Thursday, May 31, 2007

Who are characters based on?

Did you ever wonder where authors get the ideas for characters? Are they based on real people? The hero in my latest book, REDEMPTION, due out June 1 at and is based on a real person. In the book Ethan Caine is a shadowy figure whose past is shrouded in darkness. some say he's former DEA. Others say CIA. No NSA. Black ops. Counter-intelligence. A friend tells of delivering him to a vacant parking lot after dinner where a black helicocpter picks him up. He's gone for days at a time, no one knows where, and when he returns he gives no detaisl about where he's been. And so it is for the real Ethan Caine, whose past is just as murky. Daydreaming about the real person one day and discussing him with my son, we decided this man was too good not to put tinto a book, and so REDEMPTION was born. It's the story of a woman whno thought the n ightmare of her life was finally over until her son was kidnapped and n ot returned. an d of the burnt-oujt warrior, her last and final hope to recue him. In the seductive environment of Mexico's Quintana Roo jungle, passion explodes and they both reach for a future that may yet be destroyed.

So come on along and meet a real life hero and read ab9out his semi-fictional adventures.

My alter ego, Desiree Holt, also has a new release out at

In ONCE UPON A WEDDING, Rainie McIntyre just wants one weekend to sow her wild oats before she settles back into her very conservative life with her very conservative fiance. Just so she can for once live out her fantasies. Very reluctantly he agrees to give her the weekend at the beach. Nervously she waits to see whno she'll meet and how she'll handle it. But the weekend brings her more than one shock and changes the course of her life forever.


Queen of the Jungle

I subscribe to this two nifty "newsletters". They really aren't newsletters. One is the sayings of the Universe. The other is from and gives me motivational things to think about.Every morning I get this message from the Universe. Sort of a pat on the back to let me know that today is going to be okay. No matter how disturbing the day really is I know four things - (1) God is on my side so what do I have to worry about? (that knowledge doesn't stop me from worrying or acting stupid, but it is nice to know) (2) My husband loves me. (3) I am a writer and I am a success. (even if I don't ever sell anything, I was accepted by a publisher Cerridwen Press and my book Prophecy of Vithan comes out in August. So, having accomplished that much as a writer makes me a success) and (4) the Universe will tell me something neat and SparkPeople will say something nifty.

This is what the Universe said to me today:

It's not a matter of whether or not you can afford it, swing it, or handle it, Charlene.
It's a question of whether or not I can.
And I can.
The Universe

And my Sparked Motivation was:

It is better to live one day as a lion, than a thousand days as
a lamb.
- Roman proverb
Are you a lion or a lamb?
How will your life be remembered? Will your story be lost among
the millions who were afraid to take a chance? Or will you leave
something noble behind? There's nothing to gain by following the
crowd or doing what you've always done. You may as well put
yourself out to pasture. But there's everything to gain by
believing that you're king or queen of the jungle, even if just
for a day. (Go ahead and roar if you want to.) Each of us has an
amazing opportunity to live large if we allow it. It takes
leaving the comfort of our familiar meadows and walking into the
unknown. Once you take that chance, you've made your days
worthwhile. Even if you have few resources, adventure is around
every corner, and life is waiting to be devoured. If you were to
write the book of your life, would you want to read it?

So, today (or tomorrow since it is late today) I will acknowledge that I don't have to DO IT - the Universe will supply and I will be the Queen of the Jungle.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Writing Life

As others have pointed out on this blog, writers have some pretty unique aspects to our lives. How many "normal" people completely lose track of the seasons, for example?

I don't know if this happens to others, but I can get so involved in what I'm writing--describing a snowstorm, for example--that when I finally look up from my work, I'm surprised to see that the "real" world doesn't match the world I've been living in. Instead of a foot and a half of snow on the ground, the May sun is shining, trees are blooming, and the un-air conditioned room is over-warm. A villain is not bearing down on my house. And the hero is not in the upstairs bedroom about to burst into fevered ramblings resulting from the injuries he sustained in the last confrontation with the bad guy.

It takes some time to pull myself out of "story world," as I call it, and into this world. Sometimes I don't want to come back.

Monday, May 28, 2007

In memoriam...

In the United States, Memorial Day was started in the late nineteenth century to commemorate the lives lost in the civil war. It was a day set aside to honor the dead, whether Union or Confederate and to take note of the costs of our devastating internal war. Over the years, the significance of this holiday has largely been lost. To most Americans, Memorial Day has become the official kick off of the summer season. It's the day you open the cabin, fire up the barbecue or open the pool. It's the day you can start wearing while pants or white shoes and not look dorky.

And yet--in many places, particularly small towns around the nation, the holiday retains a trace of its original meaning. This year both of my sons are in the high school marching band, so for the first time I became a (somewhat unwilling) participant in our local Memorial Day festivities. My biggest grumble was waking up at 7 am on a holiday, and then ferrying them hither and yon to get into uniform, line up for the parade, get out of uniform, and then to the after-parade picnic and so on. Waiting through the services at the town cemetery wasn't real high on my list of things to do on a sunny holiday either.

Until--I was there. First the parade--watching all the service members, present and past march, or in some cases ride by was unexpectedly touching. I sat with my dad, a WWII veteran who has never gotten involved in any of the organizations, and found myself urging him to become more active, to get to know his contemporaries in the American Legion. As he noted, there aren't that many of them left any more. And fewer every year.

The Viet Nam era verterans, once the young, rebellious generation are going gray now. They still field a motorcycle corps for our parade, and now the youngsters are those from Afghanistan, or returned from the current conflict. Perhaps the most touching group that marched was the Michigan Military Mothers. As a mother of teenagers myself, I can only begin to imagine the worry these moms must deal with on a daily basis.

Then at the cemetery there were the usual speeches by politicians which I largely ignored. But the presentation of wreaths, the Marine rifle salute, the fields of graves with flags and flowers--those touched me, made me think and made me feel.

So I come away with a renewed respect for the day, and a wish for us all. If we make a choice to remember the lives lost to war, to the cost of conflict, maybe we will one day become more reluctant to pay that price. The first World War was supposed to be the war to end wars. Obviously we messed that up somewhere along the way. But I'm glad my sons got a look at all those flags and flowers today. Maybe their generation, if they can be made to understand, will be the generation that finally gets it right.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Delinquent - gone missing!

Dear Goddesses: I missed my blogging day! I was supposed to Blog on May 25th and didn't really forget. I thought my day was May 28th. The reason being, I have another Blog date stuck on my modem and ... you don't want to know! If I may, I will blog in tomorrow - unless I hear otherwise.

I started my own Blog and decided my life is so uninteresting, except to me and my family, that I started to write a story and add a few pages every day. I'll see what happens. If not a living soul comments I will have to rethink my strategy.

Anita Birt


I took the test below at Its a fun site with lots of quizzes that you can take and post to your blogs. Some are silly like "What is your Leprechaun name?" Others are more serious, but all should be taken in fun.

You Are Internal - Realist - Powerful
You feel your life is controlled internally.
If you want something, you make it happen.
You don't wait around for things to go your way.
You value your independence and don't like others to have control.

You are a realist when it comes to luck.
You don't attribute everything to luck, but you do know some things are random.
You don't beat yourself up when bad things happen to you...
But you do your best to try to make your own luck.

When it comes to who's in charge, it's you.
Life is a kingdom, and you're the grand ruler.
You don't care much about what others think.
But they better care what you think!

Why am I sharing this test with you? Because I read the following earlier to day too.

