Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hope you had a fabulous Christmas!

May the peace and blessings of the season remain in your hearts and spirits throughout the new year...

I am working hard on getting my fanny back into gear and writing again. My five month sabbatical must end soon, or I will starve in 2011! LOL!  It is hard to get back into the saddle once you climb down for a "break", because those "breaks" don't seem to end.

I resolve to finish at least one book every month in 2011.

I resolve to get off my fat fanny and excercise more.

I resolve to keep my New Year Resolutions.

I resolve to make resolutions I can keep.

Hope your New Year is bright and Happy...


Fran Lee

Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas

Don't have anything to say this month except to wish you and yours the best holidays ever!
Dee Brice
Erotic Fantasies Where Nothing is Forbidden

Two new releases in January--Great Dane 1/1/2011 Chosen 1/15/2011

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Naughty St. Nick

Today I'm sharing my latest release. A Christmas story to warm you on a cold winter's night.
Available now from - Aspen Mountain Press

Nick has fought his attraction to Emily since the summer. Work and other commitments have kept him from pursuing a relationship. Christmas is upon them and Nick finds he has free time on his hands. He sets in motion a little plan to get her sexy body prepared for what he hopes will be a night of passion she’ll never forget.

Someone is sending Emily erotic toys. The naughty notes attached are charging her dormant body to life with promises of red hot sex. She’s not sure who her secret Santa is, but if he’s truly following the Twelve Days of Christmas she’s about to find out.

Will Emily succumb to this Naughty St. Nick?


Emily pattered over to the front door. She peered through the peephole.

"Hmmm, I swear I heard the doorbell." She threw opened the door against the bitter cold of the winter storm brewing outside. Shivering, she bent over the threshold and glanced in both directions. Her skin pebbled from the snowflakes landing on her bare arms.

"Strange, I know the doorbell rang." She was about to close the door when she noticed a small brown box, sitting off to the right.

Intrigued, she placed a sock covered foot into the icy snow and retrieved the box. She quickly slammed the door and hurried back to her blanket on the couch. She nestled under the red fuzzy blanket. Turning the box in her hands she looked for an addressee.

"Nothing." She couldn’t help but wonder if it were meant for her or if someone left it on her doorstep mistakenly. She shook the box. Something bounced around inside. Unable to fight her curiosity any longer she tore open the package. There inside was a mistletoe-colored finger butt plug, with little white snowmen on it. Tingling sensations warmed her body straight down to her core. Thoughts of teasing the rim of her ass with the humming vibrator tantalized her.

She needed to know who sent it. Digging deeper into the box she searched for a card or anything cluing her in to who the sender was. She found a tiny note card that read:

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave me to, one butt plug a hummin’.

Emily thought she’d explode into orgasm right then and there. The idea of someone wanting to charge her ass to life enthralled her. Filled with an arousal that ran deep, Emily knew she had to pleasure herself.

Heat from the flames crackling in the fireplace warmed her chilled body, smoothing her skin. The television blared in the background, but Emily tuned it out. She’d been watching a movie about a money heist on a train or something crazy. It hadn’t held her attention. Turning the plug over in her hands, she found something that gripped her total attention. She couldn’t imagine who would send her something so erotic.

Settling into the pillow she closed her eyes and pictured the guy from Six A, as the bearer of her gift. His wavy blond hair and those piercing green eyes charged her body. She’d fantasized about him a few times. Oh who was she kidding she masturbated to the image of his shit eating grin too many times to count.

Emily longed to run her hand over his taunt abs. She wanted to trace a finger along the vee that disappeared below the trim of his pants to see if it went down to his cock, which she knew would be large and bulging. It seemed hard to believe she’d been drooling over him since summer.

After she witnessed his body in scant clothing she wanted a piece of him.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Day-After-Thanksgiving!

Romance is in the air...

And I am thankful that it is, because I am, after all, primarily a romance author. There are many things to be thankful for and I will give a few of them here.

I am thankful that I am still here to be blogging today.

I am thankful that I still have my natural teeth, small and silly-looking as they are.

I am thankful that I have food to eat.

I am thankful that I have family and friends.

I am thankful that I have the good sense to not bury my head too deeply in the sand when frightened.

I am thankful for the ability to write books that people enjoy.

I am thankful that I found two good, solid publishers to submit my work to.

I am thankful for the wonderful friends who help me through the hard spots.

I am thankful that the world still exists, and that in spite of animosity and frustration, nations still are working toward the betterment of all, to a degree.

I am thankful that there are good people in this world who feel that charity and hope are not just women's names.

I am thankful for all of the marvelous sights and sounds and fragrances and tastes.

I am thankful that I can still see, and hear, and small, and taste.

I am thankful that God is not just another old-fashioned swear word.

I am thankful that there are still people in this world that are kind enough to extend a helping hand when it is desperately needed.

I am thankful that there are still people in this world who are smart enough to accept a helping hand when it is offered.

I am thankful that people love to read romance.

And I am thankful that I am still young enough to grow a brain, and still old enough to use it.

May all the blessings of this world be with all of you, and may you have the good sense to see them when they present themselves. 

After all...things are what you make of them.  Life gives us the building materials, but we are the ones who must use them.

Bless you all.  Thanks for being my friends.


Fran Lee

Friday, November 19, 2010

Giving Thanks

“More like a transcript of a skinamax flik than a novel,” a reader posted about Courting Kel. Which may make you wonder why I’m thankful for the remark. Because…sales had been more than a little slow, but since then have soared until they almost match those of my first erotic romance Passion’s Four Towers. So I’m thankful for the snarky remark and the readers who bought the book in spite of—or maybe because of it. I’m equally thankful for Ashira Datya’s Happy Ever After review, which earned 4 ½ Tea Cups.

What else am I thankful for?

That my darling husband was in the hospital when he suffered congestive heart failure. He was exactly where he needed to be and got immediate, life-saving care. I’m also thankful that he doesn’t remember anything about being intubated for two whole days while his lungs were cleared of pneumonia and he could breathe on his own. I’m especially thankful to the nurses who treated him with patience, allowing him to maintain his dignity during his week-long stay. And the doctors were great, as well, explaining things to my husband—who didn’t retain much of what they said. And to me—who doesn’t remember the specifics, but does remember feeling reassured about his recovery. And for friends who made sure work schedules were met and items were delivered on time. And for those who offered to do whatever they could to help me get through it all.

And now that he’s home, I’m ever thankful for his occasional irritability that he isn’t yet back to full strength!

May this holiday and every day bless you with all the people who make you thankful!

Dee Brice
Erotic Fantasies Where Nothing is Forbidden

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Regencies Rule! Why is that?

