Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gareth is here!!!!!!

Gareth's Gambit comes out today. Naturally I'm like any mother with a new baby. He's such a sweet hunk, so naturally I'm going to blog about him. He's the second in my new series, Songs of the Mages, and the first born son of Damien, the Earl of Sinclair who started the mage series. You can see a nifty trailer of Gareth at It's worth watching just for the beautiful music.

And here's an excerpt. A short one, but I hope intriquing. The real sex comes later, this is just a teaser.

She simply couldn’t resist. Never had she thought this man, the one she’d begun by detesting, could prove her wrong about so many things. Actually she was glad to be proven wrong when it concerned the miracle that was Gareth Townsend. She walked over to him and leaning over, kissed him sweetly on the lips.
“Thank you again, my lord Gareth. I’ll go start on my half of your assignment.”
She left a bemused Gareth starting after her, his fingers to his lips as if to keep her kiss there as long as he possibly could.
His thoughts were similar to hers. Never had he so misjudged a person. He wondered once more what her deep prejudice was against magicians of the kind she called charlatans. Maybe when she trusted him enough she’d tell him what her fears were all about. Something mattering to her a great deal, he knew.
Once again the temptation to read her mind flitted across his thoughts, and once again he put it aside.
He sighed. He managed little sleep, and every time this happened his shortened leg pained him more than he cared to admit. Oh well, he’d better go find Katie and take her out of the house for a while. He wondered briefly how Morgana would explain all the blood to her housekeeper. With both Amy’s wrists healed it might be more than puzzling.
Striving not to limp, he headed to find Katie.


Regina Carlysle said...

YAY! Happy release day, Jean. SOunds like another winner!

jean hart stewart said...

Thnaks, girlfriend. Isn't Gareth a hunk? Jean

Marianne Stephens said...

Great cover...he looks like he's ready for action! Have many sales!