Saturday, February 20, 2010

Too Busy

Today's my day to blog, but I've been too busy doing other things to write anything. I think I'm grateful since all the projects relate to writing. I'm taking an online class--"Plotting via Motivation" offered by Writer's University. Check it out. It's fun and I like the new (for me at least) way to approach new stories. Am also working on major revisions to my upcoming release titled "Courting Kel" and wanting to get back to an entirely new story. Judging a writing contest as well--four mss sitting on my desktop for me to get to. And then, next month, the dreaded on-call Jury Duty.

I'm sure all of you are busy too. Hope your busies are fun.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Need a cowboy who's FALLING FAST for you?

I've got one for you!
In my newest cherry, FALLING FAST, out Feb. 23 from Resplendence Publishing, rodeo manager Kade Stapleton falls head over heels for a woman he really shouldn't want.
Enjoy my new trailer for FALLING FAST!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wild Lickins - Coming Feb 19th

My newest release will be available from Aspen Mountain Press February 19th.

Here is the blurb and an excerpt.

Sam has secretly loved Ethan for as long as he could remember but Ethan can’t see beyond his love for their jointly owned ice cream shop—Wild Lickins. To escape his unrequited desire, Sam takes off for an overdue vacation. Coral Reef, an all male resort, promises a week of sex, sun and relaxation. It’s the perfect combination to help Sam clear his mind. What it doesn’t prepare Sam for is Jim.Can a stranger help Sam forget about his feelings for Ethan? Or is there more to the distraction than meets the eye?


They rode for a good half hour before coming to a stop near an open expanse of land. From this view, they could see down over the resort. The white sands, the rolling waves, the dazzling colors—it was all spectacular. After they dismounted, Jim wrapped an arm around Sam’s shoulders.
“Incredible isn’t it?”
“It is. I’m in awe.”
“I love it up here. Not that I don’t love it down there, because what’s not to love? But up here, we’re really alone. The only sounds are some exotic birds in the distance and maybe an animal or two rustling in the bushes. Aside from that it’s relatively quiet.”
Sam agreed. He hadn’t heard any sounds other than their horses. A butterfly fluttered in front of them.
“Come on. I want to show you something.” Sam allowed Jim to take his hand and lead him off the beaten path. They left the horses behind secured to a tree.
“Where are we going?” Sam asked curiously. The thick brush scraped at his legs as Jim dragged him further from the trail.
“Not far. You’re going to love it! I swear.”
Jim’s enthusiasm was hard to ignore. Sam didn’t believe he’d lead him astray. Whatever it was, Jim definitely loved the idea of sharing it with him. They walked out of the dense brush and into an open area. Sam did a double take when he saw the waterfall. The water cascaded a hundred feet into a freshwater pool.
“Wow! Is it safe to swim?” Sam didn’t wait for a response. He shed his clothes, ready to jump in and explore this wonderful discovery.
“I don’t think it matters if I say no. You’re ready to go.” Jim laughed, pointing to Sam’s naked body.
“First one in is a…” Sam dove into the water. He came up refreshed and splashed cool water at Jim. “It’s not as warm as the ocean, but it feels good after being in the hot sun. Come on! What are you waiting for?”
Jim shucked off his clothes and did a cannonball into the water. “Oooh, it is a bit colder.” He swam over to Sam. “Maybe you can warm me up?”
Sam’s dick rose at the thought of fucking him. He’d like another go at that tight ass. He also wouldn’t mind feeling Jim’s warm mouth wrapped around his cock again, expertly working magic with that tongue. Oh, this vacation was worth every dime he spent! His only regret was that Ethan wasn’t sharing this breathtaking view with him, instead of Jim.
“Do I need to distract you again?” Jim asked, rubbing his penis.
“Your thoughts are on your friend back home. You’re missing him again.”
“Yes,” Sam confessed. “How could you tell?”
“Your eyes. They get this faraway look, one that says you can’t hear a word I’m saying.”

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Anny will not be blogging for the rest of the week due to being hospitalized. If you would like to send her a message please put it in the comments so I can read them to her over the phone.

