Thursday, September 17, 2009

Celebrating debut of new cherry with Contest and Excerpt

Celebrating my new menage, HER THREE-WAY MERGER out tomorrow from EC with a contest and a giveaway each day of 1 of my previous works!
To the 18th person to email me today AND tomorrow, I will give away 1 of my previous works!
Winners to be announced on my blog!
And of course, I will email you, too!
Do come to my blog, see which one you'd like and put that in your email!
Here you can see the cover for HER THREE-WAY MERGER, a story about a woman with a business proposition for the 2 brothers who used to live next door. But when Cord and Tate Ryder have a bigger offer Sienna can't refuse, she has to find a solution to her double problem!
Come on over to my blog TODAY too to get the AFTERNOON DELIGHT recipe for margaritas that Tate Ryder makes for Sienna and his brother Cord in HER THREE-WAY MERGER!

Sexy exec Sienna Galvan never mixes business with pleasure until she calls a meeting with the two hunky football stars who used to be her next door neighbors and her teenage fantasies. But Cord and Tate Ryder take one look at how sweet little Sienna has grown in to an irresistibly luscious lady and they make her an offer she can’t refuse--three-way negotiations on their sofa, their yacht--and their bed. Thrilling to their risqué explorations of her body, she revels in having them both at her command, together and separately. But when they drive a harder bargain than she imagined, she must find a way to do what’s right for her business and what’s best for her heart.
She began to jump up, afraid she wasn’t knowledgeable enough to handle two men at once. But she halted. How did a woman do that, anyway? And not die of ecstasy? The girl in her had wanted both of them at once. Did the woman?
Her pussy throbbed and she knew her answer was yes, oh yes, I want you both. Just like I always had. Any way you want me. In a small but determined voice, she laid ground rules for whatever came next. “But you have to know that whatever happens here my offer is the same as my real estate agent’s.”
“Fun first.” Tate inched closer, his tone all business but his gaze lush with desire as he removed her shoes. “Business later.”
Cord put his mouth to her ear and whispered, “We have to taste you.” And in her surprise, she dissolved in his hands as he lowered his demanding mouth on hers and probed her inner recesses with a spearing tongue. “Every inch of you.” He splayed his fingers in her hair, sent a few of her hairpins flying, then claimed her lips again while one hand covered her breast.
“Give me this,” Tate commanded and took her glass. “I want to show you where this margarita really tastes good.” And in a second, she felt his cold kiss on her kneecap while his cool fingers parted her legs and stroked up her thigh. He went a few inches more and threaded his fingers around the crotch of her thong. She bucked, trying hard to hang on to her sanity and not just come right now like a frustrated nun.
“Oh, Christ, bro,” Tate groaned as his knuckles grazed her slit and she moaned at his tantalizing nudge. “She’s sopping wet for us.”
“Open for him, honey,” Cord crooned to her, one hand cupping her head, his other undoing the buttons of her blouse. “Do it and I am going to kiss your pretty mouth again while he gets his fingers all juicy with you.”
She eagerly widened her legs but the damn tight skirt was such a hindrance that she whimpered in frustration. She undulated while Cord slipped his palm into her bra and lifted out a swollen nipple. She arched into his caress. “You both have a reputation. Worse than in high school. Ah, god, that’s great, Cord.”
Cord rolled her nipple between two fingers. “Did you pebble like this for me in high school?”
“Yes, yes! Kiss me there!” she ordered, shocked but proud of her demand.
“Should have told us, baby,” Tate said as he delved beneath her thong and caught a few curls of her bush to gently tug at her heavy lips. “We would have done you.”
She squirmed at how Tate’s pull made her give off a succulent sound and damn, if she didn’t want to hear it again. On a shaky breath, she argued, “No, you would not.” I was your fat little next-door neighbor. “I was your tutor.”
“We could have been yours,” Cord murmured. “I would have loved to initiate you.”
“Oh, Cord.” I’d have given you anything you wanted. (Copyright 2009, Cerise DeLand)
Now don’t you need a bigger taste????


Fran Lee's Romance Blog said...

This one sounds sooo delicious! i will definitely be first in line!

Delicious Romance From Cerise DeLand said...

THANKS, FRAN! A book a day keeps the mind and body HAPPY!

Marianne Stephens said...

Wow...both guys sound so-o-o attentive and eager to please. Delicious is right!