturday, April 19, 2008

They Call the Wind Mariah

I live in a tiny town. The official population is 127 according to the board on the freeway.
Sometimes things can get really strange.

The other day a wind was blowing through town. Its not unusual for Desert Center to have wind, especially during the spring. It brings dust into your house through every crack. It turns 18-wheeler trucks over on their sides. It moves sand dunes from one side of the freeway to the other side. Nothing out of the ordinary.

But this particular day, everyone was acting kooky. Not mean or cantankerous. Not jittery or paranoid. Not tired or anything but kooky. That is the only way I could describe it.

Like everyone, who is retirement age or close to it, suddenly turned into preteens at their first dance.

I blamed it on the wind. Which brought up remembering the song in the movie Paint Your Wagon. (lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner; music by Frederick Loewe)
They Called the Wind Mariah. No one could remember the words to the song.
I found them on the internet. (What can't you find on the internet?)

I found the words of the song on a fun site It is a trivia quiz site.

I also found out the names of the wind around the world. So here is a list of the names of wind and what part of the world uses that term.

Chinook --eastern side of the Rockies, United States
Santa Ana --southwestern United States
Foehn--European Alps
Simoom--Middle East
Brick Fielder--Australia
Zonda--Pampas of Argentina
Ghibli--eastern Mediterranean
Leste--Madeiras, Portugal
Soo-Oop-Wa -- southwestern Africa
And in case you can't remember the words of the song either, here it is
Mariah.....Mariah.... They call the wind Mariah Way out here They got a name for rain and wind and fire the rain is rest the fire is joy and they call the wind Mariah
Mariah throws the stars around and send the clouds a-flying Mariah makes the mountains sound like folks were up their dying
Mariah.....Mariah... They call the wind Mariah
Before I know Mariah's name and heard her wail and whinning I had a girl and she had me the sun was always shinning But then one day I left my girl I left her behind me and now I'm lost Oh God I'm lost not even God can find me
Mariah...Mariah... They call the wind Mariah
Out here they got a name for rain for wind and fire only But when your lost and all alone there is no name for gloomy And I'm a lost and lonely man without a star to guide me Mariah blow my love to me I need my girl besides me
Mariah...Mariah... They call the wind Mariah
Mariah....Mariah.... Blow my love to me...
By the way, only 11 days until Stone of Cruento is on Cerridwen Press.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Save the trees, read E-Books.

Let's make an effort to use the environmental movement to our advantage. Promote e-books and e-readers. Save paper. This is going to be hard on mill workers and the men who harvest the trees to feed the mills. I live in British Columbia where old growth forests should be protected. Where great swaths of hills and mountain sides have been laid bare by past logging. Not a pretty sight.

I'm working both sides of the street here! Save the trees. Harvest the forests carefully. No huge clear cuts as in the past.

I have to leave now. There's a storm brewing outside and my computer is glitching a bit. Must run. I'll catch up tomorrow.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Excerpt Rated PG Stone of Cruento Coming May 1 to Cerridwen Press

Excerpt Rated PG
Stone of Cruento by Charlene Leatherman
Coming to Cerridwen Press May 1