Take a moment to look at the circumstances of your world. Is it
what you want to see? What could you do differently to take one
step closer to your ideal vision? We're all dealt different
hands in life. That's how things are. To change things, you have
to first accept that fact, then figure out where to go from
here. We should all be able to count on each other for help, but
in the end, we can't expect anyone to change our lives except
ourselves. Nor should we want it that way. It's natural to feel
powerless and give up in the face of hardships. But complaining
and blaming do nothing except prevent action. Without positive
action, you're giving up your power and asking for more of the
same--a world you did not create. Where you start may not be
your fault, but the course you run is still your choosing

Okay you say - so what? Well, I have a cover for my book Prophecy of Vithan which comes out August 2. I have been approached by a friend that has a company that specializes in promoting authors and other artists. When I asked a relative's opinion about the idea of signing with this friend and her company My relative's response was "This is the most exciting thing to happen."

My response was to want to hide in the closet and never come out.
So, I am posting this test that tells me I am a Powerful person who controls my destiny, and the message that tells me that with positive action I have the power to choose the course I run to remind myself that not only do I write about strong women, but
Now, I just have to remember it.

So now I am off to Defeat the Villain, Destroy the Monster, Deliver the Hero, and do so shouting from the rooftops - I AM WOMAN - POWERFUL - RESOURCEFUL - AND RIGHT ON TRACK.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Earth Moves Release

Only six more days until the release of my brand new series with Ellora's Cave, Island Guardians. Earth Moves is the first book in this series and tells the story of the Guardain of Earth, Erika. This is my first jaunt into the fantasy genre and I only hope that it is as well received as my Bare Love series. Today I am going to give you a look at this new work. I hope that you like it.

Earth Moves
Lacey Thorn

She is Erika and within her she has found the power of the earth, a power that she must hide from all those around her. For no warrior believes in the coming of the Guardians or in the curse. Erika is fast approaching her twenty first summer and that, according to Warrior Law, will proclaim her claimable. Any warrior brothers who wish to mate her can vie for her, but Erika knows exactly who she will belong to when that day comes. Galen and Arik Savari, the six-foot-eight-inch warrior brothers have always watched over her. She is as drawn to them as they are to her but she fears the joining and what it might bring to her both as a woman and a Guardian.

Galen and Arik are determined to claim Erika and mate her as wife. Once the bond is formed none may ever come between them again. At last the brown haired, green eyed vixen will be theirs. In every way conceivable.

Earth Moves by Lacey Thorn
(Excerpt is unedited)

She walked to the altar at the front of the chapel before turning to the Prince again. “I will give you one more chance to give up this madness. Leave now or know the vengeance of the goddess.”
“Your words will scare no one Priestess,” the Warrior Prince said with much contempt. “We seek only that which we need to survive. If not us than others will come.”
“Then know this warrior.
“Because you take instead of seek, because you cause the goddess to weep. In this take heed my words to hear, for a time of reckoning soon will near. In five times five the Guardians will arise, five women marked by the goddess’ eyes. Of fire, earth, water and air, four will become the Guardian’s of Altair. The fifth shall ply the mystic realms and draw them together in the valley of Elms. When the five are united in this mystic place, only then will the curse be lifted I place. Cursed to battle to hold what you take, this is the hand dealt you by fate. Warriors fierce with muscles and brawn, shall pray for the day of the Guardians to dawn. For only through them will peace come at last. The Guardians united shall atone for your past. So protect and serve when once they appear, or be cursed to live forever in fear.”
“What foolishness is this? A warrior knows no fear. Be gone old woman.” The Warrior Prince walked to where his brother stood by their chosen mate.
The Priestess held up a dagger and sliced her palm so that her blood dripped upon the altar, “Marked with blood to seal the curse. You have sealed your own fate and that of all of your warriors, Prince. You will know no peace until they come. Remember my words and guard them well. For if one shall die all will be lost.” She looked to the woman they held between them and spoke with words they could not understand. At the woman’s nod the Priestess turned and left the room.
The Prince grabbed the woman by the shoulders and pulled her to him. “What is your name woman?”
“I am called Asme.”
“What did the old woman say to you?”
“She told me to remember the curse and prepare the way for the Guardians.”
The Prince threw his head back and laughed. “You will disregard that old woman’s words. There will be no curse.”
The woman just looked at him and said nothing. Grabbing her hand he pulled her out of the Temple of the Goddess and stood her between him and his brother to address the other women who were already being held by the warriors who had claimed them. Taking in the chaos of the courtyard, Asme called out in foreign words to the women. The Prince watched as her words seemed to calm the women who now had stopped fighting and stood docilely by their warrior mates.
“What did you say to them?”
Asme looked at the Prince with fire in her eyes before answering. “That we live by Warrior Law now.”
He didn’t believe that was what she had said but chose not to challenge her now. “Warriors! You may now mark your chosen mate.” With those words the Prince turned to Asme and knelt before her. His brother moved behind her and held her back to his chest taking her hands in his and crossing their arms over her chest. Asme stood tall and kept her eyes on the women in the courtyard sharing her strength with them. The Prince took a cylindrical weapon from his belt and placed it on her lower right abdomen. She felt a multitude of tiny stings where the laser marked her and then numbness took over. The mark was black against her pale flesh. “Women! You now bear the mark of your mates. You no longer serve the goddess. From this day forth you shall see to the needs of your warriors.”
A cry went up from all the warriors but the women remained quiet. For Asme had spoke to them of the curse and the coming of the Guardians. She would share with them in detail the words of the old Priestess, the words of her own mother. They would serve their warriors. But, more importantly they would prepare the way for the Guardians. Each woman would watch for the signs and prepare the way for those chosen. That was the command of the goddess. As the last direct descendant of the goddess it was up to Asme now to make sure that all was not lost.

I hope that you enjoyed that! This coming Friday, June 1 it will be available at

Lacey Thorn

Friday, May 25, 2007

Writing and Stress

Stress. I don’t know a single person that doesn’t suffer from it. For some, it might stem from a single situation, for others, it might be a way of life. Sadly, in our world, it’s also unavoidable.

Stress, whether it’s emotional, psychological or physical can cause a variety of ailments; headaches, digestion trouble, sleep disruption, muscle tension and aches, anxiety, trouble making decisions, confusion, emotional over-response and mood swings. Long term stress can result in high blood pressure, ulcers, increased allergic symptoms, asthma flare-ups, weight changes, suppressed immune system and migraines to name a few.

In addition to physiological illnesses, it can keep us from achieving our goals. When our lives are consumed by stress, we often lack the energy to focus on our dreams. During times of worry and tension, my writing productivity has waned, and sometimes, stopped altogether. However, we can take steps to decrease our response to stress. In controlling our responses, we can lessen the effect it has on us. There are several, easy ways to counteract stress.

Anything that interrupts the physiological stress response can help to short circuit it. Here are some suggestions.

Exercise: Writing is a sedentary activity. Sitting still can exacerbate the effects of stress. Exercise can counteract this. Physical exertion releases the tension our body tries to hold onto. Get up and move at least once an hour. Dance. Do jumping jacks. Stretch. Do yoga. Go for a walk. A caveat - walking to the fridge or pantry is not considered a stress relieving activity. Often, we use food as comfort. It can soothe us when we’re stressed. However, it also encourages poor eating habits and transference. Instead of dealing with our stressors in a healthy way, we’re stifling them with food. Better to go out and weed your garden than gorge on Twinkies and potato chips.

