Friday, June 1, 2007

Earth Moves Now Available!

The day has finally arrived and Earth Moves is now available at I am so excited about the release of my first fantasy novel. To celebrate I am going to share another excerpt with you.

Imprint: Ellora's Cave
Earth Moves by Lacey Thorn
Release date: 6/1/07
Genre: Futuristic / Menage
Rating: E
ISBN: 9781419909948
Price: $5.20

Earth Moves
Lacey Thorn

Their world has been overtaken by a disease that killed women and female children and made their island home unlivable, forcing the warriors to look for a new home. Coming to the small Isle of Altair, inhabited mainly by women, that seems untouched by the disease, the warriors take over. They abolish Goddess Law and install Warrior Law, claiming both the isle and the women as theirs. The isle priestess places a curse on the isle that it will be plagued with constant battles from others who seek to take it as well.

Hope comes in the form of the Island Guardians who will possess the powers of earth, fire, water and air and a Mystic who will bring them all together to lift the curse and renew the goddess’s protection.

This is the story of Erika, Guardian of Earth, and her warrior mates, Arik and Galen Savari. Join Erika as she learns what it means to be the warriors’ mate as well as an Island Guardian.

Reader Advisory Note: Contains references to gang rape.

Earth Moves by Lacey Thorn
(Excerpt is unedited) ADULT

Erika untied the green veils from behind her back and slipped them over her head. She dropped her skirt to rest on top of her sandals and headed naked toward the pond. She walked out until the water lapped at her hips and then dove under. She loved the feel of the water on her bare skin. She swam for a few minutes and then relaxed and floated atop the pond’s surface. The water lapped at her skin like the tongues of greedy lovers. She loved it here. The pond was surrounded on three sides by trees and where she had entered there was a clearing filled with flowers and grass. She took a deep breath and flipped over to swim toward the shore. She couldn’t stay long today. She was watched more and more closely as the day of her birthday drew nearer. She was sure that Galen had something to do with it.
She walked from the water and pulled her braided hair over her shoulder squeezing the water from it. The braid designated that she was as yet unclaimable. On the day that marked her twenty-first summer her hair would be left unbound with only the sides pulled back from her face with a yellow sash. The sash would remain until she was claimed at which time her hair would never be bound again. She pushed it back behind her shoulders and stretched her arms high above her head. She heard a deep groan and jerked around looking into the trees beside the lake. Arik stepped out from the edge of the trees and began walking toward her across the clearing. Erika gasped at the lust in his eyes. She couldn’t help but notice the thick bulge in his pants that seemed to be growing ever bigger. She backed away from him aiming for the spot where she had left her clothing and hit a solid wall of muscle. She knew exactly who was behind her without looking. It was Galen.
Before she had a chance to struggle Galen had her turned and pressed firmly against his bare chest. The feel of his chest hair against her nipples made her gasp in surprise. Her nipples, already hard, become tighter with each rub against his flesh. It felt so good that she lay against him perfectly docile for a moment. Galen took advantage of that moment and bending to her touched his mouth to hers and thrust his tongue between her open lips. He licked into her mouth learning its contours and tasting her unique flavor of mint and woman. He felt the tentative stroke of Erika’s tongue against his and groaned and pulled her more firmly against him.
Erika couldn’t believe the feelings rushing through her body. Her breasts felt swollen and tender against Galen’s chest. She couldn’t believe that he had his tongue in her mouth. He had fisted one hand in her hair and turned her head to deepen the kiss. She moaned. She could feel him hard against her belly just shy of where her own body was aching and couldn’t seem to stop from rubbing against him wantonly doing all she could to alleviate that ache.
She felt hands on her hips and felt the firm pressure of another hard body against her back. She knew it was Arik. She felt his cock against the small of her back so hard and thick. She felt his hands reach around between her and Galen to cup her breasts. He palmed and lifted them before feathering his fingers up and over her engorged nipples. Arik took both nipples between his fingers and began pinching and tugging them. Erika pulled away from Galen’s kiss and cried out at the sensations this action caused to course through her body.

I hope that wets your appetite for this book. Remember that it is available for purchase today at As always my thanks goes out to all of you who take the time to share my joy. May you all find your dreams as I have.

Lacey Thorn, slip in and unlace at

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