Sunday, August 16, 2009

Never enough time

All writers seem to have this difficulty, so I'll just assume anyone reading this who's a writer does too. I've lately been caught up a complete revision my editor wanted. Her pertinent criticisms threw me for a while, but then I buckled down and am trying to do what she wanted. I'm one of those writers who loves every word in her little darlings of books, and I hate, hate, hate to cut. These revisions took about 6000 words, and as I always I'm ending up with a better book. Not easy for me to or to admit. So I'll take the easy path a post an excerpt from my book coming out Sept. 19th, Gareth's Gambit.

Gareth is the first son of Damien, the hero of Damien's Destiny. It's the second book in my series, Songs of the Mages. It's the story of how he and Morgana, the reluctant heroine, overcome their prejudices and faults to find each other. Here's an excerpt to whet your appetite, I hope.

"He motioned the three females down the hall and into a library. Katie and her mother looked around the beautifully furnished room, as a dark haired man rose to his feet behind a massive desk. Morgana’s eyes fastened on the viscount.
Katie’s whisper resounded perhaps a fraction less loudly than her last one.
“He’s even prettier, Morgana. Is he m‘nificent?”
Morgana flushed as her gaze focused on the handsomest man she’d ever seen. Dark hair curled at the ends over his collar. Not the fashion but desperately attractive on him, giving the impression of an untamed and unconventional spirit. Gray eyes that softened from their steely look as he spied Katie. Tall and slender in spite of his obviously muscled body. Magnetism positively oozed from every inch.
And she resented every separate inch of his seductive male body. She’d heard his father, Lord Sinclair was attractive and all his sons looked like him. No wonder this one was arrogant. Women probably chased him around the dance floor whenever they found the chance.
His lips curved into a genuinely amused smile. “Your thoughts are quite loud, Miss Monthill. No, I’m definitely not magnificent. And unfortunately no woman finds a chance to chase me. I don’t frequent ballrooms.”
Katie grinned, even though she didn’t understand all the pretty man said.
Morgana bristled with indignation. “A charlatan’s trick, sir. I’m disappointed you tried one so soon. I don’t believe anyone can read minds. You’ve probably basked in enough women giving you encouragement to say something like that with confidence.”
Amy gasped and put startled hands to her mouth. “Morgana, I’m here to ask a favor. Don’t make the gentleman angry, please.”
Lord Hunter looked at her gravely, the smile wiped abruptly from his face. His arrogantly masculine face. In spite of its strong angles and planes, he was far too handsome to ever be trusted.
“Your pardon, ladies. I have a bad habit of sounding facetious. Please sit down and tell me why you requested to see me, Mrs. Robbins.”
Morgana swallowed her feelings of distrust and throttled her tongue. She’d tried her best to keep Amy from consulting this man who claimed to be a mage. He and his brother were all rumored to be descended from the lineage of Merlin and the Lady of the Lake. A ridiculous bit of gossip. Reputedly his father was the most powerful mage alive, able to heal, see visions and work enchantments. Which he reportedly used only for a good cause. Truly a bunch of nonsense. She had only contempt for anyone who believed such feats were even possible. Her sister Amy sitting looking at him as if he were a miracle worker made Morgana even angrier.
If she provided him enough rope surely his own words would hang him. He’d make some ridiculous claim of such evident nonsense they could then leave. She didn’t at all enjoy the magnetic pull of his powerful body, making her want to reach out and stroke his splendid hair like a kitten’s enticing fur. Of course she’d never touch a man who made such absurd claims. Still, such wayward thoughts were not at all like her and her irritation increased. He was just another spoiled and good-looking man. Actually rather more than good-looking with his powerful build and impressive height. His face showed little expression, another point against him. His perfectly calm exterior definitely made her want to scream at him to stop his playacting."

Yep, Gareth and Morgana do have a bit of trouble getting together. But that's what a romance is all about, isn't it? Would love to have your reaction to this bit of Gareth's Gambit.

Clapping of hands here!!!!! I just got my new video for this book. If you have time go to www/ I love it.


Nina Pierce said...

It's a great excerpt, Jean! And the video is one of my favs!

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks for the comment Nina. You did a gret job on the trailer and I want to tell everybody about it.

Amber Skyze said...

Love the excerpt, Jean! Sorry about the cuts. I just experienced the same thing. Had to cut over 8k. Painful, but I'm sure it's a better book now.

Fran Lee said...

Yay, Jean! Wonderful excerpt!

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks Amber and Fran. I'm anxious for Gareth to make his bow. Actually it's the 17th of next month instead of the 19th...