Changing Bad Habits:
Caffeine. I don’t know a writer who doesn’t crave it. Research has shown us that heavy caffeine intake actually stimulate the sympathetic portion of the autonomic nervous system, also known as the fight or flight response. When people feel hyped up from caffeine stimulation the body releases adrenaline, which in turn raises the blood pressure, the heart rate and respiration. The body looks for a stressor to fight off or run from, but it isn’t able to do either with chemical stimulation. Most modern stressors can’t be dealt with the fight or flight response so our bodies live in a chronic state of arousal, and not the good kind! A note – for some people, highly processed and refined foods affect the body in the same way as caffeine. Studies have shown that our bodies metabolize these foods far less efficiently, causing a host of other health related problems.

Bedtime. It doesn’t sound like much, but go to bed fifteen to twenty minutes earlier each night – work up to a half an hour to an hour. Our bodies need a certain amount of time each night to naturally wind down in order to fall asleep. The earlier bedtime will help reprogram your body and give you little more sleep, which will, in turn, help you deal better with stressors. Avoid exercising at least three to four hours before bedtime. You may also want to consider avoiding caffeine and refined sugars at this time, as well. I’ve never had a problem with caffeine before bed, but our bodies change as we change, often becoming more sensitive to these stimulants.

Aromatherapy: Certain scents can trigger a chemical reaction in the brain that can further relaxation and stress release. What smells good to some people might smell like compost to another. Personally, I find the combination of Sandalwood and Vanilla very soothing. Some traditional scents used for relaxation and stress release are: Apple, Bergamot, Broom, Chamomile, Catnip, Frankincense, Freesia, Gardenia, Jasmine, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Lily, Lily of the Valley, Meadowsweet, Myrrh, Plumeria, Rose, Sandalwood, Spider Lily, Stephanotis, Tuberose, Water Lily, White Ginger, Wood Aloe and Ylang-ylang. This list is by no means exhaustive. Experiment. See what works for you.

Aromatherapy + Warmth = Relaxation: A neck wrap is one of the best tools a writer can have at his or her disposal. The combination of warmth and scent can ease some of the physiological effects of stress. Filled with rice and herbs, these are better than a heating pad to loosen stiff muscles. Warm it in the microwave oven and let the relaxation begin. You can find them at department stores, boutiques, health food stores and gift shops. You can also make your own.

The simplest method is to fill a knee sock with rice and lavender – making sure that it’s still flexible enough to drape around your neck and over your shoulders. Stitch the opening shut and you have a neck wrap. You can also make a tube out of fabric and fill that. Or you can cut out a semi-circle – think of it as a large upper case “C.” Sew and fill with rice, herbs, buckwheat or whatever other substance feels comfortable draped around your shoulders. Re-warm as needed.

Meditation: The first and easiest path to meditating is focusing on our breathing. Studies have shown that centering on, and adjusting, our breathing can lower blood pressure, heart rate and other physical stress responses. Meditation actually changes the brain’s waves from Beta (waking thought and activity) to Alpha (heavily relaxed to light trance) and eventually, Theta (deep relaxation/trance state.)

Breathing: Close your eyes. For a slow count of five, breathe in through your nose. Hold the breath within your lungs for a count of five. And finally, exhale through your mouth for another count of five. Repeat as necessary until the urge to cry, scream or strangle someone has passed.

While practicing breathing techniques, it can be helpful to visualize a place or activity that feels peaceful to you. For example, I picture sitting by a stream that runs through a shady forest. I try to capture the sights, (sunlight dappling through the leaves) sounds (the soft brush of branches against leaves in the breeze) and smells (the thick, sweet scent of sap.) I have a friend who loves to go to the park and swing on the playground swing set. She imagines herself flying, back and forth through the air as she practices her breathing.

Music: If visualizing doesn’t work for you, find music that soothes you, and listen to it while doing your breathing exercises. It can be helpful to listen to your meditation music while you’re writing. After some practice with meditation, the music can act as an aural cue, helping your brain to produce those relaxed alpha waves more easily. This slight shift of consciousness can enhance your writing, muzzling your internal critic and setting your Muse free to do her work.

Guided Imagery: Another helpful meditation technique is the use of guided imagery tapes or CDs. The typical guided imagery will include relaxing, background music as well as a narrator who guides the listener, coaching him or her through the stages meditation process. The narrator’s suggestions serve as cues to focus the listener’s attention so the mind is doing more than listening to music. Listening to the imagery with closed eyes reduces awareness of the physical surroundings as well as of bodily sensation. This is why guided imagery is often taught to patients as part of a pain management regime.

There are several, wonderful instructor/authors I’d like to recommend. Caroline Myss, Wayne Dyer and Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Their guided imagery tapes and CDs can be purchased at and

Cognitive Restructuring: Reframing the way we look at things can change how we interpret events and, in turn, how we respond to them. For example, my sister didn’t get in to the college of her choice. After feeling disappointed and angry, she chose to look at this experience in a new light. Attending her second choice will afford her different opportunities than the other school – opportunities not available at her first choice. Now, she’s looking forward to the new experiences to come. An example from the writing world would the dreaded “R” word – Rejection. We can look at rejection as the end, or we can view it as a chance to improve our work and make it the best we possibly can. This is not to say that we should take a “Pollyanna” attitude toward disappointment. However, finding the positive aspects in any given situation helps us to better deal with the stressors of those circumstances.

It’s a sure bet that none of us will ever be stress free. But, using these techniques, we can lessen the effects of stress in our lives. A decrease in stress can help increase our writing productivity, something most of us would like to see happen. Do you have other methods of dealing with stress? Please feel free to share them!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Release Day! I'm "Speechless"

It's going to be hard to concentrate on my day job today.

Speechless is now available at Cerridwen Press!

The last thing Eva expected to happen on her hike in the New England mountains was to break her leg and be rescued by the intensely sexy Stone Peters. He claims to be an international consultant taking a break from the rat race, but Eva soon realizes there's more to Stone than meets the eye.

They're drawn to each other right off the bat, but Stone knows he can't let himself get involved with a woman. It's just too dangerous, and he'll be damned if he'll allow any more innocent blood to be spilled.

But when Stone starts hearing Eva's voice in his head--the only voice she has, since she's mute--all bets are off. And those bad guys with guns don't help matters much, either.

You can find excerpts in three places: The official excerpt at Cerridwen Press (, two excerpts on my web site (, and a very short one I posted in a bulletin on MySpace this morning. Come friend me, and you'll be able to read it (

And don't forget to buy the book!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Summer in the City

All right, I'm going to date myself here, but do you remember this song by the Lovin' Spoonful? It's called Summer in the City and I remember it clearly. In fact, I remember all the words...

"Hot town,
summer in the city.
Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty..."

Why do I ask? Because here in New York, although it's still officially spring, it feels like summer. And I love summer. In a big, big way. I love the way sidewalk vendors come out in force, crowds in Central Park, strappy sandals, short shorts, bronzed skin and sun-lightened hair. I love the beach, Coney Island and margaritas on the rooftop of a friend's apartment building. I love it all.

"...Cool town, evening in the city
Dressing so fine and looking so pretty..."

I realize summer is different everywhere. I've just told you the things I like most about the season, the things I do during the summer months that make me happy.

But what about you?

What do you do in the summer?

What brings you joy?

Please leave me a note here, and at the end of the day I'll choose one person to receive a download of one of my Ellora's Cave titles. Just tell us what you like about summer, what makes you happy about the warm, sultry months.

Thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Excitement Overload

Once upon a time I dreamt of being an author. I had dreams of writing a wonderful novel that would be published and would have a cover that would astonish everyone and jump off the shelves to the readers, who of course adored my writing.
I grew up and that dream sort of vanished. I kept writing and writing and never had enough courage to submit anything to a publisher.
Finally, I grew into a mature woman. I was no longer afraid of other people's opinions. After all, what could anyone do to me? Make me old? Nah, I was already there. So I submitted.
Lo and behold, I was accepted by Cerridwen Press. I thought I was on cloud nine as I signed the contract. I felt like flying when I did edits - real edits for a real editor. Could anything be better than that? I was arriving.
Then things became commonplace. I was a writer. I wrote and read and continued waiting for the elusive cover art. You see, most readers choose a book by the cover art. I am no different. I go into a book store or to an online store and look at covers. Pretty ones, Hot ones, Curious ones, Intriguing ones. All the covers in the world. And since I was a writer with a book coming out in August, my book would have a cover. Naturally. It was simply a matter of course.
Not really. I just recieved my cover. I am so excited that I am trembling. My heart is pattering so much I can hear my pulse in my ears. I can't believe I am so excited by a picture.
But you know what? That picture represents all my hard work (yes writing is hard work) all my dreams and aspirations. That picture represents the characters that lived in my imagination and can live in the reader's imaginations as well. The picture on a cover of a book is the culmination of every author's dreams of, no not success, not wealth, of acceptance of who and what they are.
Writers are a funny bunch. They live in their imaginations. They tend to be solitary - after all you can't write while riding a roller coaster. They also tend to live life to the fullest - they need fuel for their stories. The one thing they rarely have is acceptance. Non-writers can't seem to understand where all that story comes from. One of the first questions a writer is asked by a non-writer is "Where do you get your ideas?"
Being published and having a cover give us approval - it shouts out loud "We are Writers and we have been accepted."
Well, I am a Writer! I have a cover! I am jumping up and down and trembling and can't type for a lick. I must have written this ten times since my fingers are shaking so much. I can't add the cover to the blog just yet. It has to go through approval. But I have my approval and I am just overwhelmed with excitement.
Prophecy of Vithan comes out in August published by The story will thrill you. The cover will knock your socks off. It did mine. The artist of the cover art is Philip Fuller. You can see his work at

Monday, May 21, 2007

The Deadbeat Goddess

Hello, everyone

I'm finally here! I have to be the most deadbeat Goddess there is. The second time I was supposed to blog, I couldn't sign in because I forgot my password. The third time, I totally forgot! Today, I am doing the best I can with typing, because I had rotator cuff surgery on Friday, and my arm is in a sling. Of course, as Murphy's law would have it, it is my right arm so I am trying to use the mouse left-handed. Typing is not too bad, but the pain otherwise is worse than I ever imagined it would be.

So, if you will forgive me, I will just cut and paste the blurb, excerpt and reviewers comments about my book, Anchor and Storm. Then the next time my day to post comes around, maybe I will have something profound to say.

I will get someone who is more computer savvy than I am to post the cover here -- lemme tell you, it is worth buying the book for the cover ALONE!! HOT!


Edgar Armstrong, Earl of Callander, had not given much thought to marrying and producing an heir…until he meets Emily Sinclair. When their easy companionship grows into love, they learn that Edgar’s progressively debilitating disease could be passed on to his children. As their joy turns to despair Edgar finds a solution. If he can’t get her with child he knows just the man who can. But will Emily agree to his plan?

Angus MacNeill, Lord Callander’s groom, thinks Emily married Edgar for his title, his money and the security he can give her. And when Edgar approaches him with a very unusual request Angus questions his master’s motives. Still, it doesn’t stop him from accepting Callander’s terms—it’s the only way he can be with Emily, even if only until she conceives.

Deeply in love with Edgar, Emily will do anything he asks of her. But she never suspected he’d ask something like this! Despite Edgar’s reassurances she worries that his plan could destroy their marriage rather than strengthen it. And when she makes her choice, Emily wonders if there’s room enough for two men in her heart—and in her bed.


Emily sat on the rug, her arm resting on the raised hearth. Despite her nearness to the flames, her whole body trembled with chills. She wrapped her shawl more tightly around her nightdress and took yet another deep breath, dreading the encounter that was to come at any moment.
When she heard the tapping of Edgar’s cane coming down the hallway, she knew it was time to face him. She had no idea how he would respond and hoped that perhaps her decision would make him abandon this whole idea.
As he entered the room, he said, “Emily? Are you all right?”
She nodded, trying to swallow past the knot of nervousness in her throat. Her heart pounded in her chest and her hands shook. She felt the beginnings of a dreadful headache.
He sat down in one of the two chairs in front of the fireplace and leaned toward her. “Something is troubling you, my dear. Can’t you tell me what it is?”
She took a deep breath and glanced up at him, then quickly looked away again. “I-I have decided.”
“Oh, I see.” There was no need for him to ask her what she had decided.
“You said his coloring didn’t matter.”
“That’s true, I did.”
“Nor his education or status in life.”
“No. If there is a child from the union, I will claim it. He or she will have the best education available, so it matters not how schooled the father is.”
He waited for her to continue, but her courage again failed her. “So, who is it to be?”
She squeezed her eyes shut and in a shaky voice, whispered, “Angus MacNeill.”
For a moment, the only sound in the room was the crackling of the logs in the fire. The small pang of fear that had started in her stomach now spread to her chest and she found herself holding her breath, waiting for his reaction. From his stunned silence, she suspected it wouldn’t be good.
Then he started to laugh. A more apt term, she thought, would be guffaw! He threw his head back against the chair and tears ran down his cheeks. Although he had an easy wit, she had never seen him laugh so hard.
“Edgar, that is unworthy of you!” She had worried over what his reaction would be, but she never suspected this. She suddenly found herself defending her choice. “Angus is an educated man. And he would have been a great chieftain, had it not been for the Rising. He—”
Edgar was shaking one hand at her and wiping his eyes with the other, his mirth finally subsiding. “I know, I know.”
“Then why are you laughing?”
“Oh, my dear,” he said, clearly making an effort to control himself, “Angus was my choice all along.”
Now it was her turn to be silent. She stared at her husband in disbelief. When she saw he was being serious, she asked, “Then why didn’t you tell me?”
All the laughter drained from his face, replaced by a tender smile. “As I told you before, I could not choose the man with whom you would be so intimate. I trusted you to pick the right man and you did.”
“Oh, Edgar,” she replied, shaking her head. Her headache was becoming worse, she pressed the heels of her hands to her forehead. “It doesn’t matter. He’ll never agree to do it.”
“Are you so sure of that?”
“Aye, a cat and a dog get along better than we do.”
“From the way he took care of you when I was ill, I suspect he will not object.” He reached over and took her hands away, then leaned down to peer into her face. “Shall I speak to him tomorrow?”
She nodded. “But if his reaction is no, as I’m sure it will be, don’t tell me what he says. I don’t think I could stand to hear it.”
“All right.”
“And tell him that, when we go riding together after, we will never speak of it.”

What reviewers are saying about Anchor and Storm:

“…an emotionally stirring story filled with passionate action and excitement”
The Romance Studio (Anita), 4 ½ Hearts

“My heart pounded, my palms sweated and tears fell down my face…I truly did not want Anchor and Storm to end and when it did, I made sure I had enough tissue. It was just that emotional…I have no choice but to joyfully recommend Anchor and Storm. It should not be missed.”
Talia Ricci, Joyfully Reviewed

“Kate Poole has written an exceptional story which includes love, sizzling sex, attempted murder and a great ending.”
Racine, Ecataromance, 5 Stars

“more historical atmosphere than practically any e-book I have ever read. . . I’ll definitely be checking out Poole’s next book when it comes out.”
Seton, Grade: B

“Thank you, Kate Poole. The chance to read a story as beautiful as Anchor and Storm is a major reason why I read Romances.”
Cubie’s Confections , Lava Cake

That's all folks. 'Til next time,
Kate Poole

Excitement Bubble!

Speechless comes out this week!

