Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Interview With "Sexy Games" Heroine, Stacy Newman

Last month I interviewed Sloane Hoffman, hero in April Ash's newest erotic romance book, "Sexy Games". This month I thought I'd get the heroine's perspective so contacted Stacy Newman.

Q: Stacy, I'll be asking you some of the same questions I asked Sloane. To start things off, what made you decide to test games for the Naughty Games Company?
A: I thought about it for a long time. And my friend, Lorraine, kept pushing me to accept a "Game Testing" invitation. I walked into the main office ready to test a game, and hopefully find a way to "push" my own game idea.

Q: So, if Sloane wasn't going to be your partner, you would have tested games with someone else?
A: (Stacy turns bright red). Uh, that's tough to answer. I'd told Lorraine that my partner would have to be someone I knew, but I was relieved to see Sloane there. (she frowns) Actually, I was still mad at him but my hormones starting rampaging the minute I saw him. I'm not sure I would have said I'd test games with someone else.

Q: What game did you enjoy the most?
A: (A big grin crosses Stacy's face) Definitely has to be the Nerdy Professor and the Stripper. Wow. He was so needy and naive, and I...I mean Lola...got to teach him everything. I kinda enjoyed dressing up in that costumes, although I did have to practice walking in those five-inch heels and gyrating so the tassels of my pasties would twirl. Got to dance but without a pole!

Q: How about the Sheik and Bride-to-be scenario?
A: He looked so yummy in that costume. I got to dance in that one, too. And once my character, Fatima, gave into her own lusty feelings, things progressed quickly. (She leans in closer to me) And, I loved that edible Jasmine oil!

Q: I understand you found creative ways to have sex on your "off" night from testing games. Tell me about that.
A: (Stacy laughs) We weren't supposed to have sex on our "off" nights, but managed to satisfy our hunger for sex. You know, "telling" each other what to do or what you're doing or just watching each other satisfy your own needs sends each partner into overdrive, climax and sexual release. We couldn't touch, but had a great time!

Q: I heard a rumor about you two in a movie theatre. So...
A: Uh. I don't think we should talk about that. I mean, being in public and... No, let's have another question.

Q: Hmm. I think we're missing something about your escapade in the movies but we'll move on. Tell me about the last role-playing game you played..."The Lady and Her Butler".
A: (Stacy relaxes) Nice one, except that Sloane seemed distant and bothered by something, although he played his role perfectly. I enjoyed being the novice virgin and made sure I learned quickly as my role card suggested. Got to get in a bathtub with Sloane and enjoyed the bubbles popping around us.

Q: Trouble between you two developed. Tell us about those.
A: Uh, every romance has something or someone blocking their path. (Stacy shrugs her shoulders) Ours was no different. You'll have to read the book to find out what almost kept us apart.

Q: Anything else we should know about you or the book?
A: I had a great time playing the games and get to keep the costumes...for future use. Read the book and find out how we played games...and spent our "off" time...and what things almost separated us forever.

You can get more information about "Sexy Games" by April Ash at www.aprilash.net. In the "My Books" section you can read a blurb and click on a notation under the blurb to read three excerpts...one for each role-playing scenario. "Sexy Games" is available at:

Also, visit www.mariannestephens.net for information on my mainstream romance books.

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