Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spring Brings New and Fun Stuff

Blog April 3, 2008

Spring is showing up.
I know the first day of spring was in March.
But Spring seems to be popping up all over.
Ads on the Internet for flower gardens are springing up.
Babies are being born, kittens are showing up in droves.
Little chicks are hatching.
New TV programs are blossoming.
My favorite catalogues are offering an easier way to grow tomatoes, strawberries, and a greener lawn.
Most of all, my cat has revealed her inner personality.
You see my cat is an alien. She comes from another planet and is saving me from
Invisible Space Alien Vampires.
She jumps up with no warning and scoots up the curtains in pursuit of the little monsters.
She hides under the bed and attacks them on my ankles, saving me from destruction.
She runs and pounces on the invisible critters outside.
And she watches.

Oh, and the most important,

I have a release date for Stone of Cruento May 1, 2008

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