OK. I just had to say that. You'd be excited too, if it were your book. Cruise by my web site,, for blurb, excerpts, and a brand new interview with Stone, the reluctant hero.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Wanted: Pretty Words

Delia, you are right. Language matters.

If someone invites you to their house for dinner, you expect them to wipe off the table, sweep the floor, and at least *hide* the little messes of living. They clean up, make their place suitable for company. For me, it’s the same with the written word. When nobody is around, or when its just your closet friends, its OK to be a bit messy. Spell things wrong, forget to capitalize... NBG. But when you’re sending your words out into the world, you want to tidy them up. Wipe their faces...make sure they don’t have any stains. You only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Friday, May 18, 2007


If you are under the age of about sixteen, you surely know what this title means. Now, I'm not opposed to the bastardization of the English language when it's called for. I understand that we live in a world of text and IM communication. It's perfectly sensible to shorten your words and sentences because you have a tiny space, a tinier keyboard and opposable thumbs. I cut my cyber-teeth in the online communities of Prodigy and GEnie. I can LOL with the best of them.

BUT - and you knew there was a but coming, didn't you? - could we please for the love of all things Holy use the English language the way it was intended to be used unless we are texting or IMing? (The fact that IMing is a verb is a subject for another day).

Yesterday I ran across a letter in an online environment from the publisher of a known and respected romance/erotica press. The grammar and syntax errors in that missive made my head spin. And this person is ultimately responsible for published fiction??? How does one edit at that venture? By throwing darts at the manuscript? Fans and, I suppose, authors rallied behind the woman to say she has an unusual speaking style. So what? In a business environment (and she was representing herself as the publisher, so that makes it business even if it is someone's blog) you must follow the rules of business writing.

No wonder ePublishers get less respect than print publishers. You can shout all day long that there is bad writing in the print books, too. I absolutely agree with you. I've thrown a few books against the wall myself. But if we want to combat this "image" that we have as an ePublishing community, could we please put our best grammar forward? Especially in the instant communication online world?

Thank you for your attention. I am jumping down from the soapbox now!

Have a great day!

Translation for those over sixteen: What's up? Oh, my God! It's no big deal.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lacey's next Release!

It is almost time for my next release to arrive at Ellora's Cave. Earth Moves, my first in my fantasy series Island Guardians, is set to release on June 1. I'm very excited about this series as it is a big departure from my Bare Love series. I'm going to share a look at the blurb for Earth Moves with you!

Earth Moves
Lacey Thorn

The Isle of Altair. A tiny island inhabited by women who worshipped and served the goddess. While disease devastated the world around them, they were safe and protected by the power of the Goddess of Altair. Then they came. The warriors who were searching for a new place to call home. They conquered and took control abolishing Goddess Law and replacing it with the Laws of the Warrior. Now a curse sits upon Altair – a curse of war and constant battle placed by the isle Priestess before she disappeared. Only the arrival of the Guardians can save them.

She is Erika and within her she has found the power of the earth, a power that she must hide from all those around her. For no warrior believes in the coming of the Guardians or in the curse. Erika is fast approaching her twenty first summer and that, according to Warrior Law, will proclaim her claimable. Any warrior brothers who wish to mate her can vie for her, but Erika knows exactly who she will belong to when that day comes. Galen and Arik Savari, the six-foot-eight-inch warrior brothers have always watched over her. She is as drawn to them as they are to her but she fears the joining and what it might bring to her both as a woman and a Guardian.

Please feel free to visit my website at to read an excerpt from this book. June 1 is only a few weeks away!

Lacey Thorn

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Romance Readers Love Their Pets cont'd.

Hi Everyone,
I’d like to chat with you today about shelter-rescue animals. If you are thinking of adding a cat or dog or even a bunny or guinea pig to your family please consider a rescue animal. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors; purebreds and mutts. These wonderful creatures are some of the most devoted and loving animals you’ll ever have the pleasure to meet. Many of these creatures have suffered from abuse or neglect. Many sense how close they are to death. Most of them just want a home and a person to shower their love and loyalty on. If you aren’t familiar with the local shelters or rescues in your area the easiest way to find them is Petfinder will ask you what animal you want, what breed, age, size, gender, your zip or city and state. You plug in the information and petfinder does a search on what animals, that meet your specifications, are available in your area. So if you are thinking about extending your family to include a pet, please save a life and adopt.

*Current contest: If you know the name of Gabriella Bell’s best friend in The Crystal send me the name in an email at and I’ll send you a deck of Ellora’s Cave/Cerridwen Press playing cards.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Alter Egos

Today I made a silly little joke about taking a broadsword to anyone who didn't agree with me. In response, I was asked for a picture of myself and sent a picture of a woman in battle gear with a sword from an animated movie. I also made a joke about the woman being my real self, while the picture on my website ( is my meek, mild alter ego.

This little episode began percolating in my brain and now I have a question.

What if (there's that phrase all writers have lurking just behind their foreheads) our "other selves" actually came out to play at night, during the day?
My other self is a warrior woman. She is a "take no prisoners" kind of gal. She is just as willing to bash in your brains as to take you to bed. She knows what she wants and takes it.

In real life that kind of woman is usually behind bars. But what if society would allow us to open up our subconscious and be our "real selves". Not the kind of society that is pictured on TV with everything is wasted and the bad guys prey on the good guys. No, because who in their hearts of hearts wants to be a victim? (I'm not talking S&M but a real victim) Nobody. Everyone wants to be the strong victor. Maybe not the sword wielding, villain killing, kind of gal I write about, but a victorious person in life. Everyone wants to win.

When you read a book, do you see a person you want to become? Maybe more romantic, more adventurous, more self-assured. When you watch a movie do you, for a moment, want to become that person that wins the love, wins the day, wins the trophy?

Now the real question is: Why is there a discrepancy between our real life selves and our secret "alter ego"? Why do we read the romances, but don't look for the romance in our lives? Why do we read adventures and yet almost cower in the face of real adventure.Can we put the two together?

Some people do - look at the people who climb the mountains, ride the fast cars and bikes, jump off cliffs or out of planes.
Some people find real romance and live it every day.

Obviously, the answer is fear. Fear of loss, fear of injury, fear of being hurt either emotionally or physically.

I'm not saying that we should face our fear and suddenly become adventurous romantic daredevils. Although that might be interesting and fun. What if (there's that phrase again) we face one little tiny fear today and figure out how to conquer that fear. Then one more and one more until we no longer have the fear and we can actually integrate our real selves with our alter egos.

But if we did that, writers and movie makers might be out of business. Romances and adventures would no longer be needed to take us to a place where we can be someone else because we would be who we really want to be. We would be completely and fully living and happy with the way our lives are going. Or would we? Hmmmm. That brings a question to mind...

Where Do Ideas Come From?

