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Mystic's Call...the end to the Island Guardians...

It is so hard to say goodbye to friends, but that is essentially what we do both as authors and as readers when we finish a book. Perhaps that is why so many of mine turn into series. I don't like good byes. But all good things must eventually come to an end. And with Mystic's Call it is time to say goodbye to the Island Guardians. I hope you enjoyed reading the series as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks for exploring their small world with me.

Imprint: Ellora’s Cave

Title: Mystic’s Call by Lacey Thorn

Release: 06/19/09

Genre: Futuristic/Sci Fi

Line/icons: Aeon/ménage

ISBN: 9781419923296

Price: $4.45

Mystic’s Call by Lacey Thorn

Book 5 in the Island Guardians Series.

As the Aisle of Altair prepares for its final battle the Mystic is awakened with the knowledge of the ancients and more power than one person should hold. She is not afraid of her destiny…especially when it includes the three sexy warriors that are her intended mates. At seven feet with black hair and aqua blue eyes they are pure fantasy…and now her reality.
Bram, Finn and Tanner Verbani are the sons of Princess Asme. Save the island? You bet they will. But first they must claim the woman that ignites the fires of passion in them all. The Mystic. The golden blonde beauty with a body made for loving. And they plan to love it over and over again.


Mystic’s Call
By Lacey Thorn

But none of those were the reason that he was here. No, his was a far different mission and why he had chosen to go from village to village. His mother, Princess Asme, the great island Mahiki, or blood princess, had informed him that it was his duty to pave the way for the others. For here, in this village of guardians he would find the Mystic, awakened and, if his mother was to be believed, awaiting his arrival.
According to his mother’s words he would recognize her by the eyes. They would be the same aqua blue as the royal family, the direct descendents of the Goddess of Altair. He felt both a sense of pride and fear at being chosen as the first of the three men who were to be her mates to meet her. His mother had been adamant that as the first born he was to meet her and woo her first, fiercely adamant. He couldn’t help but wonder if it had to do with more than just he and his brothers.
He was only moments older anyway. He and his brothers Finn and Tanner were as close as triplets could be. They all had the same short black hair, much shorter than most warriors and the aqua blue eyes of the royal family. They each stood at seven feet tall, tall even for a warrior. But then they were built like their fathers were. Bram hoped that his brothers were fairing well. With their connection, he felt sure that he would know if anything was off.
But now he had to focus on the here and now. He had to locate the Mystic. She would have awakened by now. He had felt the stir in the air as his brothers and the Guardians would have too. She was here and she was aware, and soon she would find herself in the arms of one of her three mates. Bram was more than anxious to see what the goddess had in store for him.
He made his way into the village hoping to spot one of the men he knew. Arik Savari, Alexi Donan, and the Mederra brothers Drago and Ulrik. They would have all made it here ahead of him. He was confident that he would find a place of welcome with one of them. Of course as the son of the Prince any of the warriors would accept him into their home and feel lucky to have him. And as the son of the Island Mahiki, Princess Asme, the women would feel just as blessed to have him in their homes. But sometimes a man wanted to be among someone that he might be able to consider a friend.
He was lost in thought, walking on the outskirts but not yet into the village when he became aware of the woman. She was gorgeous. She had golden blonde hair that feel in a braid down below her waist and when she turned and smiled at him his heart caught at the site of the aqua blue of her eyes. She smiled motioned her finger for him to follow and disappeared into the trees.
She was indeed a great gift from the goddess and he counted himself blessed that he was to be the first of Verbani warriors to claim her. For he had no doubt that in the next few moments he would claim her.

Here is your chance to find out how it all ends. And if you missed any of the beginning it is never to late to start a new series.

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It's your world...unlaced


Unknown said...

It's never easy saying good-bye to our characters. Thanks for sharing the excerpt!

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Loved the excerpt....Also love to write series... thanks for sharing, Jean