Saturday, April 14, 2007

Let me Speak I have a Voice

“Come on it should go this way.” Voice A states.
“No I want it this way.” Voice B defends
“You better let me speak or…” Voice A warns.
“Or else what?” Voice B shoots back.
“I won’t say a word and we’ll see how far you get without me.” Voice A said with no inflection in the tone.
“Both of you shut the hell up and work together.” Voice C says in exasperation and walks away.
Voice A and B watch each other fear on their face and run after Voice C to apologize.

This is a mythical conversation between a writer (Voice B), the characters (Voice A), and the muse (Voice C).

As a writer it is hard when you have vision of how a story will go then it takes a different turn because of how the characters want it to be. My characters live for me. They have personalities, wants, desires, and opinions just like anyone else. I learned long ago to let them speak and give their opinion. I learned to work together instead of against each other. This helps me create vivid real people and paranormal beings that make you want to laugh, cry, fight, and love with them. Writing takes a mix of all parts working together.

Don’t get me wrong in no way it is always roses and harmony but we have learned to work together. When my characters and me come to an impasse usually my muse Mikayla will come in and knock sense into both of us. Or if Mikayla (she is a bit bossy) goes on the she knows the best and no one else knows crap frame of mind I have my own ways to get her to listen to reason. It involves a whip, keyboard, and chair. Heck it is too complicated to explain but it works. Me, Mikayla, and my characters (in whatever novel I am working in) work as a team to get the best story out to you the reader.

This may seem strange that they are real to me but then again writers have a tendency to have a vivid imagination. Stop it Mikayla. Back the hell up.

Mikayla here. I’m not part of anyone’s imagination. I’m just the more flashier side of Taige. She thinks I’m bossy. Please that woman is a hard task maker who demands the best of the characters and me. It’s a challenge to live up to but we have to step up or get rolled over by the gentle whirl-spin that is Taige Crenshaw. Yeah, yeah that was sarcasm if you missed it. Taige isn’t gentle when it comes to her work. I remember… Ah Crap I have to go. Taige is fighting something fierce as I sit on her. Hey son of a .. watch the damn teeth.

You have to excuse Mikayla as I said she is a bit bossy and thinks she knows everything. As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted (glaring at Mikayla while she looks down at her nails a smug little grin on her face). In the process of creating characters that live everyone has to be a part of the process. You have to listen to each other’s opinion. Years ago this was hard for me. I had a vision I wanted and the characters / Mikayla each had their own thoughts. When I realized in order for us to make the best book we can we all had to join forces. I learned to listen but not let the personalities of the characters and Mikayla drown me. We find a balance that works for us all.

Even when I read I hear the voice of the characters. I don’t know if that’s just me but I do and I enjoy novels that the characters voice speak to me more. Even some characters that stick with me even after the story is finished I take with me as I sleep. They pop up in my dreams. That to me is a sign of a great book. Characters that stay with you afterwards and make you wonder what is going on in their lives.

With my own characters that I have already written I don’t have to wonder. They pop up in my dreams also letting me know they are still there. Who am I kidding the new characters and Mikayla when we are on a role won’t let me sleep or have a moment to myself. Well that is a different topic for another blog. LOL. Yeah my mind is full and I love it.

My question to you. How does the characters in any novel you have read or written speak to you?



nina nash said...

Oh Taige, I love this post! I completely understand what you're saying. The same thing happens to me but the good this is that writers are allowed to hear voices in their heads. (I think.)

:) Nina

Bronwyn Green said...

My characters always whisper in my ear as I'm trying to fall asleep. I have to get up and write everything down so I don't lose it - because they're very put out if I ask them to repeat themselves!

Taige Crenshaw said...

Thanks Nina. And boy I hope writer's are allowed to hear voices in their head or we are all in trouble. :) the best kind of trouble.

Taige Crenshaw said...

You're very right Bronwyn they tend to get a little pissy. Heck mine doesn't let me sleep until I acknowledge them. LOL.