Thursday, June 28, 2007


Hi folks,
If you follow these blogs, you’ve probably figured out I’m an animal person. Since you’ve heard about The Crystal and Boji Stones isn’t due out until September, I thought I’d introduce you to the animals in the family. Since the dog is out numbered six to one by the cats, I’m going to start with her.
Maggie is a ten year old Springer Spaniel. I’m a cat person, I admit it. Therefore, my relationship with Maggie over the years has been rocky. I like dogs as long as they are well-behaved, which unfortunately Maggie is not. I put the blame squarely on my husband who was always ‘too busy’ to take her to obedience classes and whose idea of correcting her behavior was a mild ‘Maggie be a good girl.’ I dealt with her chewing up a red ink pen and ruining the carpet, chewing holes in the bathroom walls in our brand new house, tearing up her bed and chewing through the seat belts in our SUV. But when she messed with my chocolate she’d gone too far. On holidays I make derby pie (chocolate chip pie). Since not everyone likes pecans on their pie, I make two. One with, one without. It just so happens I’m the only one in the family that does like pecans on my pie, so I basically make a pie for me and a pie for everyone else. The day I’d made them, I’d left them on the counter while we went to the movies. When we came home MY pie was missing. Miss Maggie had managed to reach up on the counter and get down MY pie and eat the whole thing. Now we all know chocolate is bad for dogs, but to add insult to injury she never even got sick. She was really in the dog house over that little stunt.
But on Maggie’s plus side of the ledger: she has a generous heart. And she loves cats. Since I fostered cats for several years, that’s been a good thing! She and Jo-Bu, the Himalayan and Faux Paw, the tuxedo, will get together and slobber all over each other.
Over the years, I’ve become more tolerant and Maggie has left my chocolate alone. My own little liver-spotted Achilles heel has become quite dear to my heart. Maybe because she considers herself just one of the cats.

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