Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spring is right around the corner...

And I am sitting here staring at the book mark instead of writing...

Ah, well...I really have been making a greater effort to write, and I am 5,000 words into my latest wip.  I am getting back into the swing, and hope to maintain the momentum indefinitely, since I desperately need the income. LOL!

I plan to submit one manuscript every month through this year, and if you all keep telling me to get my fanny in gear, I will do just that.   It really helps!

Working my way through a massive writing slump has taught me a lot, and my dear author friends have really helped me to get myself in motion once again.  Having a wonderful support network is great, and I highly recommend getting one if you don't already have one. :) 

Struggling through these things alone is nigh onto impossible. So I will bed you all adieu so that I can get my latest wip finished to sub it by end of month.  


Fran Lee

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Hi Everybody,
It's been so busy around my house I almost forgot to post. Anyway…
New releases coming out from eXtasy Books.
March 1, 2011--My Virtual Seductions series begun at Ellora's Cave continues at eXtasy Books with His Virtual Bride.
April 1, 2011--Sensuous Seasonings continues with Model Misbehavior.
May 1, 2011--More Virtual Seductions with Her Virtual Consort.

And check out my new website Have a few little clean ups to do, but I think it looks great!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bad Cowboys, Sheriffs, Rangers... got 'em

The allure of the American Cowboy endures in all our romantica books. Since coming to EC, TOTAL E and Resplendence, I have pubbed 5 cowboys-Sheriffs-Rangers and have a few conclusions about them.
First, I think these men are stronger characters in erotica--and more true to life! The rough, tough type of man we think of as a cowboy, is best personified by a man with a load of testosterone. Hence, a hot and heavy erotica fits best.
Secondly, because I LIVE in cowboy country--and have now for nearly 15 years--I know these boys! I have worked with them, played with them (at the local Chamber of Commerce and other local events.)
They are truly individuals. With a capital I.
They do not mess with details. This, of course, can get them in trouble. But they tend not to care. They let others work on that pesky little stuff for them. OKAY, then!
They do take care of their appearance. They are fit. Very. And need no gym membership to hone those delicious muscles. And as for attire, beard, etc? They are not particular but pull on those worn, comfortable jeans and plaid shirt to be out there on a horse. Chaps (yum,yum) if necessary. But at home with their women, at a dance hall to do a graceful (do not use that word, though, puleeez) Two Step, they dress. Knife-pressed, starched jeans. White, starched shirt. Damnest big silver buckle on their belt. Bigger than...well, any one else's, donchaknow. Boots. Knee high. Polished. Leather or Ostrich. Hand tooled. Cut to a fare thee well. Spurs. (Tingly, yet?)
They also know how to cook.
Well. Really, they know how to barbeque. Hottest, damn coals are best, thank you, ma'am.
What do they cook? Ribs. Beef, pork, baby backs. Fajitas, especially down here in south Texas, this is our specialty. They also do Mean Beans. MEAN. (Bring your constitution, please.) Brisket, they will smoke till it falls apart in your fingers. You get all gooey and you must lick yourself clean. Hmmm. Method? Madness?
What else can they do?
They know how to wield a bull whip.
A carving knife.
A lasso.
Biggest trucks I have ever seen.
They are not good with eloquence of the East Coast variety. But they do know how to speak their minds...and their hearts.
Happy reading about these men. I know they are unique, special and very very real.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happ Valentine's Day

This year Hallmark had a new slogan – Valentine’s Day is a day to say I love us.
I really liked this slogan. I could relate to it. I think that’s why it stuck in my mind. I’d rather celebrate us than just him. Without a spouse or significant other there is no US.
If you don’t have that someone special to spend it, then celebrate with a friend or family.
Every year I try to do something unique for him. Last year I tied little sayings to Lindt chocolates, so that every time he ate a piece he had a little reminder of me. :o) Goofy? Maybe, but I know it melted his heart.
Yesterday I ran out and bought him a heart-shaped chocolate chip cookie from the bakery. He loves the cookie pies. I wish I could tell you I did something unique, but life has been hectic and Valentine’s Day was here before I had a chance to think about it.
How about you? Do you say I Love You in little ways?
Happy Valentine’s Day!