Thursday, August 20, 2009

Even Pantsers Plot--Sort of

I am a card-carrying, proud to be pantser. My editor says my plots are so convoluted they're impossible to follow--which may be why she hasn't bought anything recently. So, while rewriting my new futuristic--a wholesale, barely anything from the original salvageable rewrite--I laid out a bare bones plot. It consisted mostly of my hero/heroine traveling to various planets. End of detailed plot.

And here's where the pantser fun kicked in. Without belaboring scientific fact--like atmosphere and temperature and gravity--I created worlds where those elements are addressed with an appalling disregard as to whether or not they could be done. Domed planets, after all, make everything possible.

And then the characters took over as they tend to do in my stories. I discovered that my heroine has a domineering father yet cannot resist matchmaking for other people. My hero is a successful businessman and philanthropist who wants what he wants when he wants it. And what he wants is the heroine. Duh!

Haven't decided what the "black moment" will be. Probably he'll insist she marry him and she'll refuse. Probably--because not being a plotter--I don't know yet.

And that's the adventure of being a pantser!

BTW: If you're going to be in the Sacramento, CA area on October 3 and/or October 24 contact me for where and when I and several other local romance authors will be signing.

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Amber Skyze said...

I'm a pantser! I'm sure plotting works, but I've yet to try it! LOL Wish I could be in CA, visited three years ago and loved it. Want to go back someday.