Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Happy endings and conflict

Have you ever read a series by a favorite author, invezsted yourself emotionally in the relationship between the hero and heroine and then Boom! either they break up or the author kills of one of them. I hate that. I want to load up my ltitle 9mm and polish them off. I want to rail and scream and kick my feet and say, "You cheated me." In an article in the recent RT Book Reviews, several authors discussed why they do this and all focused on one thing - conflict. Well, I say there are lots of ways to introduce conflict into a story without upsetting your reader. If that's the only way you can put some conflict into the plot, you must not be a very inventive writer. I have recently crossed three authors off my list for this reasdon and a fourth is teetering dangerously. I want me her and heroine to be together! Wah!
That's one of the reasons I write romance - a happy ending is demanded. My hero and heroine may fight and argue and really go at it, but you always know they'll end up together. It's the other conflicts that make the story work. Especially in a mystery or romantic suspense. Put them in danger, put their friends and family in danger. Create perilous situations. But don't rip my heart out by breaking them up.
So what do you all say? How do you feel about this? I'd love to hear from everyone else on this subject. Leave a comment, okay?

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