- J (Anny’s Daughter)

Every Review is a Good Review

I’d like to share a couple of good reviews Candelabra, my paranormal quickie featuring a fire elemental fairy and hot wax, received:

Night Owl Romance - 4.25 stars

Candelabra lives up to its name incredibly well, it is scalding hot. Afton Locke writes with ease and knowledge of experience, or really great research. BDSM is a world that few can handle well, and Ms. Locke shows a different side of BDSM in her novelette. Ms. Locke demonstrates to her readers basically that everyone has to start somewhere, either with an incredibly erotic Fire Elemental or your own lover, its very normal and very possible.

Candelabra is a quick read, magical and intense as well….This novelette is short, deliciously erotic, and sure to leave you with a desire to explore you own wild side. I will definitely be looking out for more from this author as you should be too.

The Raving Readers - 4 stars

Ingenious and delicious hot, short read. Afton Locke pens a unique and delicious way to deal with control issues interspersed with magic and fantasy…the scenes described here are hot with sizzling passion between the characters and an ingenious use of candle wax.

Good reviews make us feel…well…good. 5-star ones make us feel beyond good. We write the book and send it into the world with our fingers crossed. Reading a book is very subjective, so you never know what reaction you’re going to get. One person may love it and another may hate it. I’ve gotten the whole gamut. The bad ones are hard.

Reviews and opinions are essential because we write in order to be read. The bigger the audience the better. We write with the reader in mind, wondering if she’ll like this or that, reach for a tissue during the sad scenes, squirm in her seat at the hot scenes, etc. When I get my sales figures every month, I look at the quantity and am thankful for each and every person who bought and read my book.

I did receive a review for Candelabra that was mixed. At first, I didn’t feel great because I didn’t supply something this reader wanted. After taking a step back, though, I realized I’d gotten valuable feedback I could use to make my books even better. In fact, it inspired me to get started on a sequel and how to approach it.

So every review is a good review, no matter what.

Candelabra - available at Ellora’s Cave:
Buy Link:

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jenny is coming

Jennivere's Journey comes out the ninth... Almost there. Jennivere is a mage, and Zach is a professor bent on exposing her as a charlatan. Getting these two together we quite a job. So many things got in the way. I think you'll like Jenny, and I hope you'll take a minute to watch the trailer.

Think I've got it uloaded but the link is doing strange things. If the upload doesn't work please got to www.tiny Sheesh, this computer is acting crazy tonight. I love Jenny, don't know why she'd giving me this much trouble. I think I'd better include an excerpt since I don't think the video is cooperating. All my trailers are, thought.

Here's an excerpt:

They walked for about ten minutes and then she stopped and turned to him.
Putting her hands on his shoulders she raised her face, lovelier than ever in the moonlight and said simply.
“Kiss me, Zach.”
He didn’t waste a second. His lips swooped down on hers. He tried to hold himself in check but these last few days of agonizing proximity had stretched his control to near breaking. He managed to soften his first blazing kiss but not before she’d gasped and tried to withdraw a little. Feeling her shock helped him gentle his lips and loosen his tightened hold. He stood rocking her in his arms and only when she relaxed did he let his kiss deepen and then gradually.
This time she drew closer, responding with an ardor whose innocence shook him. She’d been married, for god’s sake, even if only for two weeks. The more clues he had to her marriage the more suspicions it raised. He’d not ask her a single question. For one thing it was none of his business and for another he badly wanted her to confide in him because she trusted him.
Jenny wondered if the heat emanating from the man holding her so sweetly would set her dress on fire. She felt her body blazing from the ground to the topmost hair on her head. Probably this was what made her pant a little. She felt as if she could hardly get her breath.
Lifting her eyes she met gray ones blazing down at her, little sparks at the back of each dark iris and a look of such desire on his face she couldn’t mistake it. She’d seen that look on Mason. But with Zach, his hot gaze both lured and frightened her. She started to draw away again but found she couldn’t. This beautiful man fascinated her beyond her ability to describe. He was an exceptional man and that was enough for now. In fact it seemed to be enough to set her skin so on fire she wondered why there was no smoke.
She clung to him. Suddenly her knees seemed to stop working altogether, the traitors. As she clutched him to her he lowered his lips again and began gently nipping all over her face, only smiling at her when she tried to twist so her lips met his.
Then at last he kissed her again, really kissed her, his lips strong and potent on hers. He wrapped her in powerful arms and gave her the deep kiss of a passionate man. A passionate man who wanted her body. She’d been married long enough to know this much and it frightened her almost out of what was left of her mind. He held her tightly and she couldn’t mistake the feel of his thick erection pressing against her legs. Oh he wanted her all right.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Would you mind being forced to stay near a gorgeous hunk?