Today the 3rd in my best-selling Regency series debuts at and I am tickled about it and the success of The Stanhope Challenge books.
Today I ponder with you the undying popularity of Regency romances.
I have heard so many explanations.
1. Jane Austen's enduring popularity.
2. A gracious era.
3. The last gracious era.
4. A time of peace after decades of war.
5. A lighthearted moment in time.
6. The dawn of the modern era.
7. The explosion of wealth among the English.
8. The dawn of the Second Empire, before the challenges of ruling those colonies became a burden.
What are your thoughts on the popularity of Regency romances?
Would love to hear them!
And do go read this newest, and tell me what you think.
The first 2 (LORD STANHOPE'S IMPROPER PROPOSAL and LADY FEATHERSTONE'S FERVENT AFFAIR) have hit the top ten list for months now at and at as well as at Resplendence, too.
Ciao, bella!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gettin' Lucky - Cougar Challenge Series

A story in the Cougar Challenge series.

Marcy Brown can’t get enough of Lucky, her massage therapist. Lucky’s fingers always linger dangerously close to…sensitive areas, and ignite a fire she can’t ignore. Marcy isn’t looking for a relationship, but a friend with benefits would be right up her alley. The women of her fave blog, Tempt the Cougar, swear by younger men, but Marcy doesn’t want to train someone. She wants a man who can give her orgasm after orgasm.

Lucky offers to be her secret lover and help her realize all her fantasies. With Lucky, Marcy discovers the thrill of sexual positions and taboos she’s been missing out on—up to and including sex with two gorgeous men at once.

All bets are off when this Cougar is challenged to get her growl on.
An Excerpt From: GETTIN’ LUCKY
Copyright © AMBER SKYZE, 2010
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.
Chapter One

“Isn’t he hot, sweetie?”
“Mom!” Marcy groaned.
“What? Is there something wrong with me thinking the young doctor is sexy?”
“Mother, please.” Not that there was anything wrong with her admiring the younger doctor. Shit Marcy fantasized about younger men, but she kept it under wraps. She didn’t speak the words out loud.
Marcy wished she could crawl under a rock and die. They were in the recovery room. Her mother had just undergone surgery for her broken wrist. It wasn’t like they were alone. The room was full of other people who had come from surgery too, along with their family members. Marcy looked around to see if anyone else was listening to her mother’s tirade. She couldn’t believe her mother was talking about how hot the doctor was in front of all these people. Christ, he was young enough to be her son, possibly grandson.
“Thank you,” the doctor said. “Now I want you to rest for the next few days. No using those fingers, either. You need to give your body time to recuperate.”
“Anything you say, Doctor.”
Marcy watched as her mother made googly eyes at the doctor.
“Do you make house calls?” she asked, reaching out with her good hand to touch him.
He chuckled.
“They don’t allow us to go to patients’ homes, but I’ll see you in a few days at my office. All right?”
“If you insist.”
“I’ll see you soon.” He patted her mother’s leg before rushing off to his next patient.
Marcy looked down at her mother.
“I can’t believe you just said those things to the doctor, Mother,” she whispered.
“It’s all right, Ms. Brown,” the nurse said. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Lots of women enjoy the company of younger men.”
Not my mother and certainly not me. Though she couldn’t deny the growing attraction she’d been feeling for Lucky. Lately every time he massaged her he came dangerously close to her pussy, stirring up tingling sensations she hadn’t felt in a very long time. Thankfully her vibrator gave her the relief she craved after leaving her weekly massages, because she couldn’t risk losing Lucky. Entering into anything sexual with him would cross too many boundaries for her. She might have to change massage therapists and that would be a pity.
“I appreciate your understanding, but that doctor could be her grandson.” She knew she was exaggerating, but seriously. Her mother was too old to be drooling over the doctor.
The nurse laughed.
Marcy didn’t find anything funny about her mother fawning over the young stud. Yes, he was cute, not her type, but nice-looking.
“Stop being so uptight, Marcy. Just because Dan wasn’t smart enough to stick around doesn’t mean you’re a dead fish. You can have a little fun if you know what I mean.” Her mother winked.
Marcy wanted to flee the recovery room.
“It’s the anesthesia.” The nurse patted her hand.
“Thanks.” Marcy looked at her name tag. “Elizabeth.”
“No problem. I have a few things to check on, but I’ll be back shortly. Don’t worry about your mother. Once the anesthesia wears off she’ll probably forget the things she said.”
God she prayed the nurse was right. She couldn’t have her mother talking like this.
“I appreciate your understanding.”
The nurse nodded before heading off. She returned an hour later.
“Here are your discharge papers,” Elizabeth said. “And here’s something just in case your mom is serious.”
Marcy took the business card.
“Tempt the Cougar? What’s this?”
In a hushed tone, Elizabeth explained. “It’s a blog where women who want to experience the thrill of younger men gather.”
“Oh no. My mother definitely doesn’t need this.” Marcy attempted to hand the card back to her.
“Take it. You never know.”
“I’m sorry, but I do know. This is not something my mother would be interested in.”
Elizabeth shrugged.
“Then keep it for yourself. You never know, you might find it interesting.” She rushed off before Marcy could object.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Desperate Measures Release and excerpt


Raine’s caught in an impossible situation. She needs to get to another planet to help her friend. Forced to take a temporary position on a Feiral trade ship, she’s surrounded by trouble and shifters determined to build a clan. She has secrets to keep, but the gorgeous captain could be a problem. She has to distract him—and a few nights of hot sex might work.

Connal knows Raine is more than she appears. He looks forward to peeling away the layers of her deception as much as stripping the clothes from her beautiful body. The hunger between them deepens even as he struggles to get past her defenses before she leaves his ship.

When they’re thrown together again, Raine’s faced with a choice. Walk away from Connal and choose the life she knows, or take a chance and grab the passion and love that waits.

Excerpt: Here Raine finds out that even a game of handball can lead to trouble when dealing with a sneaky Feiral Captain
Connal stood there wearing a too-innocent smile on his face. Her eyes ran over his mussed hair. To get her mind off going over there and smoothing it back into place, she lowered her gaze to what he was wearing and nearly groaned. His skin-tight, sleeveless blue and yellow shirt emphasized the breadth of his chest and the muscles in his arms. The snug, black shorts at his hips left little to her imagination and ended just above the knee. He wasn’t making it easy to resist temptation.

“Would you mind a partner? I need to get some exercise too.” He stood in the doorway as if he really had doubts about her answer.

She was certain he knew she’d say yes. Raine fumed. She suspected the jerk knew she didn’t want to draw any attention to herself and was blatantly using that against her. She’d have loved to have an excuse, any excuse, to walk right out that door, but thinking about Krissa and the danger she was facing focused Raine’s thoughts. For Krissa, she’d endure these exchanges with the captain and try to get out of here without getting into deeper trouble.

“Sure.” She smiled and bounced the ball on the floor. If she was lucky, she could “accidentally” hit him a time or two with it.

He took a position behind and to the right of her. She smelled a light spicy scent, but couldn’t identify it. That didn’t surprise her. Her sense of smell as well as taste was a little off because of the drug she was using to mask her scent and prevent her from finding her mate while on this jaunt.

When he was set, she threw the ball as hard as she could. As it hit the wall, she dropped back. She saw Connal run forward. He caught the ball and threw it almost in the same motion. Mentally, she couldn’t help admire the lithe grace of his body, but she didn’t have time to think about it. She ran forward to take her turn.