The wolf snuffed the air again as he ran. The smell of the Anterians was getting strong. Daniel detected a whiff of Claren’s scent as well. Leaping toward the scent Daniel increased his speed.
The tickle began in his tail. Skitters like fleas on a dog made Daniel flick it anxiously. The tickle grew and traveled along his spine.
Daniel growled low in his throat as he narrowed his focus away from the itching and on Claren. The growl changed from a reminder to himself into a warning as he felt eyes on him. His fur bristled as the strangers neared. Two wolf-like creatures, furred and four-legged, with tusks and six eyes on each animal sidled up to Daniel. One on each side they yipped in exuberant joy as they ran. They welcomed the newcomer to their territory with no malice.
Daniel pushed his speed. He didn’t need the two animals slowing him down.
Irritating flutters like thousands of spiders walking on naked skin began creeping all over Daniel. He whined at the torture. The two wolf-creatures stayed neck and neck with him. They answered his whine with yips of their own. Snapping at the creatures, Daniel drove them off.
Daniel slowed and stopped. Like a flea bitten dog, he began to chew at his skin. Pulling his snout away from his back, the wolf howled in agony. Shifting from wolf to human, Daniel scratched. He felt like he had poison ivy, everywhere. He wanted to rip off his skin. Clenching his hands into fists Daniel beat them on the ground trying to keep from tearing holes in his skin.
I can stop the misery. Panniyah’s voice spoke in his head.
Are you causing this? Daniel demanded.
No. It seems you have something inside you. A parasite perhaps?
Changes. Dammit! More damn changes. Daniel scratched his arms and legs. Rivulets of blood trickled down the scrapes his nails had made.
I can reach into your mind and stop the misery you feel. We are already connected. It would be simple to help you. I care for you Daniel. I hate to see you suffer this way. Panniyah said. The tender emotion of her thoughts filled Daniel.
Daniel shook his head. You don’t care if I live or die. All you want is Claren.
Nonsense. Wasn’t it you who I created first?
And Geoffrey you killed first.
Panniyah sniffed disdainfully. He actually expected me to obey him! Of course I killed him. He had delusions of grandeur. You on the other hand know where you fit in the hierarchy. Please, let me help you stop that awful misery you suffer. I don’t know what is causing it but I can stop it.
Daniel squeezed his hands tightly shut, digging his nails into his palms.
All right. Anything is better than this itching. Make it stop!
Immediately Daniel felt a calm in his mind, then a calming of his body. Daniel watched as the lesions on his arms and legs healed and disappeared.
Did you do that? Daniel asked.
No. You seem to have developed some interesting side effects to Cruento. You are searching for Claren, Panniyah stated. Would you like help in finding her, or are you still stuck in your male ego pride?
Your help comes with a very high price.
What harm can I do? Panniyah asked. I am on Earth. I can only speak to you and help your mind do what you want it to. I cannot harm Claren.
Daniel pondered Panniyah’s offer. The scent of Claren weakened with every breath he took. It could be days before he found her. She and Belgretor did not have that much time if Anterians and Crudak had anything to do with it.
All right, I’ll accept your help.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Excerpt Stone of Cruento Coming May 1 - Rated PG

“You want me to do what?”
Belgretor reached for the pacing centaur. “Please, Claren, calm yourself. There is no other way.”
Claren whirled around, her four legs getting tangled . Her knees began to crumple. Jamros stepped next to her. Using his body, he blocked the mare from falling.
“Damn legs,” Claren cursed. She nodded a thank you to Jamros. “There has to be another way. You can’t ask me to…”
“Am I that disagreeable?” Jamros looked stricken.
“She’s not saying that, asshole,” Daniel growled at the centaur. “She doesn’t want to be joined to you. She has other plans.”
“I can speak for myself, Daniel,” Claren said. “Tell me again why I have to do this. I’m still trying to get used to the idea of having four legs and being dead. I am a bit dense.”
Belgretor looked at Thoeak. “Why don’t you tell her? You are the one with the firsthand knowledge of the situation.”
Thoeak bowed first to Belgretor, Jamros, Claren then nodded his head to Daniel and to his daughter.
“I implanted my daughters with tracking devices. There have been disappearances of young women for some time. I wanted to make sure of my children’s safety,” Thoeak looked at Jamros with apology. “I understand that is against tradition but my daughters are my life.”
“Do not concern yourself. Continue your telling.”
“When I lost track of my daughter and could find neither Claren nor Theesal, I feared the worst. No one knows who takes the female children. The males have been found dead but never the females. I was just about to follow the beacon from Theesal when Crudak called me to serve him. He was in conference with Gracsaddi of the High Council. They stopped talking when I arrived and continued when I left. I am ashamed to admit it but I eavesdropped on the conversation.”
“It is well that you did,” Belgretor stated. “Your observation confirms what I feared.”
“I heard Crudak speaking with the Councilwoman. He assured the High Council Lady Gracsaddi that the intruder—I assume he spoke of Daniel—was taken care of. He continued to say that the traitor—I am sorry but I believe he spoke of you, Your Grace—was dead. Crudak went on to say that it would be proven unequivocally the claimant was a fraud and would be killed. I knew he spoke of you Lady Claren. I feared for you. I knew my daughter would be with you if at all possible. I used the tracking device in my daughter and followed her here.” Thoeak bowed to Claren. “My lady that is the situation in which you find yourself.”
“So, Bel, how does my marriage to Jamros solve this problem? And how does my marriage to Jamros stop the mess on Earth I caused?”
“Crudak believes I am dead. Since talking with Thoeak I have implanted a memory in the doctor and nurse that they succeeded in killing me. Crudak believes Daniel is dead as well or will be soon from starvation. He knew you were too old to take the cyanomorph berry and I think he wanted you to die in the transformation. Even though you are alive, the problem is you are vampire. He can use that information to convince all of Cruento, the High Council, even the Emperor you are a fraud and an invader and should be killed. From what I have heard, society is fragile with the terrors of possible invasion by aliens and by the Galactic Council. So, your position is tenuous at best.
“However, if you married Jamros, in a ceremony that not only Cruento approved but the Emperor approved and was broadcast to the entire Twin Planet system, you would be safe. Crudak could not openly attack you. He might try something covertly but we,” Belgretor nodded to Daniel and Jamros, “could protect you from that.” Daniel and Jamros nodded in agreement. The three men looked at each other. Claren watched as a bond formed between the three men. A bond that included her.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April 15

