Monday, April 14, 2008

Writers, Writing and Going to a Covention

Every business seems to have a convention or two that the worker wants to attend. At conventions, workers can socialize and can learn about their craft.
It is no different with writers.
This year on April 16 thousands of writers will gather together for the Romantic Times Book Lovers Convention.

Writing is a solitary business. No one can come to the author and simply shake hands and the book is written. An author sits at a desk, behind a computer, or a pad of paper, and types or writes ideas in a concise, entertaining way that is readable and hopefully marketable.

The idea comes from the author's mind, his or her experiences, imagination, and lots of dictionary use and knowledge of grammar.

The dictionary use and the knowledge of grammar comes from regular schooling.

However the readability, the entertainment value, also the trends of what you the readers want can change from year to year and are somethings the writer needs to be aware of and needs to learn.

College classes, books, Internet classes, etc. are all things writers can use to learn their craft. They are all things that take a lot of time away from writing as well.

A Convention, however, offers the writer a chance to learn from other writers who have made a success of writing and have learned from experience in a compressed time frame of a few days.

Here is a very small sampling of the types of classes writers can attend at a convention.
  • Setting the Western Straight
  • Book in Three Minutes
  • Googling VS I Do What My Rice Krispies Tell Me
  • Bad Pirates Get All the Booty

Of course a prerequisite of any convention is a time to socialize, to party, and to simply have fun.

So to all the authors on their way to Romantic Times Book Lovers Convention:

Have Fun and return with lots of great ideas.

The sample list of the classes available at the convention was copied from the Romantic Times Website. If the class listings are protected, please email me at and I will remove the list. Google and Rice Krispies are protected by trademarks.

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