Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Putting the Muse on hold.

I'm jumping in for a quick blog although my days are actually August 15 and 30. I have sold my home and am moving into a beautiful retirement apartment building. Not a care facility! My new suite overlooks the sea - a million dollar view.

My muse is on hold until I am settled in my new home. However, I am going on a short cruise from Vancouver to Skagway, and one of my writer friends is joining me. We are plotting a series - very different story lines from what we usually write. That should be fun.

My historical romance, A Very Difficult Man, is now available in trade paperback as well in the e-pub edition, both from Cerridwen Press. The cover is beautiful. There's a gypsy fortune teller in my story, that's her crystal ball on the cover.

I hope to have time to blog on August 15th. Depends if my brain can cope with planning to move - packing, sorting, throwing stuff away - what to keep, what not to keep.



Marianne Stephens said...

Congrats on your move and relax and enjoy your cruise! Love that crystal ball on the cover!

Fran Lee Romance said...

You can do it, dear! Good luck, and I envy you your fabuolous view!

jean hart stewart said...

TAke it easy girl.. I can post a day early if it helps you....Jean

julia barrett said...

Have fun on your cruise. Hopefully the weather will be perfect. Your new place sounds ideal!