She caught and lobbed the sphere at a sharp angle so that it hit the back wall and careened off the side wall. He cursed beneath his breath and dashed for it, catching it just before it hit the back wall again. She smiled and ran to get it when he hurled it. She lost track of time as they played, intent only on the game. He tossed the ball at a low, wicked angle and she ran for it. She was so intent on getting to the ball before it hit the back wall that she didn’t notice him in front of her until she hit his chest.

Air exploded from her and she grabbed his shirt. The world seemed to tilt and she realized they were falling only a breath before they hit the floor. Slamming against his chest again didn’t help her get her breath back. Her chest felt tight and she was acutely aware of her body pressing against his. His arms had locked around her, holding her tight to him, probably to prevent her from being hurt during the fall, but he hadn’t released her. She pushed against his chest, trying to put a little distance between them. It only pressed her hips more firmly against his. She was too damn aware of the way his cock pressed against her stomach and how hard that part of him felt. She wanted to grind against him and forget about all the reasons why she should keep her distance.

“Sorry about not moving out of your way.” He brushed a hand over her hair. “Are you all right?”

“I should probably be asking you that question. I ran into you and I don’t think you had much of a chance to shield yourself from that landing. Are you hurt?” She looked up at him. His lips were tilted up into a friendly smile and she didn’t see any sign of pain on his face.

His leg moved a little and one of her legs fell between his. She hadn’t thought it would be possible without removing a few clothes, but the situation became more intimate. Her pussy was pressed against his muscular leg and his hand slid down to her buttocks. His fingers molded over the curve and it was all she could do to stop herself from rocking her hips forward. She swallowed heavily. Damn, this had to stop now.

“I’m good. You didn’t hurt me. You feel wonderful.” He drew in a deep breath. “Although this wasn’t how I envisioned learning that.”

“Um, thanks. How about we get up, before this gets too… We have a game to finish.” She bit her lip. She hadn’t intended to say anything about it getting too involved or too hard to resist. It wouldn’t take a genius to figure out what she’d meant. The captain was far from dense. He’d know what she meant.

“I think you owe me a forfeit for nearly taking me out. You could have hurt me and I wouldn’t be able to complete my duties.” His lips straightened and he looked utterly serious.

“I could have just as easily been hurt and you were the one who didn’t get out of the way like you were supposed to.” She raised an eyebrow, trying to resist the urge to grin at the blatant flirting.

“According to some you should have been watching out for the other player as well as where the ball is going.” His hand tightened and the leg between her thighs lifted, pressing against her more firmly.

His muscled leg pressed too close to her aching clit. She longed to grind down on the thick column to get the pressure she needed, but forced herself to remain still. How in hell could he tempt her so much without really caressing her? If she stayed on top of him for too much longer, he wouldn’t be left in any doubt of her interest in him. Her juices would soak right through her shorts and probably through his.

“They’d be wrong, but let’s say I pay this forfeit. What would it be?” She tilted her head and waited for him to answer. She really expected him to ask her to join him for dinner. That was something that would allow him to get closer to her, but still not be too threatening.

“I want a kiss. If you kiss me, I’ll release you and we can go back to the game.” His eyes locked on her lips.

She had to fight hard not to slick her tongue over her lips. Damn, that was a step she hadn’t thought he’d take this quickly. But it was just a kiss, she reasoned. She could control it, keep it light and friendly. Maybe it would even dissuade his pursuit. If he thought there was no chemistry between them, he might back away from her and let one of the other men approach her. That could only work to the better for her. None of them drew her as much as he did. She couldn’t stop thinking about what it would feel like to fuck him anytime she was near him. That was supremely bad, because she needed to remember the mission and what was at stake at all times.

“Okay, a kiss, but once I kiss you, you have to let me go. I’m two points away from beating you.” She planted a hand on his chest. She pressed up enough to let him know that she was serious.

“One kiss and I’ll let you go.” He seemed smug now that he had her agreement.

She didn’t know if a kiss was all he wanted. Maybe he just wanted to see if they were compatible or to see if it was more than curiosity and surface attraction. She couldn’t control his reaction, but she could do her best to keep the kiss short and cool. And then get off him.

She took a deep breath. She brushed her lips lightly over his, determined to make it as impersonal as she possibly could. He didn’t make a move, leaving her to kiss him. She knew a buss on the lips wasn’t what he meant and he’d call her on it if she tried to keep it that short. She lapped at his lips until he opened them for her. His lack of reaction challenged her. She wanted him to at least respond to her before she pulled back from the kiss. She stroked her tongue against his. His hand laced through her hair. He tasted so good, she wanted to taste more and especially to see more. His tongue brushed against hers and he sucked at her tongue as if trying to draw her into him. The hand at her butt tightened, pulling her against him. The pressure of his thigh pushing against her pussy nearly made her moan. It felt too good. A low growl rumbled from him. She felt it through her entire body and it sent a thrill of excitement through her. She’d never had a shifter lover and the primal sounds of appreciation shot through her, inciting a deep need to respond.

She tore her mouth free from his. Her breath came in harsh pants. That hadn’t gone as planned. There had been nothing light or impersonal about that. Kissing had been a mistake. She’d thought to dissuade him from pursuing her, but she’d proven something entirely different to herself. She wasn’t going to be able to stay away from him even for the few days of the transit to Forunes. What in hell was she going to do? The pull to him became worse every time she saw him. It was the most intense attraction she’d ever felt to a man. She felt so out of control it scared her.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Had a fabulous time!

Me and C J Hollenbach
Romanticon was a total blast!

Meeting so many of my online pals face-to-face was wonderful, and meeting a large number of the people I did interviews with on My column last year was loads of fun!  Of course, I could have done without the nasty cold I came home with!  Thank heavens it waited until I was on the way home.

Next year I will remember to take my trusty Airborne with me.  I left it sitting on the cabinet when I packed up my herbals.  Never again will I leave home without it!

I don't think I have ever stayed in a multi-level hotel/motel where they didn't have an elevator.  I got more exercise climbing stairs ten times a day that I have gotten in the past two years since I retired and became a computer-potato.  And the Cavemen were SO nice to me...offering to help me get up to my room when I was about to collapse.  Such sweet boys!  I wish I could have taken them home on the plane, but there is some silly law against kidnapping.  Such a waste!  Sigh.
It was wonderful fun signing print books at the Sunday book signing.  But carrying home all the books I bought was the pits.  They were about thirty pounds of heavy, heavy books!  Ah, well...they were worth the trouble.

For those who were there with me, I want to tell you how great it was to meet and talk with you.  For those who couldn't make it after trying so hard to get there, I wish you all the good luck in the world to make it there next year.  You were sorely missed!
Fran Lee

Friday, October 22, 2010

Apheli Solution now available!

