Thursday, April 10, 2008

Danger Zone Authors

The following is a prologue that did not make it into Stone of Cruento.

The ebook that is coming out May 1 is even better than this.

Be sure to check out Stone of Cruento by Charlene Leatherman at Cerridwen Press on May 1.

Claren looked up. She was no where near the parking lot. She had wandered further into the cemetery. She was near the back of the acreage. A cement wall hemmed in the cemetery and closed it off from the rest of the world. The backside of the cemetery butted up against a street filled with old dilapidated houses, the street lights broken or dim.
Suddenly, frightened Claren turned and began running toward the front of the cemetery. She wanted to stop and tell herself that she was being silly, but her feet wouldn’t stop running. Her heart beat hard in her chest as the words chanted in her head.
Run little deer, my precious prey. Run. Run. Run. Make it enjoyable for me. Run. Run. Run.
The words made no sense. Claren felt fear tighten her throat and squeeze her chest. The distance from the back wall to the front of the cemetery that Claren walked so quickly now was worlds away. No matter how fast Claren ran she could get no closer to the safety of her car. The chilling words reverberated in her mind over and over again. Something was chasing her. Something wanted her as prey. Something…
Claren was knocked to the ground. The force of the attack knocked the wind out of her. She felt hands on her. She tried to struggle but the attacker was too strong. She fought to open her eyes. The monster she saw caused her to close them again. Red eyes and blood lust. Fangs and death.

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Anita Birt said...

That is a very scary start to a story. "Red eyes and blood lust." Claren is in deep trouble. Looks like a winner.

It's 5;30 pm in Victoria. I am supposed to blog here on Fridays and came in late. It's been a very busy day. Thanks for filling in with such a great intro.