Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Anita Birt

It's almost dinner time out here on the west coast of Canada. I thought I'd drop in to say hi. The sun is shining and I really think warm spring weather is on the way. We've had daffodils blooming for two months. They are fading now but it's been a joy to see them for such a long time.

The cover for Isabelle's Diary hasn't appeared yet and I have to offer the cover artists my thoughts on a cover for Isabelle's Story. It's a historical romance set in and around the lovely old Spa town, Llandrindod Wells. My next book, not contracted, not even presented to my editor, is a Time Travel with Paranormal elements. The title, The Mysterious Alan Tremaine. It is set in Cornwall not too far from Tintagel where King Arthur is supposed to have been born.

Tintagel is a ruin now but it's still very impressive. I visited it several years ago. It was built on a site high above from the sea lashed rocks. Cornwall is a magical place where legends of King Arthur abound. More of this another time. It's time for a glass of wine before dinner.

I'm posing a question to the Goddesses and interested visitors to our blog. Are Ley Lines real or a figment of the imagination?

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Bronwyn Green said...

Hi Anita,

Do you have pictures of Tintagel? I'm dying to travel there - well, okay, I'm dying to travel all over England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland - I'm not picky. :)

And to answer your question, I absolutely believe in the existence of Ley Lines.