Saturday, September 26, 2009

A kiss is just a kiss: NOT!

Writing a first kiss or a second, one in bed or had against the wall, a wedding kiss, a parting kiss, a last kiss, are all so significantly different to write.
And to read.
And to experience!
When I get to these parts, reading or writing, I am thrilled to see and FEEL the diversity.
"Kiss me, Scarlett!" Rhett demands on the bridge as he leaves her to join the dying South.
Cary Grant as he cannot help himself when he kisses Ingrid Bergman on the cheek, to carry her from her husband's house in NOTORIOUS.
Do you have a favorite kiss from a novel that you love????
Tell us about it, please.
WE and I definitely want to hear what and how and why!
So in the meantime, I will give you an excerpt of one of my kisses in HER THREE-WAY MERGER! (excerpt here is NO WHERE ELSE on the net! EXCLUSIVE, EXCLUSIVE! READ ALL ABOUT IT!)
He drew back and cupped her head. “You,” he grunted as he splayed his fingers in her hair and spoke on her mouth, “always have been mine.” He pressed her to the mattress. “Let me show you.”
She grinned at him, wiggling to get her hungry pussy near his cock. “Hurry.”
He took her chin and kissed her instead. Plundering her mouth with a demanding tongue that ravished all of her—teeth, tongue, lips—leaving her wet and panting for more. “I want the taste of you I’ve needed for years.”
She ran her tongue around her lips, thinking he meant his kiss.
But he slid down her body and pushed her thighs open, spreading her wide to his view. “Christ. You are so pretty in red and cream.” He dipped a finger inside her cunt, scooped out some juice and licked his finger dry. “Try some, baby.” Then he reached inside her to extract more and hold his finger in front of her mouth.
She licked him, loving her savory musk and marveling at how much she had for him.
He outlined her labia with gentle fingertips as he told her, “Tate is the one who likes to eat pussy. His specialty.” Cord bent to her labia and gave her one long lave of his tongue. “But with you, I’m gonna become an expert.”
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Debra Glass said...

Hot excerpt!

The most romantic kiss I've ever shared was with my hubby. We were on the way home for a nice dinner and were listening to Thomas Anderson's 'Is This Love' on the radio. He pulled into a local park, cranked up the song, told me to get out of the car and we danced and shared a romantic kiss!!

Paris said...

Anyone remember Richard Gere and Kim Basinger in the movie "NO MERCY"? Up against the wall in the hotel room--The words, "Say my name," still make my knees weak;-)

Delicious Romance From Cerise DeLand said...

oouuuie, Debra! Such a man! KEEP HIM!

Delicious Romance From Cerise DeLand said...

Paris, I now must go see that movie again!

Fran Lee said...

I bought it! Will be reading shortly!

jean hart stewart said...

Great post... must bring back memories to everyone. Mine was from my then husband to me. I walked down the steps, dressed for a formal dance, and when I got to the bottom he grabbed me. Still gives me shivers.

Naima Simone said...

Hot excerpt!! Yuuummm!!!
Anyhoo, my favorite kiss is in Linda Howard's "Son of the Morning" when Grace and Duncan kiss for the first time after they've been separated for hundreds of years except for in dreams. *sigh* I love them...