Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hello and Goodbye

I am dropping off the Goddess blog for personal reasons. Since my husband passed away on December 4, 2008, I have lost my oldest friend, Joyce Spear and my dearly loved sister, Helen Findlay and put my house on the market.

Many, many changes. My beautiful home sold in one week at a good price and I have moved into a suite in a gorgeous retirement area. Not a home for the aged! But many of us have passed our "best before date."

I shall return to my writing routine when my life settles down. In the meantime, I have to cut back on various internet activities.

I have enjoyed being with the other Goddesses. I wish you all the best.

By for now,


Amber Skyze said...

Best of luck, Anita. We'll miss you.

Marianne Stephens said...

Take care of've had a lot to deal with. God bless you!

Nina Pierce said...

Anita - May all this change in your life be for the best. And may you make some wonderful friends at your new home. Be well.

Julia Barrett said...

Bye, Anita. I'll miss you! So sorry for all you've gone through lately.

Betty Hanawa said...

Bless you, Anita, for all you've gone through. May your memories bring you comfort and the future bring you smiles.

jean hart stewart said...

What a bunch of sorrows to deal with all at once. Wish I could help, but I know no one really can. Please keep in touch one way or another. I love your writing and hope you get back to it as soon as you possibly can. Do try soon, With cytber affection, Jean