I did my taxes. Did you?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Writers, Writing and Going to a Covention

Every business seems to have a convention or two that the worker wants to attend. At conventions, workers can socialize and can learn about their craft.
It is no different with writers.
This year on April 16 thousands of writers will gather together for the Romantic Times Book Lovers Convention.

Writing is a solitary business. No one can come to the author and simply shake hands and the book is written. An author sits at a desk, behind a computer, or a pad of paper, and types or writes ideas in a concise, entertaining way that is readable and hopefully marketable.

The idea comes from the author's mind, his or her experiences, imagination, and lots of dictionary use and knowledge of grammar.

The dictionary use and the knowledge of grammar comes from regular schooling.

However the readability, the entertainment value, also the trends of what you the readers want can change from year to year and are somethings the writer needs to be aware of and needs to learn.

College classes, books, Internet classes, etc. are all things writers can use to learn their craft. They are all things that take a lot of time away from writing as well.

A Convention, however, offers the writer a chance to learn from other writers who have made a success of writing and have learned from experience in a compressed time frame of a few days.

Here is a very small sampling of the types of classes writers can attend at a convention.
  • Setting the Western Straight
  • Book in Three Minutes
  • Googling VS I Do What My Rice Krispies Tell Me
  • Bad Pirates Get All the Booty

Of course a prerequisite of any convention is a time to socialize, to party, and to simply have fun.

So to all the authors on their way to Romantic Times Book Lovers Convention:

Have Fun and return with lots of great ideas.

The sample list of the classes available at the convention was copied from the Romantic Times Website. If the class listings are protected, please email me at and I will remove the list. Google and Rice Krispies are protected by trademarks.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Baby Pic Contest: Saturday's Children

Baby Pic Contest: Saturday’s Children

Ever wonder what authors: Amarinda Jones, Anny Cook, Kelly Kirch, Mona Risk, Brynn Paul, Bronwyn Green or Sandra Cox looked like as a child? Can you figure out who’s who? If you have an opportunity, stop by and see if you recognize Saturday’s Children. Since it’s the last day of the contest, there will be two drawings for today.Leave a comment and you will automatically be entered.

Please leave an email address with your comment or a way to contact you, in case you’re the winner!

Rose Quartz

“Are you changing the subject?” He frowned, confused.

“Not at all, I’m used to dealing with the ruggedly handsome man of few words, Hank McHenry. I’m not used to dealing with a stud muffin.”

She gave him a long, appraising look that made him squirm. “Sugar, I always thought you were good looking but now you look as handsome as sin and twice as dangerous.”

“Well, for god’s sake.” Hank jerked. A rush of blood flooded his face, coloring it brick red. He turned away from her and stared at the road. Pressing against the seat with his back, he lifted his hips, dug the amulet out of his front pocket and tossed it at her.

She cla

mped it on her forearm and then sighed in pleasure. “Ah, I felt half dressed without it.”

“Maybe ‘cause you are half dressed,” he said dryly, glancing at her.

She shook her head. “You’re a caution.”

“Is that a step up or back from a stud muffin?”

She laughed. She’d never felt a link like this with a man before. Attraction as sharp and heated as lightning coursed between them. That aside, she loved his dry wit. And the way he considered what she said before he responded as if he really listened.

She respected him as a man. And he was a man, more so than anyone she knew, a real man in a world where heroes were no longer easy to find. A man who believed that a handshake was his word and that his word was his bond. A man who would lay down his life to protect those he loved. She’d never known a man like Hank McHenry and she had a strong feeling she never would again.

Quote of the day: "Do you forget she had you killed?" Shardai,