When Danamara Higgins is attacked by a vampire, her life turns upside down. Vampire Bootcamp class seems to be the answer to her prayers. In her wildest dreams, she doesn’t consider meeting not just one, but two hunky vampires who take her—in the car, in the shower, in the living room, in the hot tub, in hand—as they teach her everything she’ll need to know about her new vampire life.

For centuries, Pierre has loved and pursued Julian with no success. After a hostile takeover of Julian’s financial assets, Pierre is positive Julian will have nowhere else to turn. Julian, though, chooses to teach the Vampire Bootcamp class rather than surrender to Pierre on unequal terms. When one of Julian’s students approaches him for help identifying her sire, Julian is stunned that she is his alpheli—an extremely rare mate whose blood will allow him to subsist on real food. What will that mean to his love-hate relationship with Pierre?

There are just one or two problems. Danamara is descended from Pierre’s bloodline. And she’s on someone’s hit list. Julian and Pierre find unexpected erotic rewards and eternal love when they join together in a brutal war to protect their alpheli’s life.

I'm so excited~~my first vampire novel is available today! I fell in love with Julian, Pierre and Danamara. Check it out at Resplendence Publishing.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

RomantiCon Two

Sophomore… Can that sophomore year or book live up to its predecessor? Or can it surpass what came before? In the case of Ellora’s Cave, its sophomore RomantiCon was a resounding success.

Held in the same motel (only the name was changed) I enjoyed the same warm and helpful motel staff and yummy food. And while the service is still a little slow (I suspect due to shortages in both kitchen and wait staff) the cheerful attitudes more than compensated.

Raelene reprised her “Act it Out” workshop to the same hilarious responses as last year. New workshops included World Building (from both a plotter and a pantser’s points of view), the advisability of using and how to select a pen name, and a no-holds-barred “Family Feud” style contest. I wish all the workshops were taped—not only because of the great information—but also because of the workshops I missed. Especially the reader input sessions.

Oh well, oh dear. Maybe next year I’ll figure out a way to clone myself so I can attend them all. (Yeah, sure. That’s gonna happen along with losing weight and exercising!)

Glad rags reigned at EC’s tenth anniversary 1920s style party. Gotta love those Cavemen, their picture-perfect chests, and their jaunty fedoras. Not to mention gyrating hips and all those other moving parts. Ymmm-Ohhh!

Saturday night found me near and in tears when Jaid Black (EC’s founder) gave her heart-wrenching speech, including thanking us for making her dreams come true. We—authors and readers alike—owe her several enormous thanks for letting us write and read the stories that touch our hearts and arouse our senses. And how great was it to meet the cover models and author of the “book that started it all”—The Empress’ New Clothes? A great, HOT read.

Two semi sad semi happy events also occurred. Martha Punches told us that our donations allowed her family to give scholarships to some deserving folks. And Jaid told us about a family being destroyed by some horrible, thus far untreatable illness. Jaid made a generous donation to research into this devastating disease.

Forgive me, Jaid and Martha, I was crying so hard I don’t remember either organization’s name.

On a much happier note…the Sunday pizza party was a return to nonsense and fun. Lots of great pizza and bingo prizes, along with constant laughter every time Ruby Storm’s sister Sue moved. (Imagine a decorated giant phallus and dangling balls atop a Stetson. That’ll give you an idea.) I hope someone posted pictures, because my poor description can’t’ even begin to tell you how funny it was. Sue won the best hat award—not that there was ever any doubt of that!

And did I mention the gorgeous Cavemen? Rodney, Jason, and Angelo stayed after the others had gone, and filled the evening with lots of eye-candy as they called the bingo games, giving out prizes and hugs.

So there we are. Another successful conference—due in no small part to Jeannia and Val and the other EC folks who put their hearts and hard work into it. And Sue said, the only problem is how to make next year even better.

I can’t wait to find out!

Dee Brice

Erotic Fantasies Where Nothing is Forbidden

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Those shower scenes!

Showers. Floors. Chairs. Tables.
Places to make love abound!
Tell us your favorites.
These 3 to the left? Like poolside and angled against cars.
Some of my favorite love scenes have been against walls and on chaise longues.
I get a kick of trying to make them different each time and appropriate to the lovers and their challenges.
What are your favorite places in books or real life to make love?
And, yeah, you could throw in where you don't like.
Sandy beaches. Oh, gritty. Cement floors. Hard on elbows and knees.
Do go see how these 3 get on together October 20 over at EC.
Ciao, bella!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

RomantiCon 2010

Prepping for the conference was intense and started about six months ago. I made lots of goodie bags and I’m happy to say that most of them were gone by the time I left on Sunday.
RomantiCon 2010 is over, but far from forgotten. The partying went on for four days straight and let me tell you I enjoyed every last moment. I got to spend some time with Cindy Spencer Pape and Anny Cook. These two women are incredible. I had so much fun getting to know them better. They made this shy author feel right at home.
All the women of the Cougar Challenge series did the same. Hugs were plentiful over the weekend. I also had a chance to meet a new author – Shoshanna Evers. I sat down next to her in a workshop and introduced myself. She immediately said, “Oh I’ve read your work.”
I blushed, surprised that someone read my stuff. I know there are people out there buying my books, but I’ve never had someone sit next to me and tell me.
Then there was this reader, Cindy, who came up to me at the booksigning who had a star next to my name. She just had to meet me. It was so exciting to think someone wanted to seek me out. :o)
While I was a newbie when it came to conferences, the fellow readers and authors made everyone feel right at home.
Then there were the Cavemen. Oh they are hot and so very friendly. They didn’t have that I’m too sexy for you complex. They were down to earth and ready to show everyone a good time. Angelo, who is on the cover of my Dante’s Desire book, was kind enough to autograph a cover flat for me. Speaking of when he walked in to the meet and greet the DH said, “I know him. He’s all over our house!”
He is…I just love my cover.
Overall it was an amazing time and I’m really looking forward to next year.
In other news – Book Three in the Freedom Fantasies series PLAY WITH ME comes out tomorrow. :o)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Some people are primarily pessimists, always seeing life through a dark glass. Others are optimists, always expecting the best outcome from every turn in the road. A little pessimism is good. It prevents the unwary from falling victim to scams and predators. But too much pessimism makes for a very negative life.

Optimists tend to be cheerful and calm. After all, they're expecting good things...right?

As with all things, too much of a good thing can be destructive or dangerous. When my son jumped off the six foot wall in front of our house, his unwavering faith that he would be all right didn't prevent him from breaking most of the bones in his feet. That's where a little bit of healthy pessimism would have come in handy.

With all things in life balance is the key.


Blue Paradise

Look what I have! The cover for book five of the Mystic Valley series, Blue Paradise. I don't have a release date yet, but I'll let you know as soon as I do. In the meantime, enjoy the eye-candy!


Sunday, September 19, 2010


First, eXtasy Books, my second e-book publisher, is looking for submissions. Check them out at Click on the Shop Now to get to the guidelines (on the left side of the page.

You'll find my Saving Ryan's Privates in the New Releases block and Chosen on the Coming Soon pages. Chosen is targeted for release in February, 2011 but may be released sooner.

