Thursday, August 6, 2009

A sagging middle

No, not mine. If it is I'd never admit it....I really mean the dreaded middle of the book when you need a dramatic episode or two to make the transition between the first scene and the last. Those two I generally have firmly in mind and can set on paper almost as soon I decide on a new book. It's the middle, the damned middle, that gives me fits every time.

Sometimes an idea comes to me in the middle of the night, and I lie there repeating it in my head so I'll remember it in the morning. Often I do, and with a germ of an idea can go ahead. Sometimes I forget by morning, and then I'm in trouble. Can't make notes at night since the light would wake my husband. As a lot of you know, he's not been well. Anyway I wish I could think better in the day time. Seems I need to be half asleep to get the old subconscious to take over.

Do you all do this, or something like it? My subconcious definitely works better at night, especially if I repeat the problem to myself several times before falling asleep. Last night I wrestled with how to make the hero look good even while the villain breaks through the protection he's put around her and injures her. Blast if I don't at least give myself interesting problems.

This new book is Twin Quest Two, hopefully to be no. five in the Songs of the Mages series. Jono is the playboy twin who's abjured his mages powers, and is now wanting to reform so he can claim and also help the heroine. It's going to take a lot of convincing, because he's been a very bad boy. Needless to say it's a book I'm enjoying writing. Always love to really delve into a character, and who doesn't like bad boys trying to reform?. Doesn't hurt a bit if he happens to be handsome and a real charmer...Its proof of the old saying twisted around, it's not love of a good woman a man needs, but love FOR her.


Marianne Stephens said...

Sagging middle...I always come to a halt somewhere in the middle of my story and go, "Now what? How do I mess the beginning with the end?"
How frustrating!
I "head write" at night all the time and it drives me nuts! Most times I can remember what I figured on doing, but last night's idea is gone today. Sigh.
Hope hubby is doing better.

Mona Risk said...

Jean, I am like you. I think better when I am trying to sleep. I hope your husband will get better soon. Hugs.

Anny Cook said...

Oh, yeah. I have a lot of saggy middles!

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks for your comments, Anny and Mona. May be all find good props for our middles....Jean