Where Do Ideas Come From

Want to be a writer? Don't know where to get ideas for stories? People ask me questions all the time. “Where do writers get their ideas? How do they come up with plot lines? With characters?” I used to ask the same question myself before the writing bug bit me, and I took all the suggestions I’d been given and figured out how to use them.
For one thing, always carry a notebook with you – big, small, tiny enough for a purse, it doesn’t matter. Just something to keep notes in. Say you’re in a restaurant having Shrimp Louie and a chilled glass of Chablis and the people at the next table begin arguing about wine. Okay, what if they are co-owners in a winery. One wants to sell, the other doesn’t. And if it’s a family winery all the more intense. So you jot down the gist of their conversation and maybe a word or two about the people themselves so you have character references.
Another good place to people watch is a mall. Every kind of humanity will pass before your eyes in the space of an hour. You can look at each one and play the What If game. What if that guy covered with tattoos is really part of a biker gang running drugs? What if the couple looking so romantic are actually married – to other people? What if the old woman sitting across from you is really a millionaire looking for someone to give money to, but her family is fighting it, trying to have her declared incompetent? Well, you get the idea.
Newspapers are a great source, too. Even letters to the editor. I read one in our local paper from a woman who had just moved to town and was renting a house, gone jogging and was caught in a downpour and a very nice man in a truck – with a dog – gave her a ride home. From that I came up with the idea for a romantic suspense about a woman who returns to her hometown after leaving it twenty-five years before. No one knows her after all this time. She’s changed her name, she’s a true crime writer and she’s back to solve the mystery of her sister’s murder.
You can even steal a little bit from television. I watched an episode of CSI in which a couple left their dead baby for the police to find and faked a kidnapping. The baby was actually killed by their five-year-old child. It was an accident but they didn’t know what to do. Okay, here’s where the What If came in for me. What If a family had a child that was really a bas seed, had already killed her brother and the woman was pregnant again? How would they find a way to remedy the situation? Watch for ECHOES OF THE PAST, out in May from Triskelion Publishing, to find out how far I took the What If game with this one.
When something triggers an idea in your mind, pull out that little notebook and jot it down. You never know how you can flesh it out at a later date. Describe people you see who fascinate you, places that might make good settings for stories. Anything the you find interesting, someone else will like, too.
But the most important thing to remember is that ideas come from YOUR MIND. So give your imagination free reign. Nothing is too absurd or off the wall. New York Times bestselling author John Lescroart said, If you write a page a day, at the end of the year you’ll have a book.
So start watching what goes on around you and putting those ideas down. Maybe at the end of the year you’ll have finished your book.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Amazing Writer Race

I'm revisiting a topic I had on my own blog a few years ago. It is amazing how appropriate it still is.

Okay I’ll admit it I like reality shows. There has been an influx of reality shows but in my humble opinion there are only a few that are worth watching, I won’t go into a list of them but one of my favorites is The Amazing Race. After watching the contestants for another year - this year it was all stars – run around the world all vying to win a million dollars I was pleased with the outcome. Then I started thinking again how I was in a sort of Amazing Race myself. The Amazing Writer Race that is. I'm going to post once again my way of thinking of my own Amazing Race. Now don’t think like that. I know exactly what I am getting at.

Imagine for a moment what the Amazing Race really is. It isn’t only about the money (which is a million dollars) it’s about the experience on the race. Now lets me give you the break down on what are the similarities and differences between The Amazing Race and The Amazing Writer Race.


Amazing Race – before the race even hits TV a call goes out for entrants. Contestants have to sign up and I’m sure go through process before they are picked.

Amazing Writer Race:

Similarities – Before you can become a writer and idea must form. That call to pick up the pen or peck on that keyboard to pound out a story.

Differences – A writer is the only one who judges if you are worthy to be in the race and what must be done.

Point A to B

Amazing Race – once in the race you have to get from point so and so to here or there with your wits, leg work and a little money

Amazing Writer Race:

Similarities – As a writer you use your wits, legwork, and money to get your writing out there.

Differences – The road to Point A to B changes as you do and the way there is not clear cut way. It is up to you to get there at your own will.

Places, Culture, and Customs

Amazing Race - Each leg of the race the contestants goes to a new place they have to make themselves familiar with the places, culture and various customs. They even participate in some of these.

Amazing Writer Race:

Similarities – a writer has to do the same thing get in tune with the place, the scents, and people there.

Differences – the writer is the one who builds the world, the cultures and customs they follow. This gives you more leeway to make it yours.


Amazing Race - along the way you meet various people in these places you visit that.

Amazing Writer Race:

Similarities – In your writing life you met and get to know so many people that you take away something from each.

Differences – You get to know the people longer and better and form lasting friendships.

Detours/Road Blocks

Amazing Race - along the way there are detours and challenges to be performed before a contestant can move on.

Amazing Writer Race:

Similarities – In your writing life you have detours and challenges to met also.

Differences – The type of challenges and the amount of time you have to overcome each is set by you. How you go about it is also set by you.

Other Contestants

Amazing Race - you have others that are in the race vying to get that money.

Amazing Writer Race:

Similarities – as a writer you also have other writer’s who is vying for that book deal.

Differences – The support and true friendships that you find with other writer who are going after the same thing.


Amazing Race - At the end of all of that there is one winner.

Amazing Writer Race:

Similarities – A writer definitely wants to be a winner.

Differences – However there is many winners in this race and some of them are your friends who also is in this race as an amazing writer.

Time Frame

Amazing Race - there is a set time frame to get things some

Amazing Writer Race:

Similarities – You set goals and times to be done with various things.

Differences – Your time frame as an author is as long as you want and the race doesn’t end until you let it.

So in this Amazing Writer Race according to your genre there is more romance, mystery, far off place or any number of things. They lead most times to a happy ending or resolution. Whereas in my case as an erotic writer there is an added bonus of not only getting to build my own worlds the way I like them. My characters get to have lots hot spicy sex and still find that happy ending.

When it comes down to it the major difference in the Amazing Writer Race is even after we have won the prize – a book contract – we still keep racing to get the next, then the next and next until infinity. So we are always racing. And after that book is out we enter a whole new phase of the race.

Years ago when I first mentioned my own Amazing Writer Race I mentioned I was striving for the prize – a book contract. Well I got many of them. And you know what as I said then and believe now I got that win and still have a lot more wins to go in my Amazing Writing Race.

So come on and share how the Amazing Race or any other reality show or even regular shows relate to you and your life??


Quick Visit

I hope I'm not stepping on any goddess toes with this quick post, since it's not technically my turn, but see, I've been "tagged," which means I have to post eight random facts about myself on my blog--and this is my blog. So here I am. :-) Remember when you were a kid, and just before "A Charlie Brown Christmas" came on, there'd be this announcement: "We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for a special presentation"? Well, that's me--The blog version of a Christmas special.

Here goes:

1. I hate wearing skirts and dresses.

2. I almost never do any writing at my computer.

3. I love fonts!

4. I edit everything I read.

5. Not to sound arrogant or anything, but I am always right. Just ask my husband.

6. I watch way too much TV.

7. I love to zig when I'm supposed to zag--just to be contrary.

8. I'm only really happy in the woods.

Now I'm supposed to tag eight other writers, but since most of my writer friends have been tagged already (no tag backs!), I'm tagging YOU!

If you have a blog or web site, post eight random facts about yourself, then tag eight friends. Be sure you let them know they've been tagged.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Friday, May 11, 2007

To blog or not to blog...

That is the question, hmmm? The more we get into writing, the less time we seem to have for actual…writing. But rest assured, blogging is still on my list, though when I’m tired and feeling rocky and behind in my word count, I admit to my moments of “why this?” I think there are a few good reasons for it, though!

It’s still writing. And as a writer, getting something written other than a few more words on the WIP is a good palate cleanser, a refresher of sorts. It reminds us of who we are, what we do, and why. That’s important, especially when you get to the middle of the book and you’re starting to get sick of these people who never seem to do what you want them to.
Writing is such a solitary profession that you go stir-crazy if you don’t make connections with other writers. I call my internet connection my “office water cooler”. It keeps me tied into the world around me, keeps me from feeling like a hermit. This blog is one aspect of that, and I’m grateful to have it.
The evil P-word of course. Promotion. The writer’s bane. It rings in your ears as you sleep, flashes before your eyes as you wake. But this sort of blog is an easy one and website counters show that it’s effective. A more mercenary reason than the others, perhaps, but still valid.
FUN! Maybe convincing myself to get started is, but since I blog totally stream-of-consciousness, once I get started, yeah, I’m having fun.