I can't tell you how excited I am to work with the folks at eXtasy Books. Their response time is incredible and the cover art is intriguing and whimsical.

On another note, please look at joining EPIC (Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition). They sponsor several competitions: E-Awards (formerly the Eppies) for e-books, the Ariana for cover art, and Young Voices for young authors looking to have their writing skills assessed.



Friday, September 17, 2010

Today at EC, erotic thriller from Desiree Holt and Cerise DeLand!

Award-winner Desiree Holt and I have penned a STEAMY thriller for you!
First in a series starring a team of female ops, UNTIL THE DAWN takes you on a big ride from Washington power circles to torrid Texas where the clues keep coming that someone near and dear is importing illegal arms. Maddie Sommers finds clues that lead her to the man responsible. Meanwhile, another man whom she had personally hired to help her with research is now discovering new facts about her bed.
UNTIL THE DAWN, first in the Nemesis series at, debuts today.
Nemesis. Danger has new mistresses: Very special ops. By 2 award-winning authors of romantic suspense. You'll be thrilled.
(Buy link: )

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Releases - Adrift and Spend The Night With Me

I'm celebrating two new releases. One today Adrift from Loose Id and one tomorrow Spend The Night With Me from Ellora's Cave. Here is a taste of both new books:

This is my first book with Loose Id. I'm very excited about this book and enjoyed writing about a heroine who wasn't Barbie sized.

“I expect everyone to be there.” Mr. Carlton stood up and continued talking to the small group in the conference room. “My wife looks forward to this every year, so I don’t want to disappoint her. There will be boats at the dock to take people back and forth to Carlton Island.”
Kari cringed just thinking about getting into a boat and being escorted over to her boss’s island. The last thing she wanted to do over her weekend was spend it with him and fellow coworkers. Kari enjoyed the peace and serenity of her apartment. She didn’t have to make small talk except with Pepper, her cat.
Last year she’d been able to get out of the company picnic, but something told her this time she wouldn’t be so lucky.
“This is bullshit.”
Kari swiveled her chair to see who else felt like she did, but was brave enough to voice his opinion. She was met with the most amazing blue eyes.
Her heart caught in her throat. Was he speaking to me?
Ben Eckhart hadn’t uttered a word to her in the three years he’d worked at Carlton Technologies. Kari had admired him from afar, knowing he’d never be interested in someone like her. She wasn’t a size 2 pinup model like Ben probably dated.
“Does he think we don’t have a life outside of work?”
He was talking to her.
Hanging out on her deck with a book wasn’t in the cards for her this weekend.
“Have you ever been?” he asked.
“Once. I’ve managed to escape all the other yearly get-togethers, but I don’t see that happening this weekend.”
“I heard people have gotten let go for not attending.”
She’d heard that too, but thankfully it hadn’t happened to her. With the economy in dire straits, she wasn’t risking it this year. “That’s what they say. I can’t afford to take any chances. I’ll be going.”
“Me too, I guess.”
Kari groaned inwardly. She didn’t want to spend the weekend lusting over Ben. At work she could cover up her scars, but on Carlton Island she’d be expected to dress more casually.
Maybe she could think of a way out of this.
“Spouses and significant others are more than welcome too,” Mr. Carlton continued.
Kari turned her attention back to her boss. Right about now, she wished she had someone in her life she could bring along to ease the pain of watching Ben. Fortunately he wasn’t aware of her feelings for him.
He leaned closer to her chair and whispered in her ear. “You bringing someone?” Heat from his breath trickled down her neck, straight to her core. Images of Ben wearing only swim trunks filled her mind. She pictured a hard, smooth chest and abs of steel she could run her fingers along.
“No,” she snapped.
“Sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you.”
She swiveled her chair slightly and glanced over her shoulder. His lips were close. Close enough that if she leaned just a little bit, she could graze them with her own. “I didn’t mean to snap. I’m just really frustrated about having to go this weekend. I’m going alone.”
“Hmmm. I guess I’ll see you there.”
“Guess so.”
Mr. Carlton ended the meeting. Kari gathered her notebook, pen, and coffee mug before heading back to her office. She wondered if Ben would be coming alone or if he would be bringing some lucky lady.
She prayed he came alone. He’d broken the ice by talking to her in the meeting. Maybe they could get to know each other better over the weekend.
As she sat in her chair, she realized she was fooling herself. Ben would never be interested in a size 12 disfigured woman. Even if he did show an interest, Kari couldn’t take her clothes off for him. Her scars were a reminder that she’d never have a love life again. It was bad enough that the memories of that horrible night still haunted her; visible scars stared back from the mirror. They screamed at her, taunting that she’d be lonely the rest of her life.

This will be available Sept 15th

It’s time to put these away. I need to move on. It’s time for closure.
Brooke stared at the pictures scattered all over the floor. They’d haunted her for over eighteen months. Memories of what she had lost. Memories of what she should’ve had. The one and only love of her life. Carl.
He’d been gone for a long time. She would never forget that dreadful day when her future mother-in-law had called with the news. Carl had been killed by a suicide bomber. He was only days away from coming home. Instead he’d returned in a body bag.
It was time for her to get back to the living. She needed companionship. She wanted to feel a man’s strong arms around her again. The need to feel safe and secure grew with each passing day. And if she was honest with herself, she needed sex. Down-and-dirty sex.
She’d been lonely for so long. She wanted to remember how it felt to have a man ravish her body.
Kim, one of her best friends, had been offering to set her up in a room over at Freedom Fantasies forever. Freedom Fantasies wasn’t just any old place. It was a Manor where women went to live out their fantasies.
Paige, her other best friend, had recently rekindled her marriage there. Maybe it was time she had some fun—even if for only one night.
Looking around the apartment she’d once shared with Carl, she realized how much of him was still there. Pictures were everywhere. On the entertainment center, the end tables, even in the kitchen. There were constant reminders of their life together. It wasn’t healthy for her to continue to obsess over him. He was gone and he was never coming back. It was time she realized the truth.
Quickly, she got off the floor and started collecting all the photos. She placed them in a big pile on her bed. From the closet in the spare room she retrieved an old empty box she’d kept for future storage. This was the perfect time to pack away Carl’s photos. It was time to let go.
She stacked the photos one by one neatly into the box. Once they were all safe, she tucked the box away in the closet. She didn’t want to forget Carl, she just wanted to move on.
His closet had been emptied because his family wanted some of his belongings. She’d kept a few shirts, which she occasionally wore around the house. She liked having his scent lingering. His dog tags hung around her neck as a constant reminder of what they could have had—what was taken away by a suicide bomber.
She removed the tags and brought them to the closet where she packed them away with all his pictures.
As she passed the mirror, she stopped. When had she started to look so old? At thirty she wasn’t old. She looked tired and worn-out. She examined her reflection more closely. Her blue eyes were cold and empty. Her blonde hair appeared lifeless. Had she really been presenting herself to the world looking like this?
She rushed into the bathroom and turned on the shower. After giving her hair a thorough shampooing and conditioning she blew it dry. Using her large round brush, she added volume. She added makeup to her drab complexion.
Upon inspection she liked what she saw. She looked more her age again. She didn’t look old and beaten. It was time to put on some sexy clothes and hop over to the Manor. While she wasn’t going to have Kim set her up, she was going to mingle in the bar area. Maybe she’d find someone who intrigued her all by herself. There was nothing Brooke despised more than being hooked up.
While she was there she’d pop in on her friend and see how she was doing.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lisia's Journey

I've been really forgetful about coming here to post, but this time I did notice that the 4th was coming up! So to make up for it, I thought I'd sneak in a gorgeous cover. I'd even go so far as to say drool worthy cover. That word certainly fits the guy on the cover. He's certainly a good representation of the hero in the Lisia's Journey.

