Saturday, August 8, 2009

Interview with Hero Sloane Hoffman from "Sexy Games"

New release, "Sexy Games" by April Ash, is an erotic romance book with Sloane Hoffman and Stacy Newman testing new games for the Naughty Games Company...a company that specializes in adult games. They're required to don costumes and role-play different scenarios. And, sex is involved.

Q: Sloane, why did you decide to test games?
A: Two reasons. I wanted to satisfy my father's request, and once I saw Stacy again and knew she'd be my testing partner, I couldn't say no.

Q: I, heard a rumor that Stacy wasn't very anxious to have you as her partner. Am I wrong?
A: (Sloane squirms in his chair) Stacy was mad at me, and rightfully so. We'd spent an incredible night together and I kinda left her in a hurry. Without a word. Sorta fled in panic. But, she warmed up to the idea pretty quickly and we both were happy about that.

Q: What kind of woman do you like to date?
A: Up until Stacy, I'd say one that I know deep down inside I won't have trouble walking away from. My bachelor radar was always on, always alert so I wouldn't get too close to anyone.

Q: What about Stacy?
A: Is it getting hot in here? (Sloane runs his finger around the inside of his collar) Stacy's, well, different. I wanted her and didn't want anyone else to have her. She was always stuck in the back of my mind and drove me crazy.

Q: Tell me about the first game you played, "Hot Sands".
A: I got to be a sheik and wear a costume consisting of a turban, vest and pantaloons that the game testing people developed. A little scratchy at first, but I didn't wear them long. Anyway, Stacy and her costume distracted me from any discomfort.

Q: Game number two? "Teach Me"?
A: (Big grin appears on Sloane's face) I had to play a nerdy professor, naive about the world of strippers and lap-dancing. Stacy had this really suggestive costume, and... (Sloane's eyes glaze over) Oh. Yeah. I wore this dumb bowtie and suit. She had these pasties with tassels, and plastic fish swimming around in her very high clear heels, and, well, we didn't keep the costumes on too long.

Q: Last game..."The Lady and Her Butler".
A: Interesting one. I got to be the experienced butler guiding a novice and pure "lady" through the pleasures of lovemaking. (Sloane laughs) Stacy's character sure caught on fast. We got to do this tub scene...well, I've always loved water sports.

Q: So, what happens at the end?
A: (Sloane shakes a finger at me) Now that's something you'll have to find out by reading the book. Obstacles always creep into romance, and ours is no different.

Q: Anything else we should know about you or "Sexy Games"?
A: Hmm. (Sloane leans in near me and whispers) Well, there are other creative ways we satisfy our passion, the book! I don't "kiss and tell" everything!

"Sexy Games", by April Ash, is now available from Ellora's Cave:

A blurb and excerpts are at:


Amber Skyze said...

I love the interview idea, April! How cool. And very interesting. I knew I was in love with Sloane already, but now...I must have him. Umm, I mean read the book.

Paris said...

What an interesting way to find out about Sloane! I just love a man who is willing to play;-)

Fran Lee Romance said...

Hey! I wanted to interview him first! Pulling rank on me, girl? LOL!

Marianne Stephens said...

Thanks Amber, Paris, and Fran.
Sorry Fran. Sloane BEGGED me to interview him so he could tell his ideas about the book...and the three games he definitely enjoyed.

Kate Hill said...

Loved the interview!

jean hart stewart said...

Very clever post,,,loved it, Jean

Marianne Stephens said...

Thanks, Kate and Jean! I enjoyed being in a guy's head and answering for him!

Susan said...

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