Sunday, April 22, 2007


Good morning. The day is just beginning and its quiet here. My computer is located between two windows so I can look out and see trees and flowers and the occasional bird that lands close by. And on occasion one of our cats staring at me from the other side of the window. Sunday mornings are a good time to reflect. And what I'm reflecting on today is heroes. My father loved John Wayne and played his movies constantly. Because of that I grew up with unrealistic expectations, expecting men to be heroes and women to be larger than life. As an adult it seems each year those heroes become harder and harder to find. Where are those men and women with bright shiny stars pinned to their vest, their feet firmly splayed as they stand in the middle of the street ready to meet out justice and face down the bad guys? Our country is embroiled in violence both abroad and at home. Drugs are prevalent. The economy is a problem and no matter what you do or say you run the risk of being sued. Our most recent horror: the Virginia Tech massacre. Senseless, wanton destruction of life that left us dazed and saddened. And then like the phoenix rising from the ashes I saw America's heroes. The professor who used his body to baracade a door and protect his students with his life, the students and instructors that faced death to help each other and the coming together of our young people to unite after this horrific tragedy. Yes, our heroes are alive and well. We see them on the corner everyday, talk to them at work and school. They don't need tin stars on their chests to prove they are heroes. They just go about the business of living from one day to the next and when danger threatens they rise up to meet it standing tall, strong and united. I am so very proud of all of our day to day heroes. Brothers and sisters I salute you.

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