Lisia's Journey

And to further tempt and tease, here's a bit of the first meeting between Lisia and her hero Jarritt.

The hair on the back of her neck rose and uneasy feeling crawled up her spine. The feeling tore her thoughts away from the forest. Someone was watching her. She rolled her shoulders, unconsciously trying to lift the almost physical weight of someone’s stare. Cautiously, she looked around the group of people, but couldn’t see anyone even looking at her much less focusing on her with the intensity she felt.

Something moving across a faint gap in the bushes caught her eyes. The big dark feline shape continued moving. She saw it walk past a tree just in front of the first Aridi males. A big black Aridi in animal form stepped out in front of the group. A ruff of black hair surrounded the large round head, designating it as a male in the prime of his life. Dark brown eyes looked over the group, locking onto her.

The big male stalked forward powerful muscles moving beneath the sleek dark coat. He growled as he moved forward, snarling at one of the UDA soldiers who just happened to be in his way. His lips pulled back revealing dagger sharp teeth. The soldier hastily backed away.

Lisia frowned. She could feel his arousal and a strong wave of possessiveness pulsing over her. A strong clear feeling. Not the light brush of emotion an Aridi usually felt from another person. His scent hit her, musky with a spicy undertone and too appealing. Who was he? She was sure she hadn’t met him anywhere. She’d have remembered feeling this connection with someone.

He came closer until his muzzle pressed into her leg. He drew in a deep breath and rumbling purr rolled through his body. Lisia practically felt the jolt of arousal slam through him. His head moved and pressed against her crotch. Her mouth dropped open in shock. At first, she just stared down at him. Shaking her head, she pushed away the last of the surprise. She grabbed handfuls of the rough black hair on the sides of his head and held him. Stepping back, she looked down into the large rounded face.

“Get your face out of there. I don’t know you.” She frowned down at him, keeping her arms straight.

“For future reference, the Shi’an’s name is Jarritt E’sain,” Arik advised. “I’d say he wants to know you.”

“This is the Shi’an?” She glanced over at the man, but didn’t loosen her fingers from the thick mane she was holding.

The big Aridi was still trying to get close to her. Fortunately, he wasn’t using all of his strength. She knew he was letting her put some distance between them, but she was simply happy for the space. The combination of his emotions hitting her and her embarrassment over the position was a little overwhelming. That wasn’t a common greeting even among an exclusively Aridi group. She ran her eyes over the large animal. Just judging from his size and build in animal form he had to be tall and well muscled.

“Yes. Now do you have something to tell us?” Arik’s voice sounded annoyingly cheerful.

She took a deep breath and then licked her lips. The situation had just exploded in her face and she couldn’t think of a way out of it. She didn’t know if it could get any worse. If it could, she didn’t want to know about it. There was no denying the truth now. Not after big and furry had gotten personal.

Lisia's Journey releases 9/17/10

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Coming soon from Ellora's Cave...

Woman on Fire
Fran Lee
Coming soon from Ellora's Cave
September 3, 2010

Azrael Thunder Horse never thought he would ever see another Anglo woman who could possibly knock him for a loop after leaving Hollywood. Despite the instant shot of lust he feels when he first lays eyes on his new Native American Studies teacher, he is determined to get rid of her. After all…she misled him with that damn Indian name of hers! How could he know she was not NA? But the stubborn redhead has a thing or two to say about him firing her on the spot.

Cheyenne Red Wolf has never met a more maddening, arrogant…downright irritating man. He hates her on sight. Too bad he’s the hottest thing she has ever seen…and he’s her new boss. The man tried to fire her because she wasn’t a “real” Indian. Good thing he can’t stand her, because she sure as hell couldn’t say no to all that sexy, hardheaded, Lakota masculinity. He is the man from her dream…and no matter what he thinks of her, she has it bad for the man…

An Excerpt From: WOMAN ON FIRE

Copyright © FRAN LEE, 2010

All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

“Can I help you?” Her quickly pasted on smile was polite and pleasant. Probably a parent, checking out the new teacher. Damn. They didn’t build single males like him these days.

Night-dark eyes slid past her, wandered around the classroom slowly, and then returned to her. Eyes that would normally have set her pulse off like a shot, but these held a cold, aloof quality that let her know she was beneath his interest.

“Is Ms. Red Wolf still here?” The dark-chocolate voice held a quiet, tense note.

“I’m Cheyenne Red Wolf.” She repeated the polite smile. “How can I help you?”

The look of shock in those obsidian eyes made her bite back a grin. It wasn’t an unusual reaction to her definitely un-Indian looks attached to a very Indian name. But the desire to grin dissolved the instant those eyes turned angry.

You are Cheyenne Red Wolf? Our new Native American Studies teacher?” Every word was clipped and reflected a fury that was barely held at bay.

She moved away from the bookshelf and resisted the urge to cross her arms defensively over her chest. The animosity rolling off that man was enough to choke her. It was only through sheer willpower that she didn’t cut and run. He took a step toward her and she had to crane her neck to meet his glare. She drew herself up to her tallest possible height which wasn’t much over five foot six in shoes and lifted her chin slightly in answer to his unspoken but clearly heard challenge. Damn! She wished now that she’d worn heels.

Forcing her voice to remain softly calm wasn’t easy. “I am. And you are…?” she coached gently, refusing to retreat as he invaded her personal space with all that hulking, broad-shouldered menace he exuded.

His eyes moved from the copper-penny red hair she’d dragged back into a bun before her first class, all the way down her fuzzy blue cardigan sweater and travel-wrinkled beige linen slacks to her vintage fifties penny loafers, then back with a disbelieving insolence that was as insulting as it was scary. Every nerve in her body screamed at her to take a few steps back and get a desk between them, but she’d be damned if she’d let him intimidate her.

She had no real reason to fear him, after all—it was broad daylight and they were in a school full of—empty classrooms. Oh, shit. As the realization hit her that regular classes had let out over half an hour ago, and most of the teachers were gone for the day, she inhaled slowly and wondered if maybe it might be wiser if she turned tail and sprinted for the still open door.

But her common sense returned after one panicky moment, and she frowned at her own silliness. What the hell was he gonna do? Attack her? He was understandably shocked to find a non-Native American woman teaching a class that should by all rights be taught by a Native American. There were a lot of Native Americans who resented what she did, simply because she was not one of them. Not really. And being one in spirit didn’t quite cut the mustard.

