Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lost and Found

Lost - me that is. I was away on a short cruise and came home just in time to pack up and move to my new little apartment. I am living with a pile of boxes awaiting to be opened and put away. Downsizing from a large house to a small apartment has been and still is a challenge. Forgive me for neglecting my Goddess duties. Life got in the way!

In the meantime. When my friend, Soveig Mclarent were on the short cruise we planned a murder mystery on a cruise ship. Very interesting. How do you get rid of a body? I asked the captain of our ship for assistance. I asked. "What do you do when a passenger goes missing?" He was terrific. Explained in detail what is done and when they have to call in the FBI or the RCMP, depending in which jurisdiction the ship is when the passenger disappears.

We took pictures of where and how we'd dump the body. Very interesting. Watch for further developments. We are planning a series. When I have my head together and have time to sit down and write I will clue you in.

In the meantime, check my web site, for information about my five books published by Cerridwen Press. My historical romance, A Very Difficult Man, is available in trade paperback.



Marianne Stephens said...

On a cruise we took, we participated in a murder mystery with about 35 people. Lots of fun. Took about 4 days of meetings and acting roles in mob families, but we loved it! I was one of three who figured out who the murderer was! "Themed cruises" are the way to go!
Now, dumping the body never came into our "mystery", but that would be interesting to note.

Mia Watts said...

Well thought out! I asked an emergency nurse about drugs and how to use an epidural. Her response was a combination of furtive looks and whispered answers. She then warned me never to ask in ER because they would assume I intended to poison or kill someone.

Well, all right, then...

jean hart stewart said...

Can't wait for your next blog. Very intriguing, Jean