Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Alive and Well

I'm alive and well and living on the beautiful west coast of Canada. It's my day to Blog with the Goddesses. I should be out in the sunshine weeding and fertilizing plants in the garden but the Blog is calling me. Little is new and exciting in my writing life. Creating new stories and keeping them going is a lonely task. I am bobbing and weaving around a new story I've launched and am not sure where it's going yet. I know it will be a contemporary gothic with a cast of interesting characters.

The setting is Cornwall and features a very large house. It has a Widow's Walk and my heroine glimpses a shadowy figure up there looking out over the sea. Is it the ghost of a woman whose husband was lost at sea? Or ... I haven't decided yet. This is the fun part of writing. A story is born and like a baby is not fully formed. I'll nurse the plot along and see where it wants to go.

I am looking forward to having my first book in print. Lee Mackenzie, a writer friend, had a gathering to promote her first book with Harlequin American. It's called A Man for Maggie and is a delight. So there's my plug for Lee.

When A Very Difficult Man, my historical romance, is in print and available in Canada I will definitely gather family and friends to celebrate. This will be my first fiction book in print and I will announce it to the world as best I can! I don't like cocktail parties where everyone has to stand around and chat but hosting a dinner party would be a horrendous expense. Is there another way to bring the nearby world to me to promote my book? Suggestions are welcome

Anita Birt

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Lee McKenzie said...

Anita, thanks for the plug! I'm looking forward to seeing your first book in print, too!