She made a point of glancing at her watch and lifted her eyes back to his face. “I really can’t take time to go over lesson plans right now. If you’ll just tell me which student is yours, I can give you a call tomorrow—”

“There’s been a mistake, Ms. Red Wolf.” The voice was low and controlled.

“A mistake?” She had to work damn hard to keep a tremor of anger out of her own voice.

Those almost-too-damn-sexy-to-be-real lips twisted into a sneer as he seemed to loom even closer in the suddenly airless classroom. “A big one.”

Her breath caught in her throat and she hated the fact that she was shaking under his glare. “If you have a problem with me teaching this class, you’ll need to take it up with Mr. Wyatt or Ms. Running Deer of the school board. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have someone waiting.” A lie was better than letting him think she had no backup here.

“He can keep on waiting.” The clipped statement startled her, but only because it was coupled with another forward movement of that intimidating body that had somehow moved so close she could feel the heat sizzling off him through her clothes.

This guy had absolutely no friggin’ concept of personal space.

She suddenly decided that retreat was entirely acceptable under such unfriendly fire. She took a quick step backward and felt the bite of a wooden desk on the soft flesh of her fanny. The startled gasp she gave seemed to make those nearly black eyes darken even more, and she blushed hotly to have let him know he frightened her. Her temper rose.

When under attack, counter attack, Frank had always said.

“Excuse me—whoever you are—but if you have a complaint about me teaching your child, like I said, take it up with the school board and the principal, who felt I was very well qualified—”

She gave a yelp of shock as a book that had been too close to the edge of the desk she was nearly sitting on fell to the floor with a resounding smack, and she jumped away from the desk automatically, coming into full frontal contact with her tormentor. And he didn’t miss a beat as he caught her around the waist with a pair of lean, strong hands and glared down at her.

His beautiful lip curled. “Just like a woman—trying to use any weapon at hand to avoid the consequences of her actions.” His voice was scathing and she blinked up at him, not getting his meaning.

“Weapon? Consequences? What the hell are you talking about?” she gasped and shoved at his hands without much success as she twisted to try to get free.

“Those weapons.” He hissed a breath inward through his teeth as her hips twisted against his. Her movements brought her generous chest tight against his. His rasping words instantly halted her movements as she realized what he was talking about and her eyes widened in horror, then narrowed in fury. Damn, but the man was blaming her for his own actions now.

“If you will take your hands off me, I will happily remove my weapons from your vicinity,” she hissed, her temper flaring at his insinuation that she was trying to use sex to escape whatever “consequences” he imagined were due her. It didn’t take a Rhodes Scholar to get his meaning and it didn’t take much imagination to realize their confrontation had produced a hard-on from hell on his part. It was jabbing against her belly quite insistently. It had already grown even larger and more dangerous in the several seconds they’d been plastered together.

For a moment, he didn’t respond, and in that tense moment she sensed that he was considering his next response with extreme care. Her incensed glare met his and she waited with lips compressed and indignant fury in her expression. Dark eyes warred with blue. It became a battle of wills as he remained tautly silent, staring down into her furious face without any change in his expression of angry disdain. His hands remained firmly clamped around her body, making it impossible to move away without a struggle, and she’d be damned if she was going to give him his jollies by wiggling and twisting against him to try to get loose again. His hands were long and powerful. The pads of his fingertips rested firmly on the upper swell of her buttocks. The sensations running rampant inside her traitorous pussy were indescribable.

After what felt like hours of silent, glaring antagonism so thick it could easily be cut with a knife, she irritably decided the only way she was going to get him to let go of her was to say something. She slowly drew a shaky breath and spoke in a low, careful tone like one might use when talking to a suicide jumper on a ledge. “How about you and me calling a truce? You take your hands off me, and we’ll both back away. Then maybe you can calmly tell me what the hell you are so damn bent out of shape over.”

Monday, August 23, 2010

Do you vote?

Not too long ago, I was sent an e-mail detailing the trials women went through to earn the right to vote. If I could post the entire thing, I would, but I can't figure out how to do it so I'm going to post the highlights.

I'm sorry I don't know who wrote the original e-mail. All the headers and info was deleted. But I believe it's still important enough to pass on. If anyone knows who wrote this post, please let me know! I would like to credit it to the correct woman.

Read it. And then make sure you vote!

Last week, I went to a sparsely attended screening of HBO's new movie 'Iron Jawed Angels.' It is a graphic depiction of the battle these women waged so that I could pull the curtain at the polling booth and have my say. I am ashamed to say I needed the reminder.

All these years later, voter registration is still my passion. But the actual act of voting had become less personal for me, more rote. Frankly, voting often felt more like an obligation than a privilege. Sometimes it was inconvenient.

My friend Wendy, who is my age and studied women's history, saw the HBO movie, too. When she stopped by my desk to talk
about it, she looked angry. She was--with herself. 'One thought kept coming back to me as I watched that movie,' she said. 'What would those women think of the way I use, or don't use, my right to vote? All of us take it for granted now, not just younger women, but those of us who did seek to learn.' The right to vote, she said, had become valuable to her 'all over again.'

HBO released the movie on video and DVD . I wish all history, social studies and government teachers would include the movie in their curriculum I want it shown on Bunco night, too, and anywhere else women gather. I realize this isn't our usual idea of socializing, but we are not voting in the numbers that we should be, and I think a little shock therapy is in order.

It is jarring to watch Woodrow Wilson and his cronies try to persuade a psychiatrist to declare Alice Paul insane so that she could be permanently institutionalized. And it is inspiring to watch the doctor refuse. Alice Paul was strong, he said, and brave. That didn't make her crazy.

The doctor admonished the men: 'Courage in women is often mistaken for insanity.'

Please, if you are so inclined, pass this on to all the women you know. We need to get out and vote and use this right that was fought so hard for by these very courageous women. Whether you vote democratic, republican or independent party - remember to vote.


Friday, August 20, 2010

RWA Orlando

I always promise myself I’ll keep a journal when I attend conferences but…we all know where good intentions lead. So I won’t tell you about the two-hour flight extension due to mechanical difficulties. I arrived in Orlando, debarked into humidity so overwhelming I thought I’d gone blind. I thank the gods that nothing worse than my glasses fogging had happened. DH got us to the hotel and, after checking in and unpacking, we headed to the bar.

Wednesday, I registered then went in search of somebody who could tell me if I was signing at the Readers for Life event that night. (I wasn’t on the signing list on RWA’s website.) They had my books and promise I’d even have space and a nameplate. I had both! And a constant delivery of water during the entire two-hour event! Thanks to whoever thought to add that to the signing process, which raised over $55,000.00 for literacy! Way to go, RWA!

Ellora’s Cave sponsored a get-together for its authors following the signing. It gave us a chance to sit down with each other, snack on fruits and desserts and get yet another wonderful goodie from EC! They do treat us right.

