Saturday, April 28, 2007

Jumping off

It's not my blogging day but I felt like jumping in so here I am.

How do I begin writing a book? I enjoyed the last two blogs about visualization and creating a "book" of images to kick start a book. I often hear the dialogue, then visualize the scene and the characters, then I raise the curtain and start the show.

I've been to workshops where we cut pictures from magazines and pasted them on large sheets of paper. Although I enjoyed the experience it didn't do anything for my WIP. I am fortunate to be in Jo Beverley's critique group. Jo admits to "flying by the seat of her pants" to start. An idea finds its way into her creative brain and she mulls over it awhile before it takes root and she's off and running.

Other writing friends chart, plan, use 5x7 cards to keep them on track and other tricks of the writing trade. I've tried all of them and I can't get into long range planning. We all have our little ways. What works for me, works for me. We need our five senses at work as we write. As long as I remember that, I'm okay. It's when I forget that my writing doesn't sing. FIVE SENSES. I think I should print and paste those two magical words where I can see them as I write.

Anita Birt

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