Friday, April 13, 2007

Bare Confessions Release Postponed

I had to laugh at yesterday's post because it fits so beautifully with what I am going through today. Today was supposed to be the day that my second Bare Love book made its grand entrance into the world, but Bare Confessions won't be out today. With Holidays come chaos for everyone and that is when my final edits arrived. It is very important for a book to recieve that final bit of polish and shine that it goes through just before release and mine was either going to be a quick job or held back so that it received the same avid attention as others. I thank God that I write for a place like Ellora's Cave Publishing that doesn't believe in rush jobs . No they held the book back for me and allowed it the same time as others. And my book will be fantastic because of their attention to detail! So sometimes a change in plans is a good thing! It is all in how you look at it! With a May release date now, May 2, this will be a very busy summer for me with books coming out in May, June, July and August! I hope that you will all share in this joy with me! I'll post more on Bare Confessions and what it is about later in the month or the beginning of next month! For now keep reading! The best adventure could be just over the next page!

Lacey Thorn


nina nash said...


I know that Bare Confessions will be worth waiting for. :) Good for you, recognizing the need to postpone your release. I know when it arrives we'll all celebrate!

Have a great weekend. I've still got snow...


Bronwyn Green said...


It's going to be hard to wait that long, but I know your writing and it'll be worth the wait!