Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sex and snow

Yep, that's what's on my mind today. Had a chat talk last week and the subject came up of why erotica sells better than sensual. My books get kinda hot, but are not erotic. The truly erotic ones seem to be the bigger sellers in the e-book market. I'm stating this purely from the sales figures of Ellora's Cave as against those of Cerridwen press. Both branches of the same company. And even twenty years ago I don't think erotica would have been such a big seller, but then who knows? It wasn't easily available. I personally am all for a woman being able to read anything she wants, and today's erotica is beautifully done and involves some great writers. I wish I could write as well, but erotica seems too hard for me to do. Poorly done eortica just one body part fitting another body part, but well done it's beautiful.

So why do you think erotica is doing so well? Suppressed desires that today's open society has finally allowed to us all to enjoy? Something to think about.

The snow part comes in because we drove to the desert on Friday the last hour of the drive was gorgeous. We could see the snow-covered mountains looming in the distance, and when we actually reached the desert the snow seemed to come down one third of the way to the desert floor. I've only seen it this beautiful once before. Having breakfast the first morning here and surrounded by so much majety was awe-inspiring. Wish I were a better photographer so I could attach a picture. We've now been here two days and already you can see the snow line creeping back up the mountainside. By the time we leave at the end of the week only the tops will be crowned with white.

The desert is already starting to bloom. Some wildflowers are appearing, although it's several weeks before their full glory. Lots of California poppies, and creeping phlox. Very small white flowers dot the sand in the distance, and I mourn that Idon't know their name. Every spring I mean to look up all the names, and maybe this time I'll actually do it. The message in all this is take heart everyone, spring is on the way.

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