So there you go, and here I am. It’s a beautiful sunny day, but I’m inside, which is not going to be an all day thing. Sunshine is good, and I intend to be out in it soon. (Properly sunscreened of course.) My genius husband has figured out a way for me to use my laptop in bright sunlight, so there you go. Or maybe I’ll play hooky this afternoon and just curl up in my lounger and read a book. (BAD CINDY! WIP needs work!) Who knows?

One thing I do want to mention, today is official print release day for Crazy for the Cowboy, so if you wanted a hard copy of that one, zip over to Amazon and check it out! And say Hi to the cowboys and ghosts of Shirley., Wyoming. And since Sunday is Mother’s Day, I’d like to note that the town is named for my mom, Shirley Spencer. I started my cowboy books for her, because she never much cared for my “sci-fi” stuff, as she called my paranormals (which really are usually fantasy, but there you go.) . While mom passed away before the sale and publication of my first books, I like to think there’s still a little bit of her spirit watching over her namesake town as well.
(picture taken in 2001-yeah, that's me with my mom)

Happy Mother’s Day and have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

It's not's me

Rejection. Every writer faces it. Repeatedly. Whether it's a bad review or a letter from an agent who tells you to never darken his or her doorstep again - it’s an unfortunate fact of the writing life. Most people react to rejection with a variety of emotions ranging from disbelief to anger to depression – frequently all at the same time!

I admire the people who can take rejection and immediately turn it to their advantage – the people who refuse to allow rejection to paralyze them. I am not one of those people. Like many writers, I take rejection very personally. I wish I could tell you that I’m spurred to action by rejection. Instead, it makes me doubt everything I’ve ever written. It makes me doubt that I can write at all.

Doubting our talent is one of the worst things we can do. Eventually, the doubt can immobilize us to the point where we no longer make any progress on our work. Sometimes the standstill is temporary. Sometimes it’s permanent, and we allow ourselves to give up on our dreams. So how do we move beyond the standstill?

First, we need to remind ourselves (constantly, if necessary) that the rejection does not mean that we’re bad writers. It may mean that something in our manuscript needs work, and if we’re lucky we’ll get feedback from the editor, agent or reviewer that will help us improve. No matter how good we are, we can always get better.

It may also mean that our story isn’t a good fit for the house or agent we’re targeting. It’s the old “It’s not you, it’s me,” gentle let down used by former lovers everywhere. Now, if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of this particular line, you know it’s not at all comforting. It’s equally demoralizing coming from a publishing professional, but publishing is a subjective business. We need to remember that what one editor or agent may dislike, another may love. It’s imperative that we keep trying to find the best fit for our work.

No matter how personal it feels, rejection isn’t personal. As writers we create a product. Even though that product is borne of our hearts, it is still a product that we’re trying to market. In order to market it effectively, we have to remember that sometimes it really isn’t us. . . it’s them.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Imagination is a powerful thing...

It's Wednesday..."hump day"...and my turn to blog. I want to chat a little bit about imagination and the power of those who know how to use it. Without our incredible ability to imagine things, the human population as a whole wouldn't be where it is today. Some say it's what separates us from animals. Those folk with religious backbones may insist it's the 'soul' that defines this difference between us, but I'm very inclined to believe that animals do have souls. My dogs certainly do! Alas, I digress...the conversation is about the power of imagination.

As a writer, I rely on my imagination to create a whole world. Everything from the people, clothing, food, housing, transportaiton--anything and everything the story demands is recreated inside my head. Writing contemporary is probably easiest because the world-building needn't be as intense or unique. But when you invent a SciFi, or paranormal such as vampires or shapeshifters, your imagination is challenged! Authors of fantasy, futuristics and even historicals, must be able to dive into their imagination and pull something incredible from it, and then make it seem real to a reader. Isn't it amazing that we do?

I'm amazed by it every day, whether reading someone else's book or writing my own!!!

Readers always want to know how a writer comes up with the story. One word: imagination. Almost everyone has the power to imagine great things. The difference is the ability to pull it out of your head and do something with it--like write, or invent something as simple as the lightbulb. If necessity is the mother of invention, then imagination is the father of creativity. We're all creative beings. Some of us have the urge to do something with it, to share a bit of ourselves with others, to leave a mark no matter how small, or make a difference. To express our opinions. To teach, or simply entertain.

When I'm writing I despise being interrupted for anything. Once I've delved into my imaginary world everything else just disappears. It's almost as if I've transported my brain to another place and time. My body follows direction on autopilot and types what I "see" and "hear". It's extremely entertaining and consumes me like no psycho-drug ever could!! Hours seem like seconds and time literally flies. Feeding my imagination by spending time in it, is very satisfying and I could say--addictive. Stepping outside my imagination when I'm not ready to is terribly aggravating. It upsets me when the phone rings (I usually turn it off!), if my dogs bark for no reason other than to let me know a squirrel has dared to step foot on the porch, or if UPS comes to the door with a delivery (even if it's something I ordered and want). I can't write with the TV on, or with music. It's too disruptive to my "world". I don't even like to take a break for food, which is why I make sure I have snacks and drink at my desk. Just don't bother me until *I* am ready to come out or there will be hell to pay.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Great minds think alike. Before I opened our blog, I had a notion to look through, "The Annotated Alice. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. With an Introduction and Notes by Martin Gardner." Every now and then I get the urge to recite poetry much to the chagrin of my long suffering husband. I attended school when memorizing poems and scenes from Shakespeare's plays were part of the curriculum. Don't get me started or I might open with, "This was the noblest Roman of them all, He only in a general honest thought made one of them ..." Hmm. I think there's a line missing. Must pull out my Shakespeare.

Back to Alice. Let's visit the scene with Humpty Dumpty and his brilliant comments about the meaning of words. "They've a temper some of them - particularly verbs: they're the proudest - adjectives you can do anything with, but not verbs - however, I can manage the whole lot of them! Impenetrability! That's what I say!"

And what has all this to do with Enchantment? It's what we writers do with words. We play with them to create a scene, to draw our readers into the story. We enchant them, spin a magic spell and take them to our make-believe story land. My newest enchantment is a Regency romance with two heroines, two heroes and a prodigal son.

See you next time.
Anita Birt

Monday, May 7, 2007

Ack! I'm Late!!

ACK!! It's my day to blog here at the Goddesses of Storytelling and I'm late!!

I feel like the rabbit in Alice In Wonderland, running to and fro and muttering to myself, "I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date!" You, my friends, are my date and I apologize for being late. I have to tell you, though, that I tried to be here earlier. Really, I did. But the internet access at the B&B Mickey and I are staying in in Vermont has been spotty all day. The owner says it's a "normal" thing here, but I'll tell you it would drive me mad to not be able to log on whenever I want to. I've been bugging out all day over it, and we're supposed to be here on a wonderful, romantic interlude. Some romance, eh? Going slightly batty over not being able to log on and "chat" with all of you? Yes, it's pretty that I'm here!

But I guess that's the way life is sometimes. We plan so carefully yet some things are out of our control. Fortunately neither Mickey nor I are controlling people, so we generally go with the flow. Laid back, I guess you'd say. We are alike in more ways than I like to admit, LOL.

I wonder if that's how most couples are? Do you think people gravitate towards someone with a personal style similar to their own? Or do they crave something completely different in a mate?

Most times my books feature a couple who have differences to reconcile before they can find happiness. Because honestly, I like a little tension in a relationship--on paper, that is. I enjoy reading about how two people either deal with a tough situation or learn to live together despite their differences, so that's the kind of couples I write about.

