Monday, April 30, 2007

What's on Your Bulletin Board?

Artists of all types seek inspiration. I like to keep myself surrounded by evocative items while I'm writing. To that end, I have a bulletin board mounted just above my computer terminal. It's covered with objects that have meaning of some sort. Let's examine them:

Three postcards from Disney World - well, if you know me, you know my Disney fixation. I have Tinkerbell, Mickey and Minnie standing in front of the castle, and Cinderella dancing with Prince Charming. Just a glance at either of those puts me in my "laughin' place."

A picture of Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner from "Romancing the Stone." She's a romance novelist; he's Michael Douglas. You do the math.

A list of four goals I wrote at the beginning of 2007. Two of them have been ticked off.

The Valentine my Prince gave me. It's a picture of Scarlett and Rhett. She's in the widow garb, and she has her arms around him. Their mouths are about two inches apart. It's the scene where he says, "You need to be kissed, and often, by someone who knows how." When you open the card, it plays the theme from "Gone with the Wind."

An 8 X 10 glossy print of the cover for BRIANNA'S MAGIC. I haven't framed that one yet.

Five pictures of Stefan Sanderling taken from the covers of programs from performances by the Florida Orchestra. I have a classical musician story in me somewhere. I don't have a clue what it is yet, but I like those pictures of Stefan. They remind me to think about it.

A bookmark from Borders advertising the soon to be released seventh Harry Potter Book. It says Severus Snape (Friend) on one side, and Severus Snape (Foe) on the other. Right now I have it turned to the Friend side, but that could change.

Two packages of chopsticks from the Thai restaurant we went to a couple of weeks ago when I was researching the Lotus story. The packages are bright red with lotus blossoms on them.

A postcard reminding me of the Mozart Motown and More concert by the Florida Orchestra on April 20. Guess I can take that down now.

A small flyer with a colorful drawing announcing a Halloween concert by Skull and Bone Band. That's my son's band, and his girlfriend drew the picture.

Finally, the calendar telling me which days I'm supposed to blog and/or chat where. Because otherwise, I'd never remember.

Those are the things that make me smile when I look at them. What' s on your space?


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Sandra Cox said...

Delia, I love Romancing The Stone. Good choice!