Friday, April 25, 2008


"Invite a toad to lunch." That's the heading onthe newsletter from Canadian Wildlife Federation and I decided to strike a blow on behalf on the much maligned little creatures. Why should frogs get all the attention? For instance, there's the fairytale about the princess who was playing with her gold ball and it fell down the well. A frog found it and made a bargain with the princess.

"I will return your ball if you promise to take me to your bed and kiss me." Yuck. Kiss a frog. But she did and he turned into a handsome prince who had been bewitched. Try that one on a modern princess and she'd spit in his eye. Frogs can be treacherous - but toads, never.

What about, "A frog he goes a wooing ho, High ho says ..." Another frog hogging the spotlight.

So here's what the CWF says about toads. "Despite their squat, warty appearance there is something appealing about these little creatures. Maybe it's the fact that they eat more unattractive visitors, such as cuw9rms and earwigs, in great numbers. So welcome them into your garden." (copyright Canadian Wildlife Federation)

I'd welcome a covey of toads in our garden but they require a handy little pond and we don't have one. Toads are in short supply on Vancouver Island. Don't know why. Our neighbours have a pond. Hmm. If I could buy some toads they could paddle in the neighbours' pond and come under the fence to eat cutworms and earwigs in our garden. I wish.

If you are longing to know more about toads you can go to the What's New section at

Aren't you glad I blogged about toads on the goddess blog? Let the little warty darlings bask in their moment of fame. Come by my web site, and find out about me and my books. I write romance and I don't have a toad in any of them. Sigh.


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Charlene Leatherman said...

You forgot "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" and personally I think the frog the princess kissed was really a toad. Charlene