The heroine of my recent release Close Contact does. In ways, I can't say that I blame her. They're not trapped in a cabin by a freak snowstorm. Nothing as simple or as temporary as that. A spell is keeping her near a werewolf who's thoughts are running to mating for life rather than a few nights together.

Here's a blurb and short excerpt.

Geneva’s having a bad day. With a spell put on her by an angry witch, the last thing she needs is a werewolf claiming she’s his mate—even if he is gorgeous and she can’t get enough of his kisses.

Evan’s happy to have found his mate; even the spell keeping them within close proximity to each other doesn’t bother him. He’s more than eager to stay near her sweet body and satisfy his craving for her, but her protection is his first priority.

However, the witch isn’t satisfied with the results of the spell. Geneva and Evan have to stop additional attacks before they lose their chance to be together.


“Come on. We’ll go sit down and talk about your involvement with other witches.” Evan drew her through a spacious kitchen and into a huge living room.

He sprawled in a large comfortable-looking, black chair. He’d released her, so she moved away and sat on the black couch nearby. He was too freaking confident and sexy as hell. She wanted to be able to smack his ego back down to size, but not being able to go very far away from him hindered that. After he’d taken off his jacket, she’d noticed those broad shoulders weren’t a trick of the cloth.

“I don’t have any real involvement with witches. That’s why this doesn’t make sense. I listen. I ask questions. None of them are threatened by me. In spite of being a witch, I don’t know how to do even the simplest witch magic. I don’t do magic. I can’t see why anyone would want to do something like this to me. The risk to them is too great.” She shook her head and leaned back against the plush cushion.

“Sometimes, knowledge is power. Do you know of anyone angry with you over some information you passed along to the Protectorate?” He folded his arms across his chest.
She sighed and rolled her eyes. “Sure there are people who get angry with me, but this would take more than anger. This is hate.”

“They certainly put a lot of energy into the spell,” Evan admitted.

That had to be the understatement of the century. She ran her fingers through her hair and closed her eyes. Her life was in chaos and Evan’s behavior only added to the tension, but he wasn’t the major force. A vengeful magic user held that position. She knew that once he’d scented her, the wolf in him wouldn’t just let him walk away from her. If it was just the fact that he’d claimed her as mate, she’d happily fight and argue about it. The spell on her made things even more complicated. She didn’t have the ability to run from him if he was too stubborn about it.

“You’re brooding. Come here, Geneva.” He lifted his hand, extending his palm toward her.

“Of course I’m brooding. I have a spell on me that won’t let me get farther than eight feet from you.” She crossed her arms and didn’t move. Oh, no, she wasn’t going over to him. It was already hard enough to resist him without getting close to him. “And if it’s not off by Halloween, this could be a permanent situation.”

“You’re just upset that it won’t be taken off you right now. It shouldn’t take us long to discover who put it on you,” he said. His fingers curled in a beckoning gesture. “If I go over there, I’ll be tempted to put that couch to use.”
Geneva sighed. That was an idea she needed to keep out of his head. Just being here was more than she wanted to think about right now. She got to her feet. Walking around the gleaming coffee table, she slipped her hand into his.

He pulled her across his lap. Nuzzling her shoulder-length hair away from her neck, his tongue lapped at the base of her neck. He inhaled deeply. She frowned. Every time he took her in his arms, he did that. She didn’t understand why and asking would probably result in another pointless frustrating exchange. Almost all of his answers regarding why he did something involved “because I’m your mate.” It made her want to scream.

His warm hand slipped between the buttons of her blue shirt, brushing over the skin just below the bottom edge of her bra. Tingles skittered over her skin as his fingers traced the edge of the undergarment. She felt her breasts swelling against the fabric and her nipples tightened into hard points.

Available now at Ellora's Cave