Thursday the conference began in earnest with the fastest Annual General Meeting (AGM) in history! I think it lasted all of twelve minutes. No quorum, no new business. For those of you planning to attend future conferences, please attend the AGM or give your proxy to someone who is attending. Yes, the AGM is generally dry as dust, but it’s where individual members have a chance to voice our opinions. It’s a very important meeting.

Workshops began after lunch, following an inspiring keynote address from Nora Roberts. One-hundred-sixty-five published books and still counting. And a wonderful speaker, too!

Friday, more workshops, spotlights on publishers and—joy of joys!—book signings with free books and an opportunity for brief visits with some of my favorite authors. Another inspiring address by Jayne Ann Krentz.

Saturday was more of the same, with the entire event capped by the Rita and Golden Heart ceremony.

Complaints? I have a few.

The miserable humidity that comes with having the conference in July/August in locations known for it. Take a look at the schedule for the next few years: NYC, Atlanta and San Antonio. As a third generation Californian, I can only pray Anaheim will offer some respite. At least, the humidity may not knock us flat on our…

Of course, there’s that all-too-frequent need to house attendees in other hotels. I don’t know if it’s due to late registration or RWA having to compete with other conventions. As far as I know, all attendees were on the beautiful Epcot Resorts property and were within (melting) walking distance. I chose to stay at the Swan so I could avoid the elevator-use contention at the Dolphin—although I haven’t heard any complaints about the elevators there.

Beware of those at the Marriott Marquis, however. They’ve been known to get stuck just when you’re in a hurry to get someplace—like an editor or agent appointment!

Overall, I rate this conference well above average. Yes, I wish I’d had the opportunity to go to Nashville and stay at the Gaylord. I hope RWA will reschedule that location in the near future—and maybe during spring or fall, although I’m not holding my breath. But, considering all that happened, Orlando turned out just fine.

Meeting old friends, making new. Learning more about my craft and coming home with all those beautiful books. There really is a heaven!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Today is my birthday and as I reflect on what I wanted to be when I grew up

Today is my umpti-smurgilicious Birthday! As I look in the mirror and get the reflection back of who I have become and recall what I wanted to become, I must say I am rather satisfied with the picture.
No, I am not going anywhere. I am DAMN healthy. Couldn't kill me with an axe, as my father used to say of my mother's superb health.
But birthdays do offer one pause to reflect.
So here is a list of what I have not yet accomplished, but wanted to:

  • no NYT list

  • no fortune

  • not really even 3 minutes of fame coming my way.
BUT, here's what I do have (and something tells me there is not enough space here to list all those things I really should):
  • lots of awards for my writing

  • many placements in Book Clubs

  • enough $$$ earned writing to send our kids through private high school and college

  • a legacy to them of loving books, the written word and great movies

  • a respect by them for art in all forms

  • a desire by them to be artists...while coping with the necessity to be corporate good boys and girls

  • my acquisition of so many friends who love books and the written word, whether they themselves are writers or not

  • my wonderful marriage of many decades to a man whose support I valued for my decision to NOT be an eternal corporate person
  • my love of what I do every day and an endless supply of ideas to

  • the ability to earn money at it

  • the joy of creating

  • the joy of being what I know I was meant to be when I came many years ago!

And the cover at the top? My new release FOR HER HONOUR at , the second in the SWORDS OF PASSION series about 3 Crusaders who fight for their lives and their loves in the reign of King John of England. Scrumptious cover, yes?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Coming Tuesday August 17th

I love this cover! I love this story. LOL
One day I was listening to a song and these lyrics caught my attention: "I get off on you getting off on me." Addison and Dante instantly appeared in my mind. I knew I had to write their story.
Here is a taste of this story available Tuesday August 17 from Ellora's Cave
Masturbating can be so much fun—especially when you have a one-man audience. Addison loves sex. More importantly, she loves her body and isn’t afraid to make it sing. Add a little voyeurism and it’s totally erotic.

Dante’s muse has stalled—until his sexy neighbor starts seducing him. Through her bedroom window, he watches as her hands caress her tantalizing skin. It’s like something out of a strip club, with his very own personal view. Thanks to this beauty, he’s drawing like wildfire. To thank Addison, Dante sends her an invitation for a single night together. That night may encourages them to draw a new future…together.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age. If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.
An Excerpt From: DANTE’S DESIRE
Copyright © AMBER SKYZE, 2010
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.
Chapter One

Addison removed the clip from her dark mane and tossed it on the dresser. Her unruly hair tumbled around her shoulders. Fingertips massaged her scalp, releasing the day’s tension. Her feet screamed to be set free from the six-inch heels, but she couldn’t—not just yet. She needed to keep them on for a little while longer. For him.
In three long strides she stood in front of the window of her bedroom. A small light was on in his apartment. The moon, a sliver shy of full, illuminated the sky. Another day or two and it would be complete.
Pulling the tails of her crisp white blouse out of her skirt she unbuttoned the sleeves. Her hands moved to the top button and removed it from its hole. Slowly she continued down the shirt until her pink lace bra was fully exposed.
With ease she removed the shirt and threw it on the chair. She tapped her polished fingernail against her lip. What would she do tonight? She smiled a wicked grin. She was feeling bold.
She pictured him sitting there, his fingers wrapped around his hard cock—watching. She imagined his hand moving up and down the length of his shaft. With each article of clothing she removed she imagined him sucking in a deep breath and groaning in sexual frustration. He’d masturbate until she was finished and they’d both be satisfied.
There was no doubt he was watching. She felt his eyes on her body, begging to touch it. Most women would close the curtains and be freaked out by the idea of a man watching them every time they undressed, but not Addison. She loved the idea of being watched. She enjoyed the freedom to put on a show for him. He could look, but he couldn’t touch. That alone made the whole fantasy fun.
Addison unhooked the front clasp of her bra and flung it with the shirt. Her hands cupped her large breasts. An early bloomer, she was teased endlessly in high school. She’d hated her huge boobs as a teenager, but now she was happy with her bust.
The palms of her hands ran over her nipples, stirring them to life. She took them between her fingers and tugged until they were fully aroused. Pinching the hardened nubs she bit her lower lip from the sensations racing to the core of her pussy.
She needed an orgasm.
Releasing her nipples, her hands floated down her stomach and around to the back of her black skirt. Unzipping the tight fabric she eased it over her hips and let it fall to the floor, where it pooled at her feet. Stepping away from the skirt she made sure she was still visible to her admirer.
She turned around, hooked her thong panties around her fingers and bent over. She dragged the panties down her legs, giving him a view of her puckered ass. Holding on to her ankles, she rotated her hips ever so slowly. She loved putting on a performance like a stripper, only hers was a one-man show.
What was he thinking? Was he wondering what it would be like to drive his stiff cock into her waiting ass? Or did he want to fill her hole with a butt plug so he could ram into her wet pussy?
She reached up to her pussy to find she was soaked. She slipped her finger inside. Pulling out she dragged her juices out coating her lips.
Time to rock his world.