Thursday, June 28, 2007

My turn again?

Hmm seems like just yesterday, I was here telling you that Dragon in the System is now available. If you haven't checked it out, please do! My wonderful editor has approved the sequel, so you can look for Djinni and the Geek which will be an Ellora's Cave release, coming toward the end of 2007.

I thought I'd invite a friend to join me today. This is Circe, one of the great horned owls at the Nature Center where I used to work and now am still a volunteer and on the list as a back-up wildlife program presenter. And yes, he really is as cranky as he looks.

I think it's important to keep at least one to out in the real world. Nature is aprecious, fragile thing, and working with these animals, which are all unreleasable rehabbed crittters is a great reminder of that for me. It's also just plain fun. But definitely messy. And stinky. And when blood is spilled it's always mine, never theirs. :)

Today we did a Harry Potter event for a day camp, so Circe got to perform the role of letter-carrier. I find it particularly cool when my two worlds collide. Real animals and magical fiction. What could be better on a sunny summer day?

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