Hmm...maybe Mickey and I aren't what I'd consider a prime couple for noveling major differences, really...hmm...maybe we should discuss this further. He's waiting for me poolside, so I'm going to thank you for stopping in today and bid you farewell for now. I've got some talking to do beside a pool. And maybe a couple of Margaritas would make the conversation flow more smoothly...

Until next time, have fun!

~Nina Nash

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Dropping by unscheduled

Hi Godesses. It's Saturday and time to think Spring and look forward to summer. I've washed down the patio furniture and will sit outside if and when the sun decides to come out. Writing question. Do any of you write outdoors using your laptop? Does bird song inspire you? Do rustling leaves turn you on? Do robins splashing in the bird bath make you smile? My problem with the great outdoors is wasps! I'm allergic to their nasty stings and I swear the little devils know it. I sit down with notebook and pen - I don't have a laptop - and first one, then another and another arrives driving me indoors to my wasp free computer.

I have been fine tuning a time travel that I really love. Ring Around The Moon. Imagine a thatched cottage in magical Cornwall. Imagine my hero, Alan Tremaine, who travels through time from 1807 to 2007 the exact location where his house burned to the ground, two hundred years ago. Imagine my American heroine, Beth Ormond, who rents Quest Cottage for a month to get away from the hassles back home in Portland, Oregon. Imagine a full moon beaming down as Beth arrives at the cottage and Alan steps from a nearby stand of trees.

Now I must leave. Happy writing goddesses,
Anita Birt

Thursday, May 3, 2007

When All Else Fails, Get Out Your Plastic Guitar

I change my mind often about how the creative process works, but today I’m convinced that the best way to get good at something is to stop thinking about it. At least that’s how it works for me.

Take Guitar Hero, for example. After spending way too many hours trying to beat my son’s top scores, I’ve realized that I do best when I’m not thinking about how good (or bad) I’m doing. Isn’t golf the same way? As soon as you start thinking about your shoulders, wrists, back, hips... You get the idea. Over-thinking ruins lots of things.

For me, one of those things is first draft writing. For the most part, I’m a seat of the pants writer. I almost always start with an idea but not an outline. If I try to outline, I over think the story and ruin all the fun. The characters' fun that is. My hero and heroine end up standing around, staring at me, waiting for me to come up with something for them to do. To get anything good, I have to dive right in and start writing.

I know a lot of great writers who produce wonderful detailed outlines and character sketches, and I envy them. They look so organized and together. So professional.

Don’t get me wrong, I do nit-pick and analyze character goals, motivations, and the conflict. But I do that after I’ve gotten about 1/3 of the way into the story. It isn’t an easy or pretty way to write. There are times when I can relate to Jack Nicolson’s character in The Shinning. But I have a way better solution to my stress.

Guitar Hero.

** In case you don’t have kids, or aren’t a kid yourself, Guitar Hero is a PS2 game that involves using a plastic guitar to play rock songs. When you’re doing well, you feel like a rock star, but you’re stinking, you feel like – well - like you stink.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Bare Confessions by Lacey Thorn releases today!!!!

Yeah! It is release day at Ellora's Cave Publishing and my book Bare Confessions is finally out! This is the second book in my Bare Love series. I'm so excited about it that today I am going to share a glimpse of the book with you! First a look at what the story is all about!

Bare Confessions
Lacey Thorn
Sequel to His Bare Obsession
“Secrets and lies… Everyone in the world deals with these every day of their lives. To protect themselves. To protect someone else. It is all in the way that you look at the situation.”
Katie Daniels is struggling to deal with all that surrounds her, losing her teaching position and the tiny fact that she shot and killed a man. Katie finds solace at Knowledge Is Power, the health club owned by her brother’s fiancĂ©e Moira Madigan, and with her brother’s best friend Detective Ben Marcum. Katie has been in love with Ben for years a secret she has kept quietly hidden until now. Secrets and lies are all around her but the one Ben is keeping may just be the biggest of all. Detective Marcum is hiding more than anyone knows, even his best-friend and partner Detective Gil Daniels. Will Ben trust Katie with the truth? More importantly will he trust her with his heart? Can Katie break down the walls of protection Ben has erected? Will their bare confessions stir the fires burning inside them or blow them out for good?

Sounds good I hope!! Now how about a little peek at how two strong alphas get along when one is fooling around with the others sister! LOL Enjoy!

Excerpt 5 from Bare Confessions ( PG 13, unedited)
When Ben made it into the station Gil was already there whistling while he made his way through a pile of paper work.
“Looks like someone is really happy this morning.” Ben said as he took a seat behind his own desk which sat facing Gil’s.
“Umm. You don’t know the half of it. I had the best night of sex of my life last night.” Gil’s grin was so big that Ben couldn’t help but grin back at him.
“So I take it Moira finally let you tie her to the bed.”
“Even better she let me use cuffs.” Gil bobbled his eyebrows at Ben. “When I got home she was already on the bed. She had cuffed herself with my spare set of cuffs.”
“Damn man. Should I even be hearing this stuff?”
“All I’m going to say was that it was the best four hours of my life.”
“Four hours?” Ben sputtered. “I’m seriously impressed.”
“I got two, she got two.” Gil replied and glanced back down to the paperwork whistling once again.
“Wait a minute. Are you saying that you let her cuff you to the bed too?”
Gil shrugged. “What can I say? She talked me into it at a weak moment.”
“You’re always weak when it comes to Moira. You better hope that she never finds out just how weak you are. She’ll have you buying her personal hygiene products at the store for her.”
When Gil flushed bright red Ben burst out laughing. “Oh, man, that is just sad my friend.”
Gil shook his head and looked closer at Ben. “What about you my friend. You look pretty relaxed this morning. Have a good night did we?”
It was Ben’s turn to flush. “I need to talk to you, Gil. But I want your word that you’ll let me finish before you say or do anything.”
“What is it with you people lately? You all act like I have no control over my temper.”
“Well you have been known to hit first and ask questions later.”
“Whatever. Just get on with it. I promise that I’ll sit here like a good little boy until you’re all done.”
Gil folded his hands on top of his desk and eased back in his chair giving Ben his total focus.
“I’m seeing Katie.”
“My baby sister, Katie?”
“Yes, I’m seeing your baby sister Katie. We just started seeing each other a few days ago but I’ve been thinking about it for a while and so has she.”
“Were you the one night stand Moira was talking about?” Gil asked calmly.

Remember that this is available today at Pick up your copy and be sure to share with me what you thought!

Lacey Thorn

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Romance Readers Love Their Pets

Hi Folks. A happy May 1st to you.
If you've read The Crystal and noticed that a couple of the characters, Ned and Jericho, have four legs instead of two, you've probably figured out that I'm an animal lover. So I'm going to chat today about something near and dear to my heart: spay/neuter. How does this fit in with a romance blog website? Well.....(grin) I believe that romance readers and writers are compassionate caring people who have a huge capacity for love, including love for our four-legged friends. I also believe that most people are responsible pet owners and that more and more people are hopping on the spay/neuter bandwagon everyday. But even with the great strides being made today we still have a ways to go.
Stats and facts:
More than 70,000 kittens and puppies are born daily in the United States.
In the county I live in the animal shelter euthanizes 6,000 cats and dogs a year. This is just one county in one state.
For the entire United States it jumps up to 10 million per year.
The offspring of one unspayed female cat and her mate and all their offspring producing litters can total a staggering 11,606,077 cats in 9 years. Whew!
So please spread the word to friends and family to spay and neuter their pets.And give your dog or kitty a big hug and tell them how lucky they are to have a home with you.
Thanks